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Gold, incentives and meh

Muhammad Rahim


  • Partners faced with £800,000 potential liability following practice closure

    Muhammad Rahim's comment 05 Aug 2016 12:29pm

    If the GP in question is personally liable for the lease of this purpose built building, why cant he be allowed to shut the practice down and open a restaurant or a cafe? Rent the rooms to other businesses. Sublet the building to others, get a profit and pay off the lease.

  • Think you can cope without us? Try it

    Muhammad Rahim's comment 03 Mar 2016 4:45pm

    Brilliant article, privatisation does not mean less money spent on patient care. What we GPs are also really good at is managing uncertainty, i.e. patients with vague symptoms that do not make any sense. I must admit though, that I still care.I am fairly weak at heart.

  • Can patients really not afford to support the NHS?

    Muhammad Rahim's comment 29 Jul 2015 1:18pm

    People do not expect to get a free loaf of bread from the supermarket, so why do they think free healthcare could be provided forever? Its a death spiral for NHS funding. People are getting older, their needs are getting complex. We have to decide if we want to be a fully socialist country with communist under tones where the state is acting like a nanny for all, or do we have to be a progressive, proactive country that looks after the people who cannot genuinely pay for their healthcare whereas charging appropriately for those who can. Govt has to come clean about it. They cannot beat about the bush and try to introduce privatisation by stealth. It will be a train wreck.People need to have an open discussion about it and come to terms with the situation. Their is a need to create political space for this idea to flourish. Otherwise forget about our NHS, free at the point of use.

  • GPs should move away from 'mentality' of clocking off at 7pm, says Hunt

    Muhammad Rahim's comment 22 Jun 2015 4:25pm

    So if you want to have someone work 24 hours a day and get paid in peanuts, guess who will apply for the job?

  • 'UK GPs among best paid in developed countries', OECD report claims

    Muhammad Rahim's comment 22 Nov 2013 9:59am

    I think this article should be titled, "Low Average Wage in UK compared to other developed countries". If you view it from this perspective then yes GPs do earn more than the "Average UK pay". However my colleagues who have gone to Australia or Canada are not coming back any time soon after reading this article. I can not go due to family commitments otherwise I would have as well.