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Independents' Day

Nigel Dickson

  • GPs should review all nursing home residents for dementia, says NHS England lead

    Nigel Dickson's comment 29 Jan 2015 5:42pm

    Another well meaning Academic home Goal. If Professor Burns is bored of dreaming up unfunded stuff for other's to do - try a day or 2 in GP land - might open your eyes up mate

  • GPs to be offered incentives to delay retirement under £10m strategy to solve workforce crisis

    Nigel Dickson's comment 28 Jan 2015 6:54pm

    What exactly is being offered to old farts like me to stop on a few more years?

    They'd better get a move and let all the old, pale, grey GPs like me know ASAP because I'm off on 31/3/15 along with pretty much every other late 50's GP I know.

    Too little too late - now that has a nice election type ring about it

    1% of UK population owning 23% of the wealth of the country

    When am I going to get that my share of that 23% - doubt "taxpayers" have much to do with that 23% - tax paying is the role of the woking classes mugs like me coughing up 40% shirley not the titled, landed wealthy?

    Lets give GPs another good Daily Mail kicking then as the overpaid, fat, lazy incompetents we are - shame most of us are none of the above - probably why we are all retiring early don't fit the Tory GP mould.

  • Three practices to be put in special measures by CQC

    Nigel Dickson's comment 22 Jan 2015 11:41am

    What ever happened to the last lot of Private sector "Bright Young things" that were going to take over the world and do us all out of our jobs.

    Chiver's McCray - what ever happened to them
    The partnesrship or the Practice or whatever they were called who then took over?

    Locally the private company who was running an historically struggling practice is no longer running that practice its now run by local GP practice.

    Circle - do you remember all their noise and their various meetings with the hospital consultants and how buying their shares was the receipe for quick easy loot - Post Cambridge will they be a NHS private poacher player anymore?

    I think we worry about the likes of Virgin a but like the boogie man - private sector isn't a real threat unless we can get an extreme right wing party into power like UKIP or some other right wing Tory party defectors coalition. With middle of the road Tories and Bart Simpson on the other side NHS will still be around in 5 years time with GPs at the centre of it still when it comes to taking the blaime for its short comings - and no I don't know this weekend's winning lottery numbers

  • Doctors need resilience training like soldiers in Afghanistan, GMC head says

    Nigel Dickson's comment 07 Jan 2015 7:57pm

    I hope media like Pulse keep up the pressure on Manchester Police and HSE to reply to Dr John Glasspool's request to look into the activity of the GMC and wither or not there was institutional neglegence on behalf of GMC in the handling of the cases where Drs killed themselves. The more media coverage there is the more likely there is to be an investigation. Would PULSE start a "save our Drs" campaign to press for an investigation into GMC's practice's?

  • GP training in turmoil with 'one application for every four roles'

    Nigel Dickson's comment 19 Dec 2014 1:56pm

    That's a great relief - I was worried there was a shortage of GP trainers - this way there should be 2-3 times as many trainers as Registrars - phew. I stepped down from being a GP trainer a few years ago partly because of the poor quality of the GP registrars coming through GP training scheme - schemes seemed to be taking on anybody who passed the warm friendly thoughtful personality test - but mainly because the 12 hr week day job over last 5-6 years had become a 13-14 hour 6-7 day all week job - there just wasn't any time for GP training. I think being single handed with a large list didn't help - in the olden days with bright clever motivated GP registrars who wanted to be GPs - rather than recent crop of failed hospital this and that - GP registrars were "money for old rope" who taught me a lot of recent medical science and I for my part showed them some of the old art of being a good GP. Patients loved seeing the GP registrars and that was a great practical help in seeing the acutely ill and walking wounded who otherwise end up as extras - but freed me up to teach the Registrar some of the dark arts of effective consultations and guessing what is wrong with folk by listening to what they tell us and putting most of the science and North american test everything culture to one side.

    In all of this its the poor public who have suffered from the CinDem governments GP kicking via their Daily Mail Fleet Street spokes people shrinking GP take home pay and "more work for less money" culture we've drifted into.

