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  • GP gender pay gap 'far higher' than average at 33%, finds Government review

    sceptic's comment 30 Mar 2019 9:03am

    This article is classic sophistry normally employed by The Guardian to promote the victimhood agenda.
    @BAP | GP Partner/Principal30 Mar 2019 7:55am is correct. The rates are the same.
    Female doctors CHOOSE to work fewer hours and apply for less financially rewarding and less demanding posts. This is not discrimination as the article insidiously implies.

  • GPs who took up MDU 'half-price' indemnity offer will not need run-off cover

    sceptic's comment 26 Mar 2019 5:27pm

    In two days time it will be the second anniversary of the introduction of the new, dodecagonal, £! coin (28 03 2017). PULSE might consider celebrating the occasion by updating the image.

  • Light in the LMC conference tunnel

    sceptic's comment 25 Mar 2019 9:10am

    Light in the tunnel alright, the headlights of the Hancock EXPRESS accelerating at our ramshackle wagon.

  • Foreign-born GPs are bearing the brunt of public anger

    sceptic's comment 26 Jan 2019 10:40am

    Dear Dr Anonymous,
    You made a perfectly reasonable case that Poverty weakens social relations and increases intolerance (myriad examples in world history). In fact, and in a somewhat convoluted way, you rightly offered shortage of economic resources as one of the reasons for the rise of racism. Only to see the results of unintended consequences with colleagues throwing custard pies at you and each other.
    You have my sympathy, but please do not let them deter you from expressing your well grounded views.

  • Reimagining the UK’s shortage of GPs

    sceptic's comment 25 Jan 2019 12:01pm

    Every time I read about GP-shortage I recall Dr Phil Peverley's celebrated: "Mr Hunt! I know where your 5,000 extra GPs are":

    It is time Dr Peverley updates it after paying a visit to Richmond House, Skipton House, Quarry House, and the 191 CCGs, all packed with rapidly increasing numbers of GPs impersonating managers.

  • CCG may struggle to 'pay its bills' due to financial pressure of Babylon GP at Hand

    sceptic's comment 24 Jan 2019 10:58am

    In accordance with the powers contained in the National Health Service Acts 2001 and 2006 and the Health and Social Care Act 2001, private company CIRCLE Health was given the management of Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Within 2 years, a huge deficit was built up. In addition, a visit by inspectors from the Care Quality Commission highlighted severe issues with patient care: inspectors observed that "staff treat patients in an undignified and emotionally abusive manner" and they spoke to patients who had been "told to soil themselves".

    I wonder whether Babylon might follow Circle's fate. By the way, are those two companies by any chance related?

  • Pulse 2018 review: When NHS England's top GP was caught out

    sceptic's comment 29 Dec 2018 1:31pm

    @Occams Razor | GP Partner/Principal24 Dec 2018 9:33am

    Hercule Poirot would have asked: Cui bono? Who stands to gain from the removal of Dr Arvind Madan? Sooner or later the truth will emerge.

  • Should NICE lower blood pressure thresholds for hypertension?

    sceptic's comment 08 Dec 2018 11:02am

    Angus, Angus (GP Partner/Principal07 Dec 2018 4:23pm) how could you? Those altruistic, benevolent organisations are only trying to help patients by offering them, from cradle to grave, life-saving statins, psychotropics, antihypertensive etc . Ah yes, I forgot, and women the pill followed by HRT, covering most of their life span with hormones.

  • The NHS ‘Brexit dividend’ lie is insulting our intelligence

    sceptic's comment 25 Nov 2018 1:47pm

    A couple of points.
    First, Pulse is a primary care publication whose top priority is meant to be general practice. So far, Pulse has been doing a great job with news and education. Sadly, Brexit is altering its ethos. There is not a single line in this article referring to the GPs’ rightful share of the 20.5 bn, most of which will no doubt be channeled to the hospitals to pay their debts, following the fate of the STP's billions.
    Second, I gave up reading the Guardian some time ago, only to see a medical periodical taking up the Remainers' discredited Project Fear. It is not Brexit that dissuades German or Dutch or French or Polish doctors from working in the UK, but the total demolition of the NHS in general and general practice in particular, by the majority of remainers who run the government.
    It would be wise for Pulse to keep away from politics that split the country right in the middle and adhere strictly to matters medical.

  • Government must fund public health properly if it’s serious about prevention

    sceptic's comment 09 Nov 2018 11:19am

    which brings to mind The Sun's article of 2016:
    FAT CATS ON MEGA PAY Staggering 325 nanny state public health bosses raked in over £100,000 a YEAR just to say drink less and exercise more
    More than 100 were employed by councils, including Cornwall’s public health director, who was paid £207,302
    There are lots more of fat cats in the NHS, currently working out how to get the lion's share of the extra £20billion and give us the leftovers

  • GPs are the convenient scapegoat for postcode lotteries

    sceptic's comment 02 Nov 2018 4:23pm

    ‘Ultimately these are decisions for local GPs..." This would have been hilarious if it was not so tragic. Since when GPs have been allowed to decide? The orders come from Leeds down to regional NHSE and on to the CCG's Finance Officer. He or she then puts it on the agenda of a compliant Governing Body and to an equally accommodating LMC (whose members often change hat and sit on their CCG's Governing Body). It's a mystery that the Daily Mail hasn't sniffed yet this process and the often associated conflict of interest (Pulse in the past offered several examples)

  • Our generals need to put on their helmets and join us at the front

    sceptic's comment 27 Oct 2018 10:47am

    Military Police has one of the lowest death rates in combat. Those of our colleagues who are currently policing us are the most likely to survive the current blitz on general practice. Let's face it, they are smarter than us.

