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  • edzard

    Problems with Chinese acupuncture trials Subscription

    25 Aug 2012 By Edzard Ernst

    A recent systematic review included 44 trials of acupuncture as a treatment of obesity

  • copperfield

    Chicken Tonight, zoo tomorrow Subscription

    28 Aug 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    It’s time to add another tune to the NHS Music Hall of Fame. We already have the CPR friendly anthem, 'Staying Alive', the dermatologists’ paean to scabies, 'I’ve got you under my skin' and now I offer for your consideration the children’s favourite, 'Mummy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow'. We can stay all day.

  • copperfield

    Blubbery bounce-back Subscription

    28 Aug 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    Remember powerballs? Same era as choppers, clackers and spacehoppers?

  • gpstobe2012

    We never repent of having eaten too little Subscription

    15 Oct 2012 By GPs To Be

    After six weeks of the 5:2 diet, Dr Michael Mosley lost well over a stone in weight and significantly lowered his cholesterol levels. Despite his initial scepticism, he seemed encouraged by the results he saw personally, as well as the clinical outcomes from animal model trials in the US, and as such I felt swayed enough to try the 5:2 diet for myself.

  • peverly

    The sad folly of the food diary Subscription

    16 Nov 2012 By Phil Peverley

    Peverley’s own experience of keeping a food diary leads him to the conclusion that patients lie to their GPs; even if they’re GPs themselves

  • gps to be 2013

    The doctor-patient relationship suffers when I call my patient fat Subscription

    19 Mar 2013 By GPs To Be

    The flawed logic behind the Royal Colleges’ call for fat-shaming consultations simply won’t help GPs, writes Dr Michael Kilshaw

  • 5289_clinnews

    A quarter of diabetes patients still 'cured' six years after bariatric surgery Subscription

    20 Sep 2013 By Pulse Clinical Team

    The latest clinical news, research, guidance and conference news- as it happens. Friday 20th September

  • clinnews

    Bariatric surgery report in morbidly obese toddler Subscription

    24 Sep 2013 By Pulse Clinical Team

    The latest clinical news, research, guidance and conference news- as it happens. Tuesday 24th September

  • clinnews

    Advice from health professionals increases motivation to lose weight in obese patients Subscription

    06 Nov 2013 By Pulse Clinical Team

    Motivation to lose weight and weight loss is greater in overweight adults when they have received health professional advice on weight loss, suggests a recent UK study

  • k hole

    Walked up some stairs? Pat yourself on the back Subscription

    27 Mar 2014 By Through The K Hole

    If we patronise adults and treat them like children, then we shouldn’t be too surprised if they start acting like children

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