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A faulty production line

Anthony Buckland

  • Single-hander crowned GP of the year after turning 'red-rated' practice around

    Anthony Buckland's comment 02 Dec 2017 4:59pm

    Well done Karen. I did 8 years as a single practitioner (a long time before the current bureaucratic process)- incredibly hard work, but incredibly rewarding and the patients love you for it.

  • Viagra to become over-the-counter medicine, MHRA rules

    Anthony Buckland's comment 02 Dec 2017 4:52pm

    What you say is correct, but you underestimate our pharmacy friends. Sudden onset especially in a young person usually means psychological. They can easily decline prescribing sildenafil until after investigated. Giving 1 packet of 4 x 50mg sildenafil is unlikely to do too mach harm. I used to always recommend fasting lipids & glucose check and anyone over 50 a PSA. It is far better for a qualified pharmacist to prescribe than someone to buy on the internet a totally unknown product with little or no guidance.

  • Viagra to become over-the-counter medicine, MHRA rules

    Anthony Buckland's comment 29 Nov 2017 10:39pm

    Great idea. 50 mg Sildenafil enough to work in many cases. Generally a very safe medicine. Should be taken on an empty stomach with water. Allow 40-80 minutes to work. Men work better in the morning as testosterone levels rise. Does require sexual stimulation. Best way to work- use it in the morning.

  • GP numbers decrease by more than 1,000 over past year

    Anthony Buckland's comment 23 Nov 2017 9:54am

    I am 65. I am no longer doing day to day GP work. I do minor surgery organised by an external agent. The administration is super efficient. The paperwork I do is entirely related to the work I do. I still enjoy my work.

    I cannot understand Mr Hunt's mentality clawing back seniority. That's not the way to retain us senior GPs, who still have much experience to offer.

  • Jeremy Hunt reappointed as health secretary

    Anthony Buckland's comment 12 Jun 2017 11:22pm

    I am very sad that Mr Hunt has been reappointed as Health Secretary. I am told that 23% of doctors are leaving the NHS post registration jobs (emigrating or doing something else). I am afraid Mr Hunt is living in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks he has a good command of the NHS. It costs circa £500,000 for the doctors to reach this stage and the Antipodes, who recruit most of these, must be laughing their heads off. I thought the NHS was short of money. So sad that this investment is going to waste in this country.

  • LMCs stepping up plans for GPs to do more private work by end of this year

    Anthony Buckland's comment 25 Jan 2017 7:11pm

    I have conducted a verbal straw pole of many my patients from all walks of life and nationalities over the last 3 months or so. Most people realise that the NHS is in trouble financially. In France a patient pays the GP a fee & then claims back a significant proportion from the government afterwards, but not all. Top of the list by a long way is being able to charge at least £50 in A&E for someone who attends whilst drunk (Suggest twice over breathalyser limit as a reasonable bench mark). After discussion most people feel the time has come for a £10 charge for a GP or A&E attendance, £20 for a home visit. Probably £20 for any minor surgery procedure. I know it all has to be managed, but if France can manage it, so can we!

    Finally minor skin operations which are cosmetic should be able to be charged for at a commercially competitive rate. Clear transparent guidelines would have to be in place so there is not a conflict of interest. Skin tags & unwanted cosmetic seborrhoeic warts are good examples of such lesions.

  • Older GPs should not be expected to work five days a week, says health minister

    Anthony Buckland's comment 08 Apr 2016 9:18am

    The option of working 3 half days a week was agreed with my partners after 34 years of GP. More than 50% of my time involves minor skin surgery, which brings in extra revenue for my practice, so I have been incredibly fortunate in being supported by my partners. My original patients struggle to see me in my much reduced GP work and it has taken 2 years to persuade many of them to see the other partners. I am sad that the best way to make money in GP now is to work as a locum. This also avoids any follow up commitment, on call activity and significantly reduces phone calls & paperwork. One can also go home at 6pm! My partners have calculated that on average you earn 1 1/2 times as much for a day that also does not end at 8-9pm. The flip side is loss is not having an on going relationship with the patients. I still cherish this, which is one of the reasons I wish to remain a partner.

  • QOF led to over-medicalisation, Scottish CMO says

    Anthony Buckland's comment 27 Jan 2016 11:51pm

    Can someone offer Dr Calderwood a job in England? QOF was good for the first 2 years, however good medical practice & common sense were not allowed to prevail with patient medication. Giving out excess hypertensive & lipid lower medication has particularly irked me. I have seen my fair share of drug inter-reactions. All this extra QOF activity generated huge amounts of extra work & has finished off many doctors. I now work part time, which has been a blessing & kept my sanity.

  • Hundreds of ‘desperate’ practices apply to close lists, but one in three is declined

    Anthony Buckland's comment 25 Oct 2015 8:53pm

    When the workload is untenable, the risk of making a mistake increases dramatically. it would be interesting to see if the MPS & MDU are experiencing more claims as a result. Maybe GPs should contact their insurance companies with their safety issues before a mistake happens. The insurance companies offer this service & their guidance is always most useful & it can be powerful ammunition to cope with heavy handed administration.

  • Furious GPC negotiator predicts revalidation 'revolt' as GPs spend more than 40 hours preparing for appraisals

    Anthony Buckland's comment 05 Dec 2013 2:25pm

    I meant to write MSF not MST & KISS stands for Keep it simple "silly"

  • Furious GPC negotiator predicts revalidation 'revolt' as GPs spend more than 40 hours preparing for appraisals

    Anthony Buckland's comment 05 Dec 2013 2:09pm

    Kind appraiser again (see 7.31 on page 7). An AKT may test ones' medical knowledge, but it does not see how one inter-relates to ones' patients & staff. It does not test whether you are a caring & proactive doctor. Academic ability does not mean good doctor necessarilly, though it helps. It certainly would not weed out a Shipman, mind you, most appraisers are not sure an appraisal would either! One cannot fault the various tasks provided they are appied equally across the board. I would be in favour of a significant reduction in the tasks. The best policy is KISS. Reams of notes or reflections are not required- just an overview & it certainly helps massively to write up at the time or shortly afterwards. I still maintain a maximum of 15 hours should be possible except when PSQ & MST are required for your revalidation.

  • Out-of-hours responsibility to be 'written into GP contract', claims top Conservative GP

    Anthony Buckland's comment 28 May 2013 8:22pm

    The best thing in GP that ever happened was to be able to offload OOH cover if one wished to. It is the main reason that I am still an enthusiastic GP. I hate the extra late or early surgery we have to do (or lose a great deal of money). The patients haven't cottoned on to the fact they are often seeing a very tired doctor, who has often already done an 11 hour day. I can fortunately retire fully whenever I want to. It is essential to have a reasonable amount of sleep to perform at the level we are expected to. There are 2 agendas with each consultation. QOF has become so encompassing that often the patient's agenda gets a short response. I am sure this adds to A&E attendances because the patient's agenda was not always dealt with as thoroughly as in days gone by. I am glad I am not starting my career in GP now. I do not see many people lasting more than 20 years rather than the 30 + that my generation have managed.