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A faulty production line

rakesh Parbhoo

  • GPs should provide written asthma action plans, say gold standard guidelines

    rakesh Parbhoo's comment 19 Oct 2014 10:40pm

    Need to be standardised so all GP practices use the SAME template as should the read codes, not just for EMIS, but for when the pt moves to another practice using another computer system. Astonishing that a charity ASTHMA UK provides simple and clear Action plans and to date, but this cannot be saved to the pts record like other Mentor PILS ( from EMIS) Primary/secondary care do not provide ( to date )a standardised Action plan. The EMIS Asthma action plan (PILS) is not consistently found under Mentor and it does not pick up the pt's data e.g. Best PEFR, asthma triggers that have been recorded earlier. It does quote a resource...the Australian Action Plan! The idea is to prevent death, not just collect data for QOF. see Sudden Death from Asthma (Bateman et al 1979). 35 years later (from 1979) and we are not much better. Hopefully this can be improved. Try and use the same IT platform e.g. Clarity now share with RCGP for Appraisal, so PAAP could share with Asthma UK which is 'Easy to Use Easy to Learn' as well as Secondary care when discharging pts back to primary care, avoiding a different format of plan- otherwise the pt will be confused/ignore the plan and their inhalers/meds.