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A faulty production line

Steve Benjamin

  • Practices told to manually input MenB vaccination information to receive payments

    Steve Benjamin's comment 02 Sep 2016 2:48pm

    NHS Digital. Organised their Christmas do in the local brewery. Unfortunately, only lemonade was available.

  • 1,000 GP practices to display anti-terrorism posters

    Steve Benjamin's comment 31 Aug 2016 11:50am

    So, your local terrorist is siting in the waiting room to have his 3 day old cough sorted (Mum told her little boy to get to the doctors) when all of a sudden an anti -terrorism poster pops up on screen nestled between the details of the local GUM clinic and Vinnie Jones doing resuscitation, at which point he thinks; do you know what, now I've seen this poster, I don't think I'll join IS after all. BTW, I think it is possible to cover the entire walls of your waiting room merely by attaching the thousands of poster received each year from all and sundry

  • GP surgery numbers to be cut as part of major plans around sustainability

    Steve Benjamin's comment 31 Aug 2016 11:41am

    Yeah, because we all love those self-service tills where if you have more than half a dozen items you have to balance them on that tiny counter and then have to wait for someone because you have stupidly scanned something alcoholic ( or so a friend tells me) - where will it all end?

  • Why can't NHS managers talk like normal people?

    Steve Benjamin's comment 22 Aug 2016 10:35am

    Thanks to Dr Turner for his PM compliment. It's the sheer number of attachments that these mandarins think we would be interested to 'read and disseminate' to all in the practice. Yeah, like ok, so that's no one then, including me.

  • GP experts slam 'weak' and 'watered down' DH obesity strategy

    Steve Benjamin's comment 18 Aug 2016 2:37pm

    Practice Manager @ 2:31
    Yipee. Someone else with common sense.
    No disrespect to doctors and professors, but I think you should let practice managers run the NHS. Trust us, we know what we are talking about and we will do the right thing.

  • My message to Theresa May

    Steve Benjamin's comment 19 Jul 2016 10:48am

    In support of @9.14, I would agree that if the result of introducing charges creates a first and a second class system, that has to be better than 3rd class for everyone.

  • Referendum fallout

    Steve Benjamin's comment 05 Jul 2016 9:38am

    p.s @ 9.29. Another fact you Guardian wielding self named intellectuals might like to know. When your Tony Blair - you remember him - the bloke still telling us what to do now - thebloke who took us into the Iraq war on the advice of so called experts - maybe the same ones you think we should be listening to on Europe - well in 199t7 he only received 43% of the vote and yet achieved landslide, but that was ok wasn't it. How do your theories add up? 52% are wrong and yet the minority are right. Enough said.

  • Referendum fallout

    Steve Benjamin's comment 04 Jul 2016 12:01pm

    Ditto. Dr Turner obviously you like the other 48% (by the way that is less than half as you seem be to be having trouble with your math)really should stop moaning because you did not get your own way.
    Let me put this in simple terms for you and the other remain campaigners in mourning. John: I think we need to reduce the number of people coming to this country to live because we can't cope. Janet: Does that mean you are going to get rid of those already here? John: No, I said reduce the number coming -future tense. Janet: Does that mean stop all immigrants coming here? John No, I said reduce, not stop. Janet: Oh, I see, you mean have a policy of allowing reduced numbers, say for example, people to work in the health service and care homes. John: That's right Janet. Now can you please explain this to Dr Turner as he doesn't seem to understand.

  • 'No guarantee' £350m a week of EU cash will be spent on NHS, says Nigel Farage

    Steve Benjamin's comment 24 Jun 2016 2:41pm

    Oh dear another sore looser in the remain campaign@ 1.45
    Pound Steadier post-Carney (from BBC 5mns ago)
    It appears Carney's appearance has aided a recovery in sterling. At 1.2482 the GBP/EUR is actually not too far below the mid-June lows.We are still some way above the February lows in the late 1.23s.

    Not quite the shit storm you sour faces hoped for.

  • 'No guarantee' £350m a week of EU cash will be spent on NHS, says Nigel Farage

    Steve Benjamin's comment 24 Jun 2016 11:40am

    Come on Sarah, don't be silly. As someone else has already pointed out Nigel Farage is not in government and nobody really believed all the money would be ploughed into the NHS. If you did , you are obviously not as clever as you think, especially after jumping from the lifeboat into the Titanic. Not very clever of you was it? Sounds like a case of sour grapes.