    Solutions - stop the GP kicking - unless the stories are true that is and not just made up by some Tory spin Dr - up GP take home pay to match hospital consultants and reduce GP workload

    Obvious enit

  • Gerada: GP partnerships likely to be gone within a decade

    Nigel Dickson's comment 12 Dec 2014 5:06pm

    I think for the entreprenurial amongst us employing salaried Drs cheaply and keeping the extra cash ourselves is the way forwards to reverse our declining incomes. By exploiting the next generation of young part-time GPs is the way forwards for the better educated and priviledged amongst us to regain our deserved financial standing amongst the elete in society - for too long too few of us have enjoyed the previledges of excessive wealth that we enjoyed as we were growing up. So well done Claire for speaking up for the better healed in our profession who have been too shy to speakl out about the advantages of privledge and coming from the better class.

    Bring back Grammar schools to populate to lower management ranks and indoctrinated to look up to their privately educated betters - we've had far to much egalitarianism over the last 60 years of the NHS.

    As the son of a milkman who got free school meals I know my place - a salaried GP service serving the wealthy GP medical elete is shirley the way forwards

  • CCGs to be given green light to agree local QOF deals

    Nigel Dickson's comment 03 Nov 2014 3:40pm

    Would have been good last year - but next year its far too little - far too late to hold back the "abcense of patient care Tsunami" that is going to hit the NHS next year as UK General Practice collapses in the big cities, and secondary care, despite the lions share of NHS funding over last 10 yrs, finds out they can't cope without somebody else looking after the other 90% of illnes episodes each day.

  • UK ethnic minority GPs twice as likely to face GMC sanctions than white UK GPs

    Nigel Dickson's comment 08 Oct 2014 7:15pm

    I'm not sure what the answer is to the racism of the patients we look after - other than perhaps being aware of it - Doctors of whatever ethnic origin brought up, educated trained in UK obviously provide the same standards and style of care - but because of skin colour - and sex - males get more complaints than women - get treated differently by our patients when it comes to being complained about.

    Its good that the GMC are aware of this racial bias amongst complainants to GMC and hopefully will take this biasis into consideration at the screening stage and throw out more of the trivial rubbish. If this GP had been a white woman would this patient have lodged this complaint about her black young male GP - don't think so - so chuck it out.

    The more serious complaints - well that's different and GMC will just have to get on and sort out who's dangerous and needs help/retraining or is so bad that they shouldn't be practicing and quite frankly skin colour in those sitiations is irrelevant.

    This is a different debate compared to the overseas trained Dr thing that created huge numbers of responses on these pages over the qualifying exams bias.

    None of us likes complaints - they wreck us and undermine our abilities to care for our patients - its sad that in UK you are more likely to be complained about of your skin colour is darker.

    Have they looked into the ethnicity of the complainants? Are all these complaints from white skined patients about darker skined Doctors?

  • Bob Senior: The new contract provides some certainty but could give unwelcome results

    Nigel Dickson's comment 01 Oct 2014 7:56pm

    Does anybody know how you get to be a magistrate?
    I seriously quite fancy applying to be one - I've handed in my resignation as GP but in my 50's feel I've got lots more to contribute to society in that I can't play golf - and other than medicine haven't had time for any other hobbies, family life, holidays or much else over last 30 yrs.
    A magistrate - that sounds a neat job - how muchdo they get paid?

  • Unplanned admissions DES to be renewed under new GP contract deal

    Nigel Dickson's comment 30 Sep 2014 2:43pm

    Dear 1.34

    You can see why I'm not the chancellor of the exchequer ! - I wasn't going to do an extra 2 days for £40,000 - but £3,000 per GP to work Saturdays and Sundays - the Tories are having a larf shirley?

  • Unplanned admissions DES to be renewed under new GP contract deal

    Nigel Dickson's comment 30 Sep 2014 1:40pm

    In a dying parliament where the NHS is going to be a bigger vote puller than UKIPs right wing racist retoric - this is too little, too late from the Tories.

    Further pay cuts and more dumping of hospital work into GP land.

    £50,000,000 this year and an extra £100,000,000 next year for 7 day GP opening - who is going to do it? spilt amoungst 36,000 GPs that £40,000 each a year for working Saturday and Sundays - sounds attractive?

