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  • Expanding GP at Hand app is a full frontal attack on general practice

    sceptic's comment 15 Sep 2018 11:17am

    LOCUMS are doing the big companies' dirty work by destroying partnerships. The short-termism of locum work makes sense for the elderly and some middle age GPs (good money, flexibility, no administration and no responsibilities). But what baffles me is the young GPs' attitude. Do they not realise that once partnership is dead and the big guys have the monopoly, they'll make them work double for half the money?

  • Babylon app ‘takes pressure off’ GPs to help all patients, says health secretary

    sceptic's comment 13 Sep 2018 3:46pm

    The plot is obvious. The Tories know that no matter how unpopular their policies are, no one is prepared to vote Labour. Sadly, they are right.

  • Number of written complaints against GPs continues to rise

    sceptic's comment 07 Sep 2018 12:15pm

    QB you are right, but one only has to look at our zooming indemnity fees to realise that the big winners are our "champions": :

    The big bonanza for lawyers came a few years ago when the law of "multiple defendants" was passed, allowing unscrupulous "no win - no fee" cowboys to sue more than one defendant. In other words, although the plaintiff targets only one person in the practice, their lawyers are allowed also to sue the practice itself, the secretary, the partners and you name it. The lawyers know there is no chance of winning all the claims, but they do not care, because they make their money NOT by having a share of a possible compensation, but chiefly by racking up charges with an endless correspondence, so that even if they lose the case and the claimant ends with nothing, the law firm makes enormous profits.
    Defence organisations are aware of the situation, but why should they do anything about it if they stand to boost their profits? As things stand, the only guarantee winners are litigation lawyers, and lawyers and administrators of the doctors' defence. The inevitable losers are the doctors.

  • UK's largest GP practice in talks to cover 400,000 patients

    sceptic's comment 05 Sep 2018 1:13pm

    A bit of a paradox here.
    All those who lamented the Death of the Partnership, gave up their practice and joined the Locum Squads that kill General Practice, are now attacking a practice with nearly 200 PARTNERS. Sour grapes, perhaps?

  • GPs defending patient complaints to be asked which guidelines they followed

    sceptic's comment 02 Sep 2018 1:15pm

    Best ever Guidelines that have stood the test of time
    HIPPOCRATES (born 2,478 years ago)
    1. Walking is your best friend (30 minutes walking lowers all risks)
    2. Know what person the disease has rather what disease the person has (treat patients as individuals)
    3. Let food be your medicine and not your killer (natural v processed food)
    4. Everything in moderation (obesity)
    5. To do nothing is also a good medicine (Time has a place as a diagnostic tool)
    6. The natural way is often the best way to treat (medicines extracted from nature sources)
    7. Treat the cause of an illness, not just the symptoms (patients on medication for life)
    8. Do not administer harmful medication (side-effects death toll is zooming)
    9. Keep a healthy colon (probiotics)
    10. See a r e a l doctor (comments welcome)

  • The true privatisation of general practice

    sceptic's comment 30 Aug 2018 10:40am

    Let common sense prevail | GP Partner/Principal30 Aug 2018 8:59am
    "We (the NHS) need to embrace what is good about GP at Hand"

    Hear! Hear! Let's keep on our lists only the 20-39 year olds and get rid of the rest (a bit of Euthanasia will be helpful)

  • This partnership is on the rocks

    sceptic's comment 11 Aug 2018 12:53pm

    Authors beware!
    The following communiqué will continue to appear under any variation of "Partnership is dead" Project
    Partnerships will never die. But they will change shape.
    The small partnerships will disappear and the big partnerships will get bigger, keeping up with the global trend of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer."
    The huge vested interests of the SUPER partners will see to it (a certain name, making big news in the PULSE recently, springs to mind).

  • Hunt and Madan may have gone, but the privatisation juggernaut rolls on

    sceptic's comment 11 Aug 2018 10:40am

    Partnerships will prevent privatisation.
    Partnerships will never die. But they will change shape.
    The small partnerships will disappear and the big partnerships will get bigger, keeping up with the global trend of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer."
    The huge vested interests of the SUPER partners will see to it (a certain name, making big news in the PULSE recently, springs to mind).

  • GPs petition for resignation of NHS England's top GP after Pulse comments

    sceptic's comment 03 Aug 2018 11:09am

    He IS a top GP.
    He runs an enormous practice
    He runs NHSE Primary Care
    He earns top money
    Why the sour grapes?
    Nevertheless, the mystery is why his partner, Clare Gerada, always first in the queue to put things right, remains SILENT

  • GPs should be ‘pleased’ when small practices close, suggests NHS's top GP

    sceptic's comment 02 Aug 2018 9:25am

    It is a mystery why his loquacious partner and another of our illustrious LEADERS, Lady Wessely aka Clare Gerada, has not made a comment

  • Superpractice to have 380,000 patients following eight-practice takeover

    sceptic's comment 01 Aug 2018 11:50am

    DrDr | GP Partner/Principal31 Jul 2018 10:00am

    So how are they managing the conflicts of interest?

    Is this a rhetorical question?
    The same way CCG GPs award contracts to their own private companies, CCG Governing Body GPs sitting at their counterpart LMC rubberstamping their own decisions, CCG GPs set additional services targets thinking of their own practices' performance, and GP partners advise NHS bodies on regulations, payments et al -they simply leave the room when their interests are discussed.

