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A faulty production line

Iain Kennedy

  • Dozens of BMA doctors to sue Government over 'discriminating' pension scheme

    Iain Kennedy's comment 03 Jul 2019 8:47am

    Well done the BMA, Vice-Chair David Wrigley (GP) and all the other doctors (20 in total I believe) who have stood up to be counted on behalf of UK doctors. I’m one of two Scottish GPs taking “The Scottish Ministers” to court via the BMA to reverse this discriminatory pension situation.

  • Why I have voted ‘yes’ to the proposed Scottish contract

    Iain Kennedy's comment 05 Jan 2018 5:52pm

    Christopher - I admire the fact you have the courage to go public and say why you are a "yes" voter. And you have been clear. I do, however, disagree with your assessment of the offer to the profession, mainly because of the loss of autonomy, the lack of financial guarantees (rural sustainability payments, enhanced services etc)and the "fire-sale" of GPs' best assets (staff, services and premises). The £23M is small (the £250M won't come near our Practices) and is only going to 63% of GP Practices in Scotland - I note you are only getting a very, very small financial uplift (albeit better than the 37% of GP Practices being put on income support). "Yes" voters clearly believe the salaried approach is the way to go. I just wish that "yes" voters could have chosen to opt for salaried contracts themselves (e.g. 2C) and left the rest of us to maintain our full independent contractor status - and not have the rug pulled from beneath us. In the end, it's all about opinions. I respect yours and thank you for being clear in your views. Best wishes, Iain