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  • ramscar

    Revalidation as screening Subscription

    27 Jan 2014 By Nicholas Ramscar

    Dr Nick Ramscar asks if it pays to use revalidation as a screening test - and if will really sort out the good doctors from the bad?

  • ramscar

    It's OK not to know Subscription

    02 Jan 2014 By Nicholas Ramscar

    As a doctor you get used to other people expecting you to have all the answers, says Dr Nick Ramscar, but it’s OK to admit that sometimes you just don’t know (yet…)

  • ramscar

    A code we can all use Subscription

    06 Dec 2013 By Nicholas Ramscar

    Sometimes you just don’t know how to tick that box. Never fear, says Dr Nick Ramscar, EMIS is here

  • ramscar

    Taking a break Subscription

    03 Sep 2013 By Nicholas Ramscar

    Ramscar is taking a break from blogging, so is saying farewell for now...

  • ramscar

    A real history Subscription

    22 Aug 2013 By Nicholas Ramscar

    Taking a history is more than just ticking boxes and seeing if a family member has had a similar medical problem, says Dr Nick Ramscar

  • ramscar

    Unwelcome intrusions Subscription

    16 Aug 2013 By Nicholas Ramscar

    Dr Nick Ramscar argues that general practice should be less regulated and that maybe, just maybe, the patient (and doctor) are always right

  • ramscar

    Imperfectly placed Subscription

    02 Aug 2013 By Nicholas Ramscar

    The only job we should be doing is the job we signed up for, says Dr Nick Ramscar - looking after the patient, not acting as border police or sick-day scrooges

  • ramscar

    Releasing revalidation data Subscription

    24 Jul 2013 By Nicholas Ramscar

    Should GPs publish their revalidation scores in the same way surgeons release mortality data? Dr Nick Ramscar can’t see it happening any time soon

  • ramscar

    Carry On with General Practice Subscription

    22 Jul 2013 By Nicholas Ramscar

    Dr Nick Ramscar find Kenneth Williams an unlikely ally in the argument for generalism. Ooh Matron…

  • 70_ramscar

    My favourite diagnostic tool for young patients? The rocking horse in the waiting room Subscription

    11 Jul 2013 By Nicholas Ramscar

    You don’t need always expensive tests or a rigorous, multi-validated protocol, writes Dr Ramscar - sometimes you just need to see whether the patient’s still got a sense of fun

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