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  • GPC to potentially vote on contract next week ahead of special LMC conference

    Pradeep 's comment 28 Jan 2020 4:27pm

    Whatever contract GPC wants to sign We all should be allowed to vote on that one. If it satisfies majority of GPs then so be it. But I am very wary of contract agreement by GPC without we GP knowing anything about it.

  • Hancock wants ‘value for money’ from PCNs in GP contract negotiations

    Pradeep 's comment 28 Jan 2020 4:17pm

    Dear Mr Hancock. I wonder what made you say that PCN have been successful so far ?
    What have they achieved so far ? Do you have any evidence for it?. Off course you area politician and talk like a one. So disguising facts is your second nature.
    SO far all these year GP have been fantastic value for money for primary care. If not for GP this NHS would have gone bankrupt long back. You & general public should be thankful to GP for going beyond their call of duty and propping up NHS.
    You should be thankful that GP haven't so far asked for payment per activity like their secondary colleagues.But that day is not far. We have had enough of politicians milking us. Mind you your ruthless policies are driving GPs to wall , no wonder lots of our colleague are leaving this country.

  • Nine in ten GPs work extra hours every week as a third cut clinical time

    Pradeep 's comment 18 Dec 2019 8:47pm

    Our problem is as below
    1) Government knows that we are not united and all of us will not hand in our contracts back . Many of us are still earning reasonably well (beyond what a locum/salaried GP earns) .
    2) our so called union hasn't got balls to challenge Govt.
    3) many of our colleagues sill feel NHS should be free at point of delivery and think that we are reasonably paid, and also are tied with property/mortgage.
    Politicians are well aware of this hence they will not do anything which will put money in GPS pocket.
    .I can say with certainty that if tomorrow call comes for mass resignation/ handing our contracts back it will not get more than 30% support.
    I dare BMA/ pulse to conduct survey and ask every GP in country and find out how many GP support mass resignation.

  • High-profile GPs lose seats in Conservative landslide

    Pradeep 's comment 13 Dec 2019 11:21am

    Doesnot matter who comes in to power NHS will always be underfunded. Till the time some one grows balls to say we need people to contribute to NHS DIRECTLY nothing will change. With Corbyn in center Doctors would have been doubly scr..... 1) no increase in funding 2) More taxes.
    so at present BJ is lesser evil option.

  • CQC chief inspector: no 'concessions' will be made for GP capacity issues

    Pradeep 's comment 25 Oct 2019 8:13pm

    First of all I still don't understand why we have to pay CQC fees if their job is to protect patients . Government and patients can pay for CQC fees .
    Secondly if CQC does not want to make concessions for lack of Gp then let GP surgeries close their list so that those surgeries can look after their current patients properly . Those patients who cannot register with Gp can visit their MP and ask for more new practices to be opened .
    Enough of CQC and politicians treating like doormat.

  • Four in 10 GPs in favour of charging patients for appointments

    Pradeep 's comment 10 Oct 2019 12:32pm

    My question to Dcotrs who oppose charging patients is what solution they have to reduce demand and how they plan to reduce DNA rates and avoid patients booking unnecessary appointments. And please don't say "patient education " . I would like to some real practical sloution/answer

  • Practices to focus on learning disabilities under QOF 'quality improvement'

    Pradeep 's comment 02 Jul 2019 12:08pm

    Things will only change when We GP grow some balls..... No point in we all having verbal diarrhoea here. Leaders are not ready to take action ,so either change leaders or shut up and put up with whats comes our way.

  • 15-minute appointments are the ‘future of general practice’, says RCGP

    Pradeep 's comment 21 May 2019 11:36am

    Dear Dr Copernicus - That's very nice of you to spend over 12 hrs/ every day but you do know that we get paid only for 10.5 hrs (8.00- 6.30 ) per day as per our core contract. If you spend extra 1.5 hr/ day for 5 day a week/ 46 weeks (assuming you take 6 weeks holiday) . You are doing charity of 345 hrs / year of £ 31050 considering our average rate currently is 90 £/ hr ).
    Does NHS value your hardwork and free work you are doing it for them?
    Its high time WE ALL stop doing this charity of extra work and let NHS pay for every hour of our time / commitment.