  • Eight in 10 CCG leads think new NHS funding should go to general practice

    sceptic's comment 25 Jun 2018 8:15pm

    * Read Managers on more than £400,000 a year at failing NHS authorities
    * Google your CCG's Annual Report and Accounts.
    * Buried towards the end, you will find under Remuneration and Staff Report: Senior managers’ 2017/18 salaries and allowances.
    * Before you read it, I suggest you have a double of your choice, but remember the figures next time those people are asking you NOT to refer and NOT to prescribe, because "the NHS is drastically short of funds."

  • This back-door reorganisation spells the end of NHS general practice

    sceptic's comment 23 May 2018 10:11pm

    It transpires from the article and the first comment that we are kept in the dark regarding our future. Conspiracy theories abound with CCG colleagues telling me that CCG are here to stay and will become more autonomous, Local authority friends that soon the CCGs will be under the aegis of the local councils, hospital colleagues that CCGs will disappear "in five months" and so and so on. If the BMA, the LMCs and the RCGP are not prepared to throw some light, then PULSE under its new editor might consider a special investigation on the future of general practice and the CCGs.

  • LMC leader to chair Hunt review into 'reinvigorating' GP partnership model

    sceptic's comment 14 May 2018 10:55am

    Partnership will never die but it will only change shape.
    The small partnerships will disappear and the big partnerships will get bigger, keeping up with the current trend of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer."
    The vested interests of the SUPER partners will see to it.

  • The white elephant in the room

    sceptic's comment 05 May 2018 1:15pm

    May I reiterate, the BME definition is grossly unfair to a large number of doctors and nurses, who do not strictly qualify.

    Here is the Fitzpatrick Skin Types:

    Type I: Light skin that always burns and never tans.
    Type II: Fair skin that usually burns, then tans.
    Type III: Medium skin that may burn, but tans well.
    Type IV: Olive skin that rarely burns and tans well.
    Type V: Tan brown skin that very rarely burns and tans well.
    Type VI: Black brown skin that never burns and tans very well.

    I am type IV, with a very foreign name and accent to match it. When my PCT started a vendetta against me (purely personal antagonism by the local Kim Jong-Un and nothing to do with patient care) any cries for help were ignored by the BME "leaders"
    It is time BME colleagues realise that they are not the only ones who suffer discrimination and work jointly with all who suffer from it.

  • GPs who dole out sugar water give our critics a free pass

    sceptic's comment 28 Apr 2018 12:09pm

    Taking into account that placebo effect may account for more than half of the efficacy of most "accepted" medicines, and that all prescription drugs have side effects, some more than others, one can see that on balance, homeopathic medication does not cause more harm than, let's say, drugs we use for depression, allergies, incontinence, insomnia and asthma - all known to cause dementia.
    Then why the homeopathy lynch mob? Obviously because homeopathy medicines are produced by the little guys. Should the big pharmas decide to enter the market, suddenly we will be overwhelmed with articles by the Sirs and the Dames and the Leaders, celebrating “drug diversity” and “alternative medicine.”
    Disclaimer. I have never prescribed or suggested homeopathic medication.

  • GMC to ask why BME doctors face more complaints than white colleagues

    sceptic's comment 23 Apr 2018 12:06pm

    There are some issued here.
    The race relations' agency's definition reads:
    BME – Black and Minority Ethnic is the terminology used in the UK to describe people of non-white descent.
    First, why is it "black" put separately? Why not "brown" and minority ethnic? Are people classified as "black" happy to be singled out?
    Second, Are Mediterranean doctors included? (North Africa, Middle East, Southern Europe)
    Third, Central and Western Europe doctors are classified as "white" but there are several examples showing that they also suffer discrimination. Why are they excluded from protection?
    I do hope that PULSE will be brave enough to discuss the matter openly, otherwise doctors who do not belong officially to BEM are discriminated against - in the name of... "tackling discrimination"!

  • Fighting the fight

    sceptic's comment 07 Apr 2018 10:58am

    Jaimie, Congratulations.
    Looking back at your work over the years, I can safely say that PULSE is in good hands. You have shown a genuine commitment to general practice and empathy with out plight. Above all, you have kept clear of snowflake politics. I'll start reading your periodical again. I wish you every success.

  • NHS has lost 10,000 EU staff since Brexit vote

    sceptic's comment 22 Sep 2017 6:08pm

    How many have come in from EU and non-EU?
    I gave up reading the Guardian and listening to the BBC, but I'll continue with the "learning" section of this periodical, strictly.
    Apropos, is Vince that elderly chap, the wannabe PM? (he's only short of 365 seats)

  • GP partners will have to foot half of overdue premises bill, says minister

    sceptic's comment 19 Sep 2017 11:50am

    Divide and rule,
    Those who OWN the premises think they are sitting pretty, watching unconcerned those whose premises are owned by the Government/DH/NHS Property Services. They don't realise that once the principle of reimbursement is compromised, THEY ARE NEXT.
    Meanwhile, back at the serene atmosphere of Tavistock Square, our "leaders" are preparing their speeches "...humbled and honoured to receive my OBE, CBE, KBE..."