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  • GPs more likely to work 10-hour shifts at larger practices

    Undercover's comment 09 May 2019 11:11am

    It is obvious / common sense that knowing your patients well improves efficiency and continuity.
    On top of that patients want GP patients that offer personalised care . This is best delivered in small practices rather than the latest vogue for large mega practices . Fewer complaints.

  • NHS England asks GPs to re-send 20 years' worth of child immunisation data

    Undercover's comment 06 Dec 2018 11:30am

    As the data was previously sent, what has happened to it.
    This is clearly unacceptable , the proposed time scale for doing it makes it even more so .

  • NICE to review primary prevention advice as study finds statins ineffective in elderly

    Undercover's comment 06 Sep 2018 11:04am

    Interesting , but we’re all the subjects on a Mediterranean diet. Might not be relevant to U.K. NICE will probably be influenced by the study as may cut prescribing bill.
    Will be interesting to read the BMJ

  • Virtual consultations can be used in '85% of cases' says Babylon's top GP

    Undercover's comment 29 Aug 2018 11:11am

    Even if the 85% is correct , which I doubt. This is self selecting population quite different in its characteristics to the ordinary GP population.

  • Digital rectal examination for prostate cancer by GPs 'unnecessary', finds study

    Undercover's comment 12 Jun 2018 11:28pm

    What is the secondary care specialist going to do PSA +- DRE .
    If GPs haven’t got the skill to determine normality upon DRE they should refer and go to another CCG locality meeting.

  • Digital rectal examination for prostate cancer by GPs 'unnecessary', finds study

    Undercover's comment 12 Jun 2018 10:57pm

    The problem is the increasing number of men asking for a check up who are asymptomatic.
    The significant false negative rate for PSA is a problem. By combining digital examination with PSA you can increase the sensitivity. You do need to explain that small cancers can still be missed . Recent change in LUTS May need referral.

  • BMA considering 'all legal options' to challenge GP at Hand rollout

    Undercover's comment 29 Jan 2018 10:44am

    Patients who can’t get to see a GP for several days, will vote with their feet. GPs are starting to have to operate in a market.
    The government will see this as injecting competition .

  • Almost half of GPs have vacancies in their practice, BMA warns

    Undercover's comment 24 Jan 2018 8:06pm

    “ Let’s make GP great again”
    Pay partners a premium for being a partner.
    Stop GPs going to CCG meetings and other pointless exercises.
    Stop exploitation of salaried GPs. Some partners reduce patient contact go to meetings and pay salaried GPs less , win win all around for partners but not good for patients.
    Encourage evidence babsed practice overseen by RCGP. RCGP stop politics.
    Allow GPs to be trusted professionals.
    Pay GPs to see patients.

  • NHS England to collect GP appointment data through winter

    Undercover's comment 09 Sep 2017 8:52am

    This Big Brother.
    Next step resource allocation to those not offering enough ( carrot ) or sanctions against those perceived as not offering enough ( stick)
    All this was foreseeable when the Gov took over our computer provision .
    The Civil servants have been planning this for years . Am I paranoid ?

  • Pharmacists want to bypass GP and refer patients directly to hospital

    Undercover's comment 21 Dec 2016 10:26am

    A&E will be even busier . Our local pharmacist had a patient faint while doing a flu jab.
    999 ambulance called.
    Pharmacists have inadequate training in diagnosis and in particular where examination is needed. Absolute nonesense.

  • GPs who went salaried under hospital trust now 'better at meeting demand'

    Undercover's comment 19 Oct 2016 10:48am

    It would be interesting to ask the patients what they thought about the service. Asking Doctors if the service has improved is not going to produce an unbiased answer.

  • Newly trained doctors to be tied to NHS for four years, announces Hunt

    Undercover's comment 04 Oct 2016 11:00am

    Having to work for the NHS for 4 years. Well most Docs probably do anyway. They will be so angry about this that they will be plotting their escape from day 1 of med school. They will take their 4 years experience and zip off to Oz etc. Comparing this idea to the armed forces is not a reasonable comparison . The armed forces are paid for one thing.
    If medical students are paid and have no tuition fees this would be reasonable. If you join the armed forces at 2nd MB you get paid .
    As others have said why pick on medics why not physics , nurses and indeed other degree subjects deemed to be of national interest.

  • Jump in private referrals after GPs are told to ask patients about insurance

    Undercover's comment 05 Sep 2016 10:51am

    It is surprising how often patients with private insurance don't think to use it. Always worth asking the question, otherwise why are they paying their premiums.