  • GPs will be required to collect annual patient feedback under GMC plans

    Pradeep 's comment 30 Apr 2019 2:53pm

    Has anybody ever thought of all GP stopping their GMC registration at once and refuse to pay fees? Let GMC struck all GP off lets see what will GMC do ? They possibly cannot struck all GP in country at one go . GMC seems seems to be working in some different world than rest of the GP

  • Health secretary given right to suspend GPs' pensions before conviction

    Pradeep 's comment 16 Apr 2019 5:39pm

    What happens to politicians &other public sector workers pensions if they have been accused of any crime? Does their pension gets suspended ? If yes then fair enough but if theirs is not suspended and they think they can do it do GP because they are spineless then its shame on BMA & GPC to accept this.
    Bloody crooks & thieves, everybody wants to s**** GPs because we are easy targets and don't hit back

  • LMCs vote down proposals for GP payment by patient contacts

    Pradeep 's comment 21 Mar 2019 9:42am

    When will so called leaders will face reality. Are they representing GP or DOH ? Whose side they are on ?.
    So even after average number of visits per patient has gone up from 3 to 6 in last 10 years but has Global sum hasn't doubled in last 10 years. And our LMC representatives are ok with that. Who are they representing?

  • Networks to receive 45p per patient less through DES for providing extended hours

    Pradeep 's comment 14 Mar 2019 10:40am

    Why should practice which doesn't provide the extended hour get that extra money whether it is 1.45 £ or the remaining 45 pr which BMA claims will come as increase in global sum? SO its unfair for practices who provide extended hours .

  • BMA in talks over who will foot bill for pensions contributions hike from 2020

    Pradeep 's comment 06 Mar 2019 12:20pm

    Dear Truth Finder,
    Unfortunately many of our senior colleagues still are not in favour of going dentist way. Government is pushing us in that direction but looks like our profession hasn't got balls to say enough is enough and we are walking away. That time will come when things will get much worse , so have patience and wait for few more years

  • Babylon GP at Hand given green light to expand NHS services to Birmingham

    Pradeep 's comment 13 Feb 2019 9:40pm

    Payment by activity should have been at firfront of new contract negotiations.. Rest all is bullshit . Let government pay us by activity then each gp will decide how hard or hardly they want to work. And that would have solved this problem easily.

  • NHS England issues 'letter of comfort' on OTC prescribing for GPs

    Pradeep 's comment 13 Feb 2019 1:17am

    Very typical of government . They haven't got balls to tell patients to buy OTC medicines. They want us to look like bad guys and do all the donkey work , face complaints & save NHS money.
    All of us should simply prescribe whatever is allowed on FP10. IF they wants us to stop prescribing OTC medicines then they should clearly tell public and ban prescribing OTC medicines on FP10 then only GP will able to say no to patients.

  • Prominent MP criticises ‘frustrating and ineffective’ GP appointment systems

    Pradeep 's comment 30 Jan 2019 11:15am

    Spot on Unscepted. You get what you pay for.

    80-110 £ / pt / year including LES/ QOF depending where you are in country is less than people pay for their dog and cat's insurance.
    Unfortunately this is what will people get in free for all NHS. If politician really want to improve things let them fund the system properly. Why don't GPC/BMA make publish it in national media?
    How they fund the NHS it is not our problem. It's theirs.
    We will provide service depending upon what it pays for. If government wants to increase funding to double what it is now i am sure we will be able to attract more doctors and provide better system. If government wants people to pay part of the cost, let them say it public . Its not my Job.
    I am doctor not a politician

  • The health secretary’s vision for general practice

    Pradeep 's comment 29 Jan 2019 1:54pm

    I agree with Christopher completely.
    Till the time patient don't take some responsibilities and pay at least some part of their health care cost directly things will not improve. in current model even if next government put another 20-30-40 billion pounds in health care it will get used up and in 2 years we will be back to where we are today.
    What needs to happen is we need to go to insurance based system, it may be more costly but at least people who look after their health well will pay less and its fair because everyone should take care of their health . Its not just governments responsibilities. Taxing rich beyond reasonable level and subsidizing poor endlessly forever will not work

  • GP suffers crossbow bolt wound in assault by disgruntled patient

    Pradeep 's comment 09 Jan 2019 12:42pm

    I wouldn't be surprised if GMC opens up investigation on Poor Dr Griffith about treatment offered to attackers father and probably court will release the attacker with minor punishment or even free him saying when he attacked doctor he was not in sound mental state.
    Pathetic justice in this country. GMC wont do a damn thing about this. IF Dr had attacked patient with crossbow .He would have been suspended immediately and jailed and stopped forever from practicing medicine.

  • GP practices paid just £13 per month per patient

    Pradeep 's comment 20 Dec 2018 1:57pm

    It's an average figures. Most of GMS practices are paid much lower figure. This figure is is tat this level because of APMS practices are paid way beyond £ 200. It will be interesting to see what are actual figures for APMS practices and GMS & PMS practices.

  • NHS England launches seven-day GP advertising campaign

    Pradeep 's comment 19 Dec 2018 10:14am

    Dr Stelvio everybody knows this including our politicians but million dollar question is who will bell the cat????????. Smart politicians are waiting for us to do their job by reducing funding and making life difficult.