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Ronald Wilkinson

Ronald Wilkinson

  • We need radical ideas to cut GP workload – but not a cap on list sizes

    Ronald Wilkinson's comment 07 Nov 2018 9:51pm

    Radical indeed
    10-15 min appt very stressful for GP, ANP, Para and most importantly the patients we are trying to treat. Often the Patient has not had a full set obs for years ..
    I feel would be far more reassuring and cost effective long term if any patient presenting with new condition could have full set obs at appt , this would empower and give a bench mark about where they are today with their self care and whet would be needed to improve.
    Yes the GP, ANP and Paramedic would not see as many patients but with a more empowered patient community would reduce demand longterm...therefor freeing up valuable appts?

  • GPs should refuse all firearms licence requests, says BMA in U-turn

    Ronald Wilkinson's comment 04 Aug 2016 9:45pm

    Probably goes against the grain but my Daughter aged 21 years old asked me today " Dad what is going to happen with Isis" .....are we safe ?
    Well I said words to this effect! As it is if some toss pot decides to start shooting in my community for what ever reason ...a chain reaction will start! The Armed Response UNIT will head our way.......but by the time on many dead!
    I feel strongly now that just as in America every person deemed suitable to do so should have the right to bear arms! Tp protect them selves, Family and the wider community......if not potentially a shooter could move at will while all I coul ddo was throw apples at him or her !

  • Can CCGs curb emergency admissions?

    Ronald Wilkinson's comment 14 Feb 2013 2:51pm

    Its all well and good giving GPs Incentives these Incentives should be made availiable to all Healthcare Professionals including, NMC, RGN, HPC Allied Healthcare Proffs such as Paramedics responsible for patients that have an Urgent Pre-Hospital Emergency and Unscheduled care need. As often these first contact practitioners are best placed to deliver the right care and service to patients "See and Refer" or treating and Discharging "See and Treat". Also services need to be made availiable 24/7 as opposed the current 9-5 and nothing at a weekend as in many cases the olny alternative left to practitioners is A&E.

  • Why I chose... Expedition medicine

    Ronald Wilkinson's comment 20 Dec 2012 9:15pm

    Excellent insight....take me with you next time you away.