    This current government have overseen the destruction of traditional self employed, entrepreniual partner owned General Practice and encouraged the gowth of supermarket style salaried GP.

    Everybody in their 50's is leaving and next generation of medical graduates/potential GPs are voting with their feey and are / have said no thankyou.

    7 day working - will those who are left want to stay?

  • Miliband announces plans for 8,000 new GPs

    Nigel Dickson's comment 26 Sep 2014 2:40pm

    Undated resignations are a bit too little too late I'm afraid - full time GP folk like me in our 50's have handed in our dated resignations and by next year will have all gone.

    To be honest what did the politcians think would happen if the kept giving us more work for less pay - we still live in a democracy - so downing tools and walking out is what most workers do when job becomes intolerable.

    We need to shift care to follow the resources - what daft nit thought up the "shifting care into the community" nonsense at the same time as cutting funding to GP and spending more in secondary care.

    How was that ever going to work?

    Latest round of nonsense is GPs now have to help out the ambulance service with their work and rest homes with their's at same time as trying to do their own.

    What is sad is this isn't a made up story - its the crazy nonsense we as a GP tribe have let ourselves end up in. That's why so many of us are saying bye bye.

  • General practice should move towards becoming predominantly salaried, says Burnham

    Nigel Dickson's comment 17 Sep 2014 7:13pm

    Dear 4.11 "Healthcare work provider"

    In all humility you couldn't know what its like to work as a full time GP partner in 2014? If you did you wouldn't have said what you've stated. My previous neigbours were hospital ENT consultants who my wife tells me got home before I did and had far more time off - I've had 3 days of this summer - 1st break in 2 years. My ENT surgeon neighbours earned 2-3 times what I earn.

    I've decided to retire early - if you could let me know of any GP jobs round where you live where the pay is nearly as good as the hospital consultants and I can work fewer hours - I'm your man.

    I suspect however you are nothing more thasn a Daily Mail reader who is going to vote UKIP at the next election - what political party is Andy Burnham in? Sounds like he's in the Tory party along with NHS England who have got us into the fine mess we are in.

    Independent self employed GP partnerships are the answer to the current crisis in General Practice not the cause. The solution - investment in new GP premises and a decent pay rise to bring GP incomes back up to hospital consultant levels we enjoyed in 2004/05. Turn the clock back and General Practice will go through a revival.

    Salaried GP walk in services is the end of General Practice as we know it and we will end up like USA - hospital led expensive health care out of the reach of 1/3rd of our population. This is what the Tories and NHS England want - and some of RCGP - but not in these United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - we are better than this.

  • NHS managers backtrack on vow that all new GP contracts will be APMS

    Nigel Dickson's comment 17 Sep 2014 5:04pm

    NHS England's destructive view of their future of NHS General Practice I suspect will change in the run up to the next General election and chaps like Dr Berwick will be looking for jobs with their American Health Care Maintenance insurance companies while the rest of us start to rebuild what's left of UK General Practice after the last 2-3 years of the Tory's kicking we've just had that has brought GP to its knees. "What a fine mess you've got me into Ollie"

  • In summary: GP Taskforce recommendations for tackling the workforce crisis

    Nigel Dickson's comment 24 Jul 2014 5:42pm

    Forcing young doctors into a career in General Practice isn't going to do either them or their patients any favours. Hopefully the 1980's saw the end of the "failed hospital Dr" label that GPs had in the 1960's & 70's that hospital based staff still seem culturally to believe.

    The real issue is to improve pay and conditions - in the 1990's our workloads increased to that of hospital consultants and in 2004/05 with new GMS contract we we only few thousands off the pay of hospital consultants. That was then - this is now - GP pay has fallen way behind hospital consultants and our workloads are much higher.

    Who in their right mind would want to become a GP for less pay and more work than a hospital consultant? Its bonkers to suggest otherwise?

    Forcing a generation of young Drs into a career in General Practice does no body any favours least all patients who's new GP never wanted to be a GP and has a chip on her/his shoulder for rest of their career as a senior Dr.

    The other problem is 40% of female GPs over the age of 40 are leaving general practice all together - given >60% of new GPs are women the job needs to become more family friendly to match hospital colleagues.