  • CQC has cleared the path for Government to invest in GP practices, says Steve Field

    sceptic's comment 23 Oct 2018 10:36am

    Is it true that the CQC budget is £134,000,000 a year?
    If not true, can someone tell us the actual figure with a breakdown of individual salaries (+pension right)?
    If it is true, is this value for money? In other words, does CQC meet the pay v productivity criteria by improving 4 percentage points?

  • CCGs in talks over recruiting Australian GPs with £18k relocation package

    sceptic's comment 14 Oct 2018 10:48am

    Why just Australia? Surely the Remainers can recruit from the EU and the Brexiteers from the rest of the world. It's tragic really that the NHS Fat Cats can get away with such nonsense.

  • This bitty approach to funding fails GPs and patients

    sceptic's comment 29 Sep 2018 10:30am

    Jaimie, your heart is in the right place, as always. The problem is that "general practice' is a broad church and includes not just GPs but also the MANAGERS, who ensure that they and their favourite GPs get the lion's share.

  • We can’t base public health policy on one MP’s experience

    sceptic's comment 29 Sep 2018 10:21am

    First, a BMJ editorial reads: "The failure of anti-obesity programmes in schools" and then PHE's own statistics show that its measures to combat adult and childhood obesity have failed dismally.
    But when a well-qualified doctor proposes an evidence-based new approach, he is ostracised.
    Perhaps The Sun is right after all when it shouts: FAT CATS ON MEGA PAY Staggering 325 nanny state public health bosses raked in over £100,000 a YEAR just to say drink less and exercise more

  • Over 750 practices across UK could close as GPs leave profession, warns RCGP

    sceptic's comment 28 Sep 2018 5:58pm

    "The BMA said earlier this year that general practice was in 'critical condition' and that without an increase in Government funding, more than 600 GP practices will close in England."
    No! Really? We didn't know that, thanks for telling us.
    Now, dearies, BMA GPC and RCGP tell us what you are going to do about it, other than sitting on your hands.
    Is it not time we emulate our nurses? They started a petition against the Royal College of Nurses for the dismal way it handled their pay negotiations and in the last 24 hours they took a hit at the RCN Council with a historic No Confidence vote. But then, nurses have something GPs haven't got (my legal adviser stopped me from spelling it out).

  • Please Mr Hancock, take some time to understand general practice

    sceptic's comment 22 Sep 2018 11:09am

    Jamie, excellent article but please allow some supplementary material colleagues might find interesting.

    * CIRCLE was set up in 2004 claiming it would become “Europe's largest partnership of clinicians, with some £200m of annualised revenue, near 3000 employees and a successful IPO.”
    * BBC Hinchingbrooke Hospital: CIRCLE to hand back to NHS by end of March 2015. The first NHS hospital to be handed to a private management firm will be back inside the health service.

    The founder of Circle launched Babylon in 2014, "… as an advocate of more private-sector involvement in the NHS, believing it improves efficiency, profitability and quality of healthcare" (The Telegraph. 4 Aug 2012. Retrieved 8 May 2014.)
    "Babylon is the beginning of the end for the old-fashioned way we use healthcare" and that within a few years computers will perform better than doctors at making diagnoses" (The doctor will see you now: NHS starts smartphone consultations". The Times. 6 November 2017. Retrieved 25 November 2017.)

    As for the Tory connection and big salaries, read :

  • More than two thirds of GPs work less than full time, says official data

    sceptic's comment 21 Sep 2018 11:23am

    @Wendy Harrison | GP Partner/Principal20 Sep 2018 12:33pm
    It doesn't up indeed.
    NHS Digital:
    Key findings, for data as at 31 December 2017
    • The total GP HEADCOUNT (excluding Registrars, Retainers & Locums) is 34,395 as at
    • The total GP FULL TIME EQUIVALENT (FTE) (excluding Registrars, Retainers & Locums) is
    27,930 as at December

  • Expanding GP at Hand app is a full frontal attack on general practice

    sceptic's comment 15 Sep 2018 11:17am

    LOCUMS are doing the big companies' dirty work by destroying partnerships. The short-termism of locum work makes sense for the elderly and some middle age GPs (good money, flexibility, no administration and no responsibilities). But what baffles me is the young GPs' attitude. Do they not realise that once partnership is dead and the big guys have the monopoly, they'll make them work double for half the money?