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Paul Thomas Manjooran

  • Are we really 'resilient', or are we just overexploited?

    Paul Thomas Manjooran's comment 03 Feb 2015 5:13pm

    To 2.37
    It was a training group for doctors to try and teach resilience. Having spoken to some colleagues in the financial industry, resilience is 'old hat' and 'tenacity' appears to be the new virtue to combine with resilience - food for thought?

  • Hunt: 'I took my children to A&E rather than wait for a GP'

    Paul Thomas Manjooran's comment 26 Nov 2014 9:26pm

    This is quite an infuriating article on so many levels. The article clearly highlights Mr Hunt's inadequate knowledge of health care systems, financial resources and health care in general. The quote ‘...people do not always know whether the care that they need is urgent or whether it is an emergency' again shows he is unaware of the current existing triage systems (and their hugely expensive advertising campaigns) and surely questions whether he is fit for purpose as Health Minister. His actions either show that he is unaware of 111, or, if he is aware (which he clearly is) that he is irresponsible enough to abuse an already over-stretched system. I am just surprised that there has been so few pleas for Mr Hunt to resign based on his actions....however, the night is still young!

  • High bleeding risk with dabigatran flagged by ‘real-world’ data

    Paul Thomas Manjooran's comment 04 Nov 2014 9:05pm

    Please also remember that several of the end points of these studies involving NOACs were based on them being non-inferior to Warfarin rather than showing a definite benefit.

  • GPs should treat all unplanned admissions as 'significant events', says Labour review

    Paul Thomas Manjooran's comment 04 Mar 2014 10:15pm

    When will politicians realise that ageing population + better health care + increased treatment options + increasing choices of investigation + increased treatment costs = need for more investment and need for more hospital beds. It DOES NOT equate to failings in primary care.
    The following link (figure 1)
    shows how continual underinvestment in hospital service has led to the United Kingdom fall behind most other countries including Slovenia, Greece and Estonia. If you compare the UK to Germany we have 3 beds per 1000 population v Germany 8.3 beds per 1000 population.
    Please stop trying to make savings that aren't there to be made and make more pragmatic suggestions in how we can finance and improve secondary care.

  • The Department of Health is responsible for out-of-hours care, not GPs

    Paul Thomas Manjooran's comment 21 May 2013 11:08pm

    Dear Dr McCartney,
    I have to say that was one of the best written pieces on the out of hours debate that I have seen. It's evidence speaks for itself and the bottom line of the Department of Health being responsible for out of hours care couldn't being any clearer.
    My only wish is for this story to be published in the general press and the televised media to educate the public. However,I get the feeling that the 'politically controlled media' won't let this happen as each successive government seems to have their own personal agenda to fragment and eventually sell off the NHS to 'any qualified provider'.