  • Think you can cope without us? Try it

    Steve Benjamin's comment 02 Mar 2016 11:04am

    Spot on. I'm no GP, only a plebby PM, but I see it in the eyes of my doctors and I feel it myself. This is a vocation for me, not a job and it is being destroyed. I'm not exaggerating when I say I could cry. What makes it worse, is that there will be little comfort when we can all say 2I told you so", to those pointless politicians and media hacks. It could all be so different.

  • What are the rules on treating overseas patients?

    Steve Benjamin's comment 16 Feb 2016 11:58am

    As the NHS falls onto one knee under the strain of coping with demand from residents, our leaders go and issue guidance that says it's a free for all. Wecome to England one and all where everything is free. p.s you naughty doctors must stop referring residents for NHS treatment and cut their prescribing because we can't afford it. D'oh!

  • Practices' redundancy and premises costs could be covered in CCG's merger drive

    Steve Benjamin's comment 09 Feb 2016 10:27am

    "National average of 60 GPs per 100,000 people". This is an average list size of 1,667! I don't know any practice with list sizes this low and any that do I would have thought were those likely to be having finacial problems and merging, or maybe I'm wrong?

  • Happy New Year? GPs braced for e-cigarette onslaught

    Steve Benjamin's comment 23 Dec 2015 10:50am

    Can I have some new trainers please Mr Hunt. Evidence suggests that people who are given new shiny trainers are more likely to get out of the door and exercise and it will hekp prevent me becoming a burden to the NHS. Does it ever stop?

  • Jeremy Hunt won't solve the NHS's problems by focusing on 'health tourism'

    Steve Benjamin's comment 09 Dec 2015 1:55pm

    Why spend 2 minutes checking identitity, when we can just give them a 10 minute appointment they should not be entitled to!
    Do the math.

  • GPs must provide routine care to tourists, says new BMA guidance

    Steve Benjamin's comment 06 Nov 2015 11:41am

    Forget the contractual duty, how about the ethical and moral duty. It strikes me that the BMA is not acting in the best interests of the NHS. I think this is the wrong subject to take a stance on. Come on BMS, don't be petty, fight the causes that will win the war, not the petty skirmishes that mean nothing. By the way, what is this all about then

  • GPs face funding shortfall as council threatens to stop paying for Health Checks mid-year

    Steve Benjamin's comment 17 Sep 2015 12:47pm

    I agree that the contract should not be stopped mid-year, after all, a contract is a contract. However, most of what I have read about NHS Health Checks in Pulse over the last year or so, has all concentrated on saying what awaste of time the checks are. Well are they a waste or not (rhetorical question) Come on guys, stick to a line otherwise you make yourselves look foolish and indecisive to the politicos.

  • Parliament shuns debate on Jeremy Hunt's removal as health secretary

    Steve Benjamin's comment 10 Sep 2015 12:12pm

    Cop out by the boys (and girls) wearing blue. Protecting their own. Just how many votes would it take to justify an honest debate in Westminster Palace? I have never been convince by the conspiracy theorists, but I have changed my mind when I see what they are doing to us all.

  • Majority of practice managers have applied for new jobs

    Steve Benjamin's comment 25 Aug 2015 12:07pm

    Pay for me at least is not the problem; I work for a generous bunch of appreciative partners. However, the bureaucracy is overwhelming. That, together with the constant demonisation of general practice by the political elite is depressing and de-motivating. I am starting to think that the job as it is now is not worthwhile and I have always enjoyed the challenge and the variety helping to try and make our practice a succesful business.

  • GPs told to submit reports on all staff for NHS workforce survey by May

    Steve Benjamin's comment 13 Jan 2015 10:49pm

    We must take a stand and refuse to provide this information. When I last looked, no one from the DoH had any right to determine what staff we hire and how many and how much we pay. In a nutshell they do not ' workforce plan' what happens at our surgery or any other. Let's be honest, they couldn't plan a piss up in a brewery. If forced to respond, I will fill it with nonsense .