  • GPs face complete halt on all non-urgent referrals under CCG plans to cut costs

    Undercover's comment 08 Aug 2016 6:01pm

    Why is the CCG in the red in the first place? Perhaps they weren't given enough money in the first place , perhaps the GPs refer more , perhaps more deprivation etc etc
    Shame we don't have a National health service anymore. Why should this group of patient be punished?

  • GPs to be protected from secondary care workload dump

    Undercover's comment 28 Jul 2016 11:36pm

    Recently noticed a trend for hospital discharges to say "GP to chase up test result" on one occasion a biopsy result from endoscopy where cancer was possible.
    As hospitals have ever increasing pressure to discharge patients they off load onto GP. It will get worse as Hospital beds are closed to save money.

  • BMA to escalate junior doctors' strike action

    Undercover's comment 18 Mar 2016 8:56pm

    The fines that are being proposed if Juniors work more that 52 hours
    are a sick joke. It is likely that the hospital will simply say that they have no money, or they will pay a derisory amount that is so small compared to paying the correct amount to fill the shifts there will be no disincentive.
    Does the Gov. think the Junior Doctors will simply roll over, I hope that they keep on fighting.

  • 90% of doctors report relationship pressures due to long working hours

    Undercover's comment 15 Mar 2016 12:19pm

    This is truly horrific. An occupational service would be good, but it is the terms and conditions that doctors work under, the pressure of not wanting tolet colleagues patients down that can lead to stress depression etc.
    In cases where an individual suffers from stress and takes time off sick it is incumbent on the employer to make adjustments to the workplace. If this is not done a tribunal will find against the employer.
    It is time our employer i.e the NHS tokk its respnsibility seriously.

  • Is it time for the GPC to get militant?

    Undercover's comment 01 Jan 2016 10:57am

    If the profession of General Practice is to consider "industrial action" we must define precisely what we want in terms of a new contract. What is it about General Practice that needs altering. There have been many good suggestions such as improvement on pension terms , pay . Fundamentally we are over worked , under appreciated . The General population bless them , have not been given Government guidance as what is appropriate to bother their GP with.
    Thus we are asked to sign all sorts of forms see all sorts of trivia and we are not able cope with the demands of the truly ill. We need more GPs and the job is unattractive.
    If we take industrial action it needs to be graduated and thought out. What is the point of sending undated resignation letters if the BMA havnt given guidance as to what to do if the Gov calls our bluff.
    We need clear guidance before this course of action is taken, what the consequences financially will be. Clearly we can operate an insurance based GP but there will be a period of great difficulties with the likes of Virgin on the sidelines. Options such as chambers in large federations of private GP are clearly likely.
    I would suggest a graduated approach with industrial action ramping up from minor to major action , non compliance with CQC, appraisal etc. days of action, emergency only work working towards resignation if the Gov. does not agree to real and advantageous changes in our contract.

  • Professor Field: Super-practices (like my own) should be able to self-monitor

    Undercover's comment 16 Dec 2015 11:18am

    This suggestion demonstrates a huge conflict of interest. All the comments above about large organisations being inflexible, providing impersonal care and loss of continuity are very pertinent.

    Here`s an idea, the GPC should ask for his resignation or GPs will totally disengage from CQC.

  • Junior doctors to stage full walk-out under BMA plans for industrial action

    Undercover's comment 12 Nov 2015 9:34pm

    There are two issues for me.
    1. pay
    2. Conditions.
    Firstly conditions. The Gov. has stopped financial penalties for trusts if doctors work more than 52 hrs per week. Some junior doctors are working 70 hrs for 12 days on the trot. With no penalties on trusts all will be working 70 hrs as a routine. Some older doctors will say well we worked 100-120 hr per week. Well in the old days you did get some sleep , young doctors are chased around the hospital by senior nurses working across specialties. They literally don't have time to eat and drink and have taken to carrying water bottles around. Hunt says that he is reducing hrs from 90 hr per week to 70 , but only 400 or so juniors do 90 hrs 40,000 don't.
    Pay . well this is probably not the main factor, but junior doctors start on £22000 per year after 5 years training. In 1980 I started on £12000 and as a SHO was on £15000 GPs at the time may have earned £25-30,000 Juniors should be earning over £30,000 if their pay had gone up proportionally. The 11% pay rise offered is in the face of a 15% pay rise recommended by the DDRB
    Juniors are being forced to strike, who can blame them.