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  • Vulnerable practices receiving £10k lump sums as NHS managers 'rush' out funding

    sceptic's comment 15 Mar 2017 5:45pm

    Is this tax free? Or, is it lumped into practice income so that the Treasury can claw back 40%? 45%

  • NHS chief hints at imminent major reorganisation to GP-led commissioning

    sceptic's comment 28 Feb 2017 12:21pm

    "history rewrites itself" Vinci Ho is right, but I'm afraid for the wrong reason.
    Those of us a bit long in the tooth, have learnt the basic principles of the NHS:
    * 90% of the NHS top brass are of hospital background (please look up NHS board)
    * they treat hospitals as the aristocracy and GPs as plebs
    * they siphon money from general practice to the hospitals (STP is their latest plot)
    * they install their placewomen/men at regional and local level (PCT CCG or whatever next) to neutralise any resistance from GPs
    * the governing body GPs rubberstamp the local commissars' decisions dictated to them by their bosses
    * LMCs, often staffed by CCG governing body GPs, countersign.

    But what about our trade union? Our college? That's another story.

  • Four in ten European GPs intend to leave the UK following Brexit

    sceptic's comment 23 Feb 2017 10:21am

    It was the most biased survey I have ever seen, packed with questions leading you to admit that "Brexit is awful" and "since Brexit my patients hate me".
    Even the Guardian wouldn't have drafted such a loaded survey. But even if it is true, let's have another survey to find out how many doctors from the Commonwealth will be coming to Britain after Brexit.

  • NSAIDs have ‘clinically unimportant’ effect on back pain

    sceptic's comment 06 Feb 2017 6:02pm

    @04 Feb 2017 12:16pm
    Following a spinal injury 12 years, I have found that Diclofenac is the only medication that relieves my intermittent back pain. Hundreds of patients also say the same.
    Why the big headlines then?
    The answer is in the authors' conclusion: "There is an urgent need to develop new analgesics for spinal pain."
    Don't be surprised folk if this magic pill is around the corner, for 10 times the price of Ibuprofen and 20 times the price of Aspirin.
    I've lost count how many times I've seen this scenario.

  • A call to arms - time for a new trade union?

    sceptic's comment 23 Jan 2017 11:35am

    It is an enigma to me that although we all acknowledge BMA's complacency, we are prepared to resign from the NHS but not from the BMA.
    Our union barons will carry on paying lip service and looking forward to their next gong for as long as we are prepared to foot the bill for their salaries, pensions and their Tavistock palatial offices.
    In Godfather Episode II, the following immortal words were uttered to an unco-operative producer: "What is going to be on the dotted line, your signature or your brains?" We can slightly paraphrase that to "Either you save general practice or we stop paying you."

  • NHS England widens £20m scheme to recruit GPs from EU despite Brexit

    sceptic's comment 18 Jan 2017 11:20am

    Interesting to see what will happen after those doctors join the GP pool.

    Will they stay with the practice, or will they join one of the myriad LOCUM agencies to make more money?

    In September 2016, there were the equivalent of about 9,000 more doctors working full-time for NHS England than in September 2010 (DH falsely claimed 11,500) and yet general practice has not seen the benefits from the new recruits. My guess is that the majority have become locums, or joined some cushy number as administrators, medical directors, governing bodies members and a few other non-clinical posts with handsome remuneration.

    Of course, when we are all locums run by GP aristocrats or agencies, these short-termist doctors will see their income halved and their workload doubles.
    You have been warned!

  • Calls for Theresa May to apologise for blaming GPs over A&E crisis

    sceptic's comment 16 Jan 2017 11:31am

    There is plenty more of the same to come from No 10 as Mrs May's new health adviser is Dr James Kent, a former junior doctor who left medicine to become management consultant. He has expressed his views on the NHS in several articles, easily accessible on the net.
    Perhaps, PULSE might consider seeking an interview with Dr Kent.

  • Retiring GPs could face up to £100,000 in 'hidden' property tax

    sceptic's comment 16 Jan 2017 11:17am

    For credibility, it would be better to have comments from BMA and LMC please.

  • GP contract negotiations delayed 'because of Brexit', says GPC

    sceptic's comment 10 Jan 2017 5:04pm

    "The unusually late conclusion of the annual GP contract negotiations is due to the UK’s vote to leave the EU, the GPC has told Pulse."
    Really? I thought it was Trump winning the election. Or, perhaps, Climate Change. No, no, it's demographic changes and the ageing population.
    For God's sake, are we actually contributing towards those people's pensions?

    Climate change

  • NHS plans set to pour £1.2bn into supporting general practice

    sceptic's comment 16 Dec 2016 11:40am

    From a long experience:
    1. A large proprtion will go to administration and CCG salaries
    2. A bigger chunk will go towards signing blank chequers to bankrupt local hospitals for artificial activity.
    3. What's left would be "offered" to practices AFTER setting impossible targets on referrals and prescribing.

