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Independents' Day

Helen Bright

  • Longer GP appointments 'highly cost effective', finds major study

    Helen Bright's comment 26 Jun 2016 8:23pm

    Of course. Shame study like this has to be done in the first place.

  • 'Fitness-to-practise process could become not fit for purpose'

    Helen Bright's comment 27 Apr 2016 9:43pm

    Dr Waghorn is right that GMC has not changed. If they did has any morals they would correct their mistakes when knowingly they erased innocent doctors. Chief Executive N, Dickson asked Parliament for new powers to appeal FTP decisions if too lenient in their opinion. Surely, injustice means possibility that innocent doctors could have been destroyed by their fixing of trials. GMC has one track mind: destroy, destroy doctors if there are allegations by the mob.
    It is appalling that sick people sitting on FTP panels with poor judgement were given power to destroy lives. Yes, some already had chronic neurological disorders affecting judgement, There is no occupational health screening, no alcohol or drug screening, no criminal record search, no complaints to regulators search in the case of Fitness to Practice Panellist.
    I had a legal assessor who was so drunk, she fell and was one hour late for the hearing. Came to the hearing bandaged and with a stick. Nobody bothered by this at GMC. But the next day when I was late because my helper who carried many boxes for me was late, it was a different story. GMC recorded Chairman saying I should not be late.
    Do you think that would be allowed for the defendant in court to arrive one hour late and for it not to be noted in the transcripts? She was a judge in a proper court elsewhere and drunk too. While I am sympathetic to the psychological problems judge had (suffered abuse as a child) and drunk to oblivion and out of shame we need somebody who can pay attention. Complaints to the High Court by doctors usually lead nowhere because the High Court cannot be bothered to think about medical and legal issues and considers regulator better placed. They even say there is no record of facial expressions or tone of voice during hearing so why did not court order all to be televised? Indeed, doctors must rise up to demand the higher level of medical regulation and make very sure they fight for the best High court to be created which specializes in medical matters and has TV technology and all necessary IT for the work. It is a shame that there were no protests about these deaths that occurred through regulation. At least 2000 doctors signed our petition to the government for an independent inquiry into the deaths of the doctors. Doctors4Justice never managed to get all the names of the doctors who died during GMC investigations (hundreds).
    Did you notice lack of remorse for the wrongdoing? GMC is very much like that; Oh, we do not do things like that anymore, Oh, it would not happen again.
    Oh, yes it will because doctors have ben busy and allowed they colleagues to be mauled. Do not be a bystander. Ask questions if uncertain of any particular case before GMC and help your colleagues in distress and their families.

  • 'Fitness-to-practise process could become not fit for purpose'

    Helen Bright's comment 27 Apr 2016 9:10pm

    Dr Naylon, thank you for sharing with us your experience. GMC can be very nasty indeed. After my FTP hearings which found I harmed no patients and was never danger to public GMC published a press release before a review hearing saying I harmed patients.
    If there are enough people to say complete lies about a doctor GMC will do a doctor in over a long period of time even more than a decade. They can put enormous number of conditions on practice if offended. And it is very easy to offend the religious fanatics they started employing in great numbers to sit on FTP during Blair era to please that lot.

  • 'Fitness-to-practise process could become not fit for purpose'

    Helen Bright's comment 27 Apr 2016 9:01pm

    Typical GMC. Slippery fish. They know very well what they have done and why they abused power given to them on a mega scale. For example, in how they set up membership of the Fitness to Practice Panels. They can stitch up anyone if they fancy it.
    Doctors4Justice has fought for patients and doctors without killing anyone. Surely, there must be many doctors and patients who have high morals and who need to replace those at GMC who do not.

  • GP trainee died by suicide after fearing GMC suspension

    Helen Bright's comment 27 Nov 2015 12:31pm

    to: David Waghorn 26 Nov 2015 6:35pm

    Dear Dr Waghorn, thank you for caring about the standards of medical profession.
    I read the article through the link you sent. Thank you for that.
    Probably, it is best to write to the coroner's office. It is not clear exactly what happened.

  • GP trainee died by suicide after fearing GMC suspension

    Helen Bright's comment 26 Nov 2015 6:25pm

    To: Anon|25 Nov 2015 11:45pm
    Not a bad advice, just needs a bit of modification because some doctors' families join GMC and NHS in beating the sanctioned doctors. Some erased doctors have been beaten by their own families even though they never harmed anyone by GMC's own findings. Some people do not like losing inheritance, for example. The cost of litigation against GMC and various colluding bodies is gigantic. It depletes financial resources of doctors over the years. System is designed to be more powerful than an individual so doctors must oppose current archaic GMC

  • GP trainee died by suicide after fearing GMC suspension

    Helen Bright's comment 26 Nov 2015 6:13pm

    Tragic. Did coroner have GMC's reports from their psychiatrists?
    Who was the coroner and what is their address?

  • Personal health budgets scheme forces mental health centre closure

    Helen Bright's comment 11 Aug 2015 7:16pm

    And, please, do not forget how MIND campaigned that NHS mental hospitals should be closed. Maybe, I am too old because I remember all that.

  • Personal health budgets scheme forces mental health centre closure

    Helen Bright's comment 11 Aug 2015 7:14pm

    As an ex NHS Consultant Psychiatrist I think spending money on laptop and theatre tickets is a good idea as it can improve mood greatly as well as finances. Many mentally ill look for jobs on the Internet, take on free courses, look at free therapy articles and learn about their condition and medication.
    A very good investment, I say.

