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Manjiri Bodhe

  • The independent contractor model is being left to die

    Manjiri Bodhe's comment 06 Jul 2016 6:55pm

    I have been a partner for 11 years and seen partnership earnings dwindle, complaints and indemnity rise, less funding, mores stress whilst salaried dr pay has gone up and up . Unfortunately the system as it is doesn't work. Something has got to give, if the doh won't cough up funding we either have to go private route or basically let the system implode which it is currently doing. At present general practice in the UK is a toxic mess and whatever happens it won't remain as it has been over the last 50 years for sure.

  • Medical students unlikely to repay student debts during working life

    Manjiri Bodhe's comment 21 Apr 2015 3:58pm

    I think it's naive of current gps to think there is no crisis! There is and its will all go to pot unless the government does something about it. It's not unreasonable to expect a professional who has worked hard and studied hard to be able to afford a middle class lifestyle. I think if we cannot say good bye to any UK trained medics in the UK! They will vote with their feet, not becoming medics or emigrating. I think it's shocking and unfortunately the nhs will collapse . My kids will not be doing medicine that's for sure! Forget morals , ethics and respect, go for individual worth and money.

  • How I survived my first year as a GP

    Manjiri Bodhe's comment 28 Feb 2015 7:49pm

    Anonymous at 342pm I think that's a bit harsh isn't it? Almost stating young female gp cannot cut it? Well to be honest young male gps don't want full time general practice and are also going "all portfolio"! Says a lot about how stressful general practice is.None of my trainees make or female want full time as they see the stress even part timers experience and even full timers now going to 8 sessions to allow some admin time.Being judgemental ain't going to solve the problem!

  • Professor Thomas, GPs are a key part of the future NHS

    Manjiri Bodhe's comment 20 Nov 2014 4:03pm

    Fabulous response and thank you !

  • GPs should be paid per 1,000 consultations, says Gerada

    Manjiri Bodhe's comment 28 May 2014 4:35pm

    I have always felt that we should be paid by consultation as that is the bread and butter of gp land. We cannot always show a result when a patient comes in for counselling,advice or just a chat. If we are paid for the time spent consulting then that works. Why not be paid per consultation and allow so May consultations per patient?