    The great enigma to me has been why investigative journalists have never looked into where the money goes, starting from the individual salaries of CCG governing body members, varying from £80 k to £260+. All in the public domain under CCG Annual Accounts.

  • GPs want to remain independent but collaborate more, shows BMA survey

    sceptic's comment 13 Dec 2016 10:58am

    I did respond to the aforementioned survey and my comment was:
    A stream of leading questions herding the sheep (sorry, GPs) to give the answer the BMA barons want to hear. Survey null and void due to blatantly obvious bias.

  • Some changes to PulseToday

    sceptic's comment 10 Dec 2016 12:12pm

    Hi Nigel, I didn't think there was much wrong with the old format, but I suppose one has to go with the majority.

    Nevertheless, I will miss some very wise and constructive comments from pharmacists. Our practice is currently working closely with pharmacists in two pilot schemes and we have found their contribution "indispensable" (intended!). After all, general practice and pharmacy (with dentistry and eye care) are the hard core of Primary Care.
    Any chance that you might reconsider?

  • GP prescribing of antibiotics drops by 6% in three years

    sceptic's comment 18 Nov 2016 11:35am

    @Paul Bunting 11.01
    That was pointed out on 28 10 2014 ( but no one was prepared to address this huge problem. I hope you are more successful, but I doubt it as we are up against huge vested interests.

  • Practices 'could miss out on £760m' as NHS focuses on hospitals, claims RCGP

    sceptic's comment 07 Oct 2016 11:29am

    Why the hospitals always win?
    * a staggering 93% of the top NHSE managers are of hospital background
    * The BMA has been and always will be consultant-led
    * Most people working in hospitals belong to powerful trade unions - Unison, Unite, Alliance...
    * REAL Royal Colleges of hospital specialities are treated with respect by the Government, unlike the General Practice's hilarious counterpart.
    * Consultants have a respectable HSCA to represent them, unlike toothless LMCs who run with the hare and hunt with the hounds
    * Closing down a surgery is nothing to local MPs, but closing down a hospital spells their political death.
    (there is more, but time to update QOF)

  • Hospitals to receive £1.8bn to implement 'seven-day' NHS

    sceptic's comment 17 Dec 2015 11:22am

    It would have been a joke if it wasn't so tragic. The money is not enough even to cover the deficit.

    The NHS overspent by £930m in three months this year and is on course for an annual deficit of at least £2bn, in its worst financial crisis in a generation.

    Hospitals are spending more than their budgets as they struggle to cope with the “triple whammy” of growing demand for care, £2bn of unexpected staff costs and the service’s finances being the tightest for years.

    But 1.8b "gift" makes excellent 10 o'c News

  • Please BMJ, no more studies on the ‘weekend effect’

    sceptic's comment 28 Nov 2015 11:39am

    Nigel, you have indeed a valid point, but that must not divert us from the fact that the BMJ, under its current editor, has been courageous enough to expose scandalous conflicts of interests of elite GPs, wearing several hats and doing extremely well for themselves.

  • GPs ‘unfairly punished’ on funding, BMA tells DDRB

    sceptic's comment 20 Oct 2015 12:31pm

    "We are NOT proposing a specific figure for the 2016/17 pay award"
    Amazing! Our "leaders" are entering negotiations without putting forward how much is needed to keep general practice alive.

    But the BMA has always been a consultant-led organisation as their recent success with the consultants' contract has shown – they fought Jeremy Hunt tooth and nail and they burnt him.

    It's about time GPs form their own trade union to fight their corner, instead of listening to vacuous expressions of support and allegiance, unsupported by real conviction or action.

  • Joining a super-practice provides shelter from the current storm

    sceptic's comment 14 Oct 2015 4:18pm

    PULSE offers a stream of the similar, all full of vision and hope, but hardly any details on what really matters, namely CONTRACTS.
    Are they PMS, GMS or draw up individual contracts with NHSE?
    Do they include other primary care organisations like pharmacists and optometrists?
    Do they have separate budgets, over and above the national average?
    Do they offer BMA contracts to their sessional doctors, or have they introduced their own?
    These questions have been asked before, but it seems that no one is prepared to answer them. I wonder why.

  • GP practices' locum use surges 20% in a year

    sceptic's comment 09 Sep 2015 1:11pm

    to 11.51
    Very well, but where does this leave locums and salaried and their income.
    Will they be better off or worse off working for private companies?

  • GP receptionists 'need training to recognise stroke symptoms'

    sceptic's comment 29 Jun 2015 12:47pm

    Before they come out with their laughable aphorisms, they should descend from their cloud-cuckoo-land and spend a day with our receptionists and see what REAL work is like.
    The thought that as a taxpayer I contribute towards their wages is enough to give me a stroke. I must see one my ladies at the reception fast.