    And then there are the old farts like me - pale grey and male - we've all just had enough - falling pay and increasing workload from other's dumping their work on me as a GP - I've resigned at 57 and am looking forwards to going on April Fool's day next year.

  • Practice closures 'not always a problem', NHS England says

    Nigel Dickson's comment 17 Jul 2014 6:26pm

    Not a problem for whom - OK NHS England don't care - well they should - they are the commissioners of Primary Care - they should care. Dispersing the lists of small/single handed practices when they close may be part of NHS England's plan to force us all to move towards supermarket style primary core ("its how you tell em" core that is rather than couldn't care) - small practices closing put an intolerable pressure on the remaining practices in an area and a domino affect ensues. Companies like Virgin or local community Trusts running mega practices is the end of traditional general practice - and it happened on our watch - for me I've had enough and I've handed my resignation in to the practice and will be leaving on April Fool's day after 34 years in NHS - 34 yrs ago I'd hoped to make it 40 years as a GP - as was the way in 1970's and 80's - remember the fuss when they brought in compulsory retirement of GPs as principals at 70!
    NHS England doesn't care - well good for them - sad so many of us in our late 50's have decided to jack it all in - who ever is last - could they turn the lights out please when they leave

  • Partners could lose control of practice following poor inspections under CQC proposals

    Nigel Dickson's comment 16 Jul 2014 2:45pm

    Practice stripped of decision making and administrative powers, where do I sign up to join this brilliant scheme.

    The administrators and managers who are going to take over the running of the practice who's going to pay them? If its me then how much - will they be cheaper than employing our own practice manager? What does (s)he do when they are running the place?

    This sounds a dream come true - external agency running the practice for free? Would free partners up to get on with running our business. Or have I missed something?

    I bet this is a con - nothing like this is ever a gift

  • GPs' independent status may change under Labour, says Burnham

    Nigel Dickson's comment 05 Jun 2014 4:19pm

    Brave words from a politician who seems determined as a result to remain in opposition for another couple of terms - with Bart Simpson as leader of the party will anybody vote labour?
    And that coming from a life long socialist and fully paid up labour party member.
    You'll all no doubt remember labour Party and parlimentary members all voted to elect Bart's brother but the unions were determined that labour party should stay in opposition and out-voted party members choice of leader. Bart's a decent fellow but the floater voters will not vote him in because he's not as good looking as the other 2. You think I'm joking?
    Last time I voted LibDem to keep the Tories out - and blow me voting LibDem got the Tories in.

    So don't think the self employed independent contractor thing has anything to worry about while we have right wing governments for next 2 parlimentary cycles. Shafting voters nice friendly GPs "we're the party that wrecked GP's" is never going to be a great vote winner whatever party tries to use it as their catch phrase

  • GP leaders vote to consider withdrawing support for independent pay reviews

    Nigel Dickson's comment 23 May 2014 2:53pm

    I know most of us don't go into General Practice to make large sums of money but whatever folk might think money talks. When we got the long awaited correction in our incomes in 2004/05 which nearly brought us into line with our consultant colleagues NHS incomes - we felt good as a medical tribe of GPs. General Practice had been lifted up financially to be on a par with our hospital colleagues and I for one felt proud to be a GP once more on an almost equal footing with hospital consultant peers.

    That didn't last long few years and every yeatr since for me has been a pay cut year after year so my last year as a single hander I was back £ for £ to 2002-03 income levels - that is ignoring inflation and cost of living etc.

    MPs incomes and everybody elses have gone up - we are now a long way behind hospital consultants again.

    And we wonder why nobody wants to be a GP on an income from the last decade and those like me who are still around want out.

    Obvious init?

  • CQC chief has no confidence 'at all' in revalidation process

    Nigel Dickson's comment 14 May 2014 7:47pm

    This is all rumour and inuendo - these practice's that Steve Field has failed in his role as CQC supremo - how does he know the GPs haven't done any clinical audits - did he ask them? did they show them to him?

    CQC hasn't got a very good track record themselves - mid staffs rings a distant bell - what score did CQC give them a while ago?

    Does any body have any confidence in CQC?

    Stones and glass houses ring another bell?