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  • Second trust recognises BAME staff as 'vulnerable and at risk'

    Anonymous1234's comment 28 Apr 2020 3:26pm

    Possibly ACE receptor polymorphism, different structure in different populations, might also be a factor

  • GPs wishing to return to NHS for pandemic caught up in red tape for weeks

    Anonymous1234's comment 22 Apr 2020 12:40pm

    Retired GP 2 years. Made early contact with previous employer a week before the GMC email went out, and agreed possible roles. Worked really hard at getting everything sorted out with numerous forms. MDU advised me that they were only supporting direct Covid work. GMC advised me that I could do General Medical Services within my competence, but when I asked for an email to confirm this they sent me one which indicated that I should only be doing Covid-related work (but what this was should be decided by the local area according to need). That's cleared that up then! Finally did first telephone triage session on 20th April after three days fighting to get the IT to work. It's been a real effort, and restarting clinical work after a two year gap is intimidating, but hoping to do my bit. So please persevere, colleagues.

  • Mildly sick people should stay home as coronavirus public risk set to ‘high’

    Anonymous1234's comment 13 Mar 2020 9:53am

    We seem to be operating an infection control protocol as a public health policy without much evidence of outcomes. We need more information from China regarding disease rates. If it turns out that the disease is now endemic in the population, but there is good herd immunity and a falling cross-infection rate, then we should figure out how to get to the same scenario ourselves. For example it might be better for the healthy population to carry on as normal, with no special hygiene precautions, and for the vulnerable to reduce social contact, and be supported by the community in this. Once the population has got good herd immunity then the vulnerable could get back to normal behaviour as well.

  • ‘GPs are losing out by leaving NHS Pension Scheme’

    Anonymous1234's comment 30 Aug 2018 10:39am

    The NHS Superannuation scheme looks to be unsustainable in the long term, despite the government utilising higher earners to pay for the pensions of lower earners within the scheme (basically a wealth tax within the scheme). At some stage there will be a major crunch because benefits will have to be reduced. My best guess is there will be some sort of cap on the amount the scheme will pay out (either as an actual top limit e.g. £30k, or as a severe taper off at the top end, possibly with punitive taxation). The warning sign that this is likely to happen will be an attempt to stop people leaving the scheme. I've left the scheme because I don't trust any government over a timescale of 30 years, and would rahter have some flexibility in financial planning now.

  • Forget the spin - here’s what we know about the out-of-hours plan so far

    Anonymous1234's comment 30 May 2013 1:53pm

    Follow the money... the public didn't support you when the government slashed your pension entitlements. The public won't support you when OOH is dumped back in your laps and you suddenly find yourself £5-10k pa out of pocket (and the government is £150m better off). The chief benefit for the government in parking the responsibility with GP's rather than CCG's is that when the OOH service you commission falls apart, either on a short term emergency basis, or over a longer period of time, there will be named GP's who are obliged to turn out and sort it out, or who can be sued or reported to the GMC. I use the word 'you' rather than 'we' because, like Dr. Qadri, after many years' service, I'm glad to be out of this mess.