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Escaped GP

Retired GP partner. Couldn't take any more, so I'm now changing tack and starting a career in aesthetic medicine.

  • *Cough* *cough* 'This...' *cough* 'is...' *cough* *cough* 'perfectly...' *cough* 'good...' *cough* *cough* '...for you'

    Escaped GP 's comment 13 Jan 2018 1:38pm

    I’ve had the awful cough for three weeks now and it is indeed awful. Every day that I’ve had it, I’ve pitied my poor ex colleagues who are still working as GPs, knowing the coughing hell they must be enduring right now and I have offered up prayers of gratitude that I now work in cosmetic medicine. Sorry guys. Hope it’s over soon.

  • How to give GPs a happier New Year

    Escaped GP 's comment 30 Dec 2017 11:27am

    A long time ago (before my horrendous ridiculous unnecessary GMC trial after which I retired due to the terror of it being repeated as they clearly do it for any old frivolous reason) I was a GP in the nineties. We went in at 9am, saw ten patients, did a couple of House calls. Then we went home for lunch or God forbid, we’re taken for lunch by drug reps. We then came back at four and spent another two hours seeing patients. Admittedly one person in the practice was on call all afternoon and we took it in turns to do nights and weekends which were pretty awful. In those days we had to go see the person with chest pain before the ambulance or the breathless person and of course the person who had run out of tampons. But aside from the awful nights we were our own bosses, we seemed to be respected by most of the public and staff. There were no obvious managers although they were starting to creep in. And guess what - it was a pretty good job and we felt valued and generally quite happy.
    Management and endless rules and hoop jumping have made this a bad job and we let them do it. In fact lots of our own became these awful management rule makers. There is nothing so self important as a GP turned manager.

  • Ground-breaking court ruling paves way for doctors to take GMC to tribunal

    Escaped GP 's comment 18 Nov 2017 10:51am

    The powers of the GMC are ridiculous. The GDC and the RCVS are nowhere near as vindictive.
    I was destroyed by my investigation of many complaintsmade by a nurse who was almost undoubtedly a psychopath whom I sacked for lying. On the day, she stood in my office and swore that she 'wasn’t going down alone and would will bring me down' with her.
    The GMC listen to every stupid allegations she made including saying I was a drug addict and alcoholic and a child abuser, that she ran the surgery on her own without my help et cetera et cetera. I had to have psychiatric investigations, drug investigations and undergo the trial from Hell. She had nothing whatsoever done to her to investigate whether she was mentally sound. Apparently, once a complaint like that is made, the GMC has an obligation to investigate. But it does not investigate the sanity of the person making the complaint. So it was now the GMC against me rather than her against me.. I had lots of evidence from other people to show how inappropriate and vindictive her behaviour was towards others who she felt had around her. This wasn’t even brought up in court.
    The Gmc were determined to find something wrong, Even though all the serious allegations were thrown out. It was as if they had to justify having spent a year investigating it. A panel of inappropriate people (including several laymen)who knew nothing about general practice eventually found me guilty of apparently not training her properly (she applied for a job with me as a nurse practitioner and had already been a nurse practitioner and went on lots of courses where she was with me ) I was also found guilty of the heinous crime of allowing a receptionist to visit a patient she was fond of during working hours.
    Even the GP witnessed that the GMC brought to court against me seem to take my side.
    It was a witch hunt and it seems that once they started they were determined to find me guilty of something. I was very much guilty until proven innocent.
    Although no restrictions were placed upon me. I was a wreck by now and had lost all confidence and was terrified to work in medicine again. I am only now contemplating a career in a different field 14 years later.
    It ruined my career and my life and gave me serious depression. I wish to God I could sue them for compensation. But I feel they are all powerful and to go through any kind of trying again would completely destroy me.

  • Silent sell-off: how private companies exploit cheap GP rents

    Escaped GP 's comment 30 Sep 2017 10:49am

    I left General practice (I was a single handed principal) many years ago when the plummet over the cliff started. I kept my surgery and rented it back to the PCT. I received a decent reimbursement and it increased annually by RPI. All was good.
    Then the PCT/NHS England contracted a private contractor to provide the services. My lease was then with them, but they were totally controlled by NHS England who seemed to bully them. My rent was reduced by a massive percentage and ever since, NHS England have squeezed successive contractors so badly that they have both now left, unable to run the surgery well or make a decent profit. The surgery finally closed down yesterday and the patients have been dispersed.
    It seemed calculated by NHS England who were always pushing to close this surgery. It was a modern purpose built surgery in an expanding end of town, with good car parking and no other surgery for miles.
    As for me? I am working as a private doctor in another field and I love it. I am hoping to rent the surgery to a private tenant at a decent commercial rate or may even provide private services from it myself.
    I honestly feel that the government is deliberately sabotaging general practice.

  • GP winter access to be audited using 'third next available appointment'

    Escaped GP 's comment 29 Sep 2017 12:30pm

    I must admit that I was a bit shocked to be told that I had to wait three weeks for an appointment to get a referral for my BCC removal. I asked the receptionist to check that was right with the GP. Obviously I didn't want an emergency appointment but neither do I want to walk around with a BCC longer than is necessary.
    Is this sort of wait the norm now? (I am retired from General Practice but that would not have been the case in my time as a GP).

  • How a time machine could solve the problems of general practice

    Escaped GP 's comment 09 Apr 2016 9:43am

    Why don't we just turn back time to when consultants and Matron ran the hospital, doctors were respected and there were no managers in sight. Oh and people had more manners and less 'rights'.

  • UKIP calls for revalidation and CQC inspections to be halted

    Escaped GP 's comment 28 Feb 2015 10:32am

    I too would love to come back as a locum or part time GP and would do so if they remove revalidation and the hoops I would have to jump through to get back on the local performers list. (or whatever it's called now).
    I was told I'd have to have a medical, then an exam, then do six months to a year full time as a supervised assistant in a teaching practice. Come on! I only want to do a session or two a week. I'm only 51. What a waste. Why can't they trust the senior partner to assess whether I'm safe and competent?
    I lose my licence next week.

  • We must stop GPs leaving the profession, says minister

    Escaped GP 's comment 16 Sep 2013 4:19pm

    I would like to know if I have to revalidate to work in Spain. Does anyone know? I'd like to go before the dreaded date.