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Gold, incentives and meh

gareth squire

  • 'Striking is just something doctors should not do'

    gareth squire's comment 12 Jan 2016 4:00pm

    I am so pleased to have yet another senior doctor with questionable neutrality tell me what I should be thinking.

    It makes it so much easier. I'll just go back to doing as I'm told.

    Thank you for letting me know that things were better in your day. Gosh, what a time to be alive. If only they still made doctors like that now.

    I'm mean to think that at 25 years of age with 2 degrees, 1 national prize, publications, presentations, a teaching portfolio and a genuine ambition to work for the NHS that I'm still not as good as you were is simply humbling. Back to the drawing board I go. Must do better...

    Oh no, wait, I'll just leave the UK. Problem solved.

  • NHS offering £50k per year for US physician associates to practise in underdoctored areas

    gareth squire's comment 28 Aug 2015 2:15pm

    As a junior doctor it is galling that PA out earn me by a significant margin, are entitled to more annual leave, a more generous and inevitably better protected CPD programming and will be working less hours. Whilst I am certainly not a fully qualified GP/ consultant how on earth am I worth so much less.

    Throw in the impending Jeremy hunt pay review/ cut and all of a sudden the NHS is looking very toxic.

  • Seven kindnesses that got me through my worst shift ever

    gareth squire's comment 21 Aug 2015 1:27pm

    Pulse editors she isn't a medical student!