  • Personal health budgets scheme forces mental health centre closure

    Helen Bright's comment 11 Aug 2015 7:03pm

    Well, well. Why should one put all eggs in one basket? Surely the independence of charity has been compromised by its funding.
    Patients have complained many times that day centres are a waste of time and money because they want more than to come to a place where they can have a cup of tea on their own.
    I once had a patient in a Day Hospital for mentally ill who attended for 18 years every day after he exposed himself once in public. He had a learning disability.
    Careful review of other patients showed many had wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment. So, one could argue that attendance there was eventually useful to some who after many years got some help. Eventually, Day Hospital closed. In fact, if all patients were cured/helped sufficiently to be more independent all hospitals would close as they would not need admissions.
    Patients do experience varied problems in attending Day Centres too. Some complain that staff are too religious and have problems with boundaries. It is shocking what one hears and how patients struggle to get out of the system that ruthlessly disregards them at times. At Doctors4Justice we get requests for information on secular treatment centres but we do not know of any in UK.
    Do you?

  • GPs can refuse insurers' requests for patient records, commissioner's office rules

    Helen Bright's comment 24 Jul 2015 4:34pm

    Hello Anonymous on 24th July 12:58,
    To be precise:
    1. patient needs to give valid consent to both doctor and another party (insurer)
    2. the fee of up to £50 can be charged (can be less, but not more than commercial rate of photocopying)
    3. redacted notes can be provided by doctor(s) or patient's legal representative or patient
    The laws that apply are Data Protection Act 1998, SI relevant to DPA , NHS and medical records, Human Rights Act, European Convention on Human Rights. Any redaction has to be within the law and not fraudulent.

    Many surgeries overcharge by asking for £50 fee always (and that is not the law). Poor people on benefits cannot afford that.


  • Online access to patient records could spark 'ID theft', says data protection official

    Helen Bright's comment 15 Feb 2015 10:17pm

    There are already many Data Protection Act 1998 abuses against doctors: secret files held by regulators (complaints against doctors which GMC does not disclose to doctors), inaccurate medical records of doctors as a revenge (professional rivalry, for example).
    As one of my friends said: 'While French are revolting, English stand in the queue waiting for their turn'.
    It is high time, doctors did something about it by taking it to European courts.

  • Fitness-to-practise investigations make sick doctors sicker

    Helen Bright's comment 20 Jan 2015 11:47am

    I took GMC to court in order to obtain the names of the doctors who died during their investigations. GMC refused to release the names under FOIA and the court (with a judge who worked for BMA) agreed with GMC. There has been no independent investigation other than Doctors4Justice campaigning on the issue.
    Now, it is obvious to more people that a lot has gone wrong. GMC does not punish medical bullies, there is no therapy for the parties who make false allegations and judging by my experience some medical bullies are damaged and bad people.
    Many more people will die because GMC has no moral conscience linked to action.
    When they know they made mistakes they just sit on it, officials move onto another regulator, or retire and people continue to die. I say this because I warned about the wearing of religious uniforms when working with mentally ill. At least a dozen more people died by suicide because nobody did anything to stop it.
    GMC to this day protects the incompetent medical director who sent false allegations against me.
    Yes, more people die in UK than in France from religious extremism.
    French are revolting while English wait for their turn in a queue

  • Doctors need resilience training like soldiers in Afghanistan, GMC head says

    Helen Bright's comment 09 Jan 2015 10:34pm

    Don't be fooled by the GMC or their friends in the Health committee who, certainly don't hold them accountable as it would mean also admitting government policy was wrong. Doctors are slaves in a way like in Roman times. Work until you drop dead. GMC gets rid of doctor to please then mob. Of course doctors killed themselves because GMC screwed up in many cases. That's the real twhy court would not allow names of the dead to be published. So no independent investigation ever takes place.
    How do you get resilience to GMC breaking various laws?

  • One in five GPs report patient harm as mental health services struggle to cope

    Helen Bright's comment 06 Aug 2014 2:03pm

    As expected.

    Unemployment due to recession would increase the demand for the psychiatric services.

  • Analysis: Where next for the MRCGP exam?

    Helen Bright's comment 29 Apr 2014 11:55am

    The judge Mitting does not seem to be naive when it came to the legal costs. So, what is the explanation? Should an independent committee examine it?

  • International graduates should face higher bar to work in the UK, finds GMC-commissioned research

    Helen Bright's comment 22 Apr 2014 4:52pm

    Ethnic minority doctors are in permanent danger in UK:

  • Revalidation 'fishing' exercises are completely over the top, says GPC

    Helen Bright's comment 05 Nov 2013 12:13pm

    It is crazy that medical profession signed up to revalidation at all

  • Tragic GP struggled with workload prior to suicide

    Helen Bright's comment 17 Oct 2013 10:28pm

    Please, sign our petition for confidential enquiry into 100 deaths of doctors subject to investigations by medical regulator:

  • Break-down in patient communication behind a third of allegations about GPs, show GMC figures

    Helen Bright's comment 16 Oct 2013 5:50pm


    Many doctors have died during GMC investigations. More than 1300 people have signed the petition for confidential enquiry into those deaths. Please, sign: