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Am I nearly there yet?

  • GPs to resume patient reviews and health checks immediately

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 13 Jul 2020 9:19pm

    Copernicus. 11;07. Over the years, an awful lot. Often with expressions of gratitude. [Are you missing something?] It is in part what has made the job regularly rewarding, frequently in the face of adversity. I really wouldn't want General Practitioners to lose that connection with people just to manage a single entity.

  • GPs to resume patient reviews and health checks immediately

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 10 Jul 2020 6:41pm

    I know the management/political structures of the NHS always want things done "Yesterday" [whether clinically evidenced or not] but given that it is now the 10th July resuming on the 1st seems to be pushing even this boundary.
    That said, yes of course the routine, bread and butter stuff that the vast majority of patients rely on has to resume ASAP. I fear that if it doesn't and that the current CoViD-centric attitude continues, then the patience of Patients and the goodwill they have shown to us over the months will diminish quite quickly. Remember, every other sector is striving to return to normal, so should we.

  • GPs should refer a quarter of all patients for weight management, suggests NICE

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 07 Jul 2020 12:44pm

    don't medicalise obesity. Ticking yet another box is not Job done.

  • Many more patients should shield in second Covid spike, says DHSC adviser

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 03 Jul 2020 7:39pm

    PS. Agree with Jeremy.

  • Many more patients should shield in second Covid spike, says DHSC adviser

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 03 Jul 2020 7:37pm

    Yes the "Vulnerable" should shield and we now know a little more about who this group now is. Hopefully this will then also mean that everyone else can get on with their lives, accepting the risk of getting a "Cold".

  • Delay CQC inspections for at least a year to protect GP mental health, say top GPs

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 19 Jun 2020 2:13pm

    One thing I had hoped for out of this "crisis" was that "government" per se, may have taken some serious overall review of the real need for Gold plated bureaucracy that the NHS has been burdened with and demoralised by. What a breath of fresh air that when the chips are down, usual processes can be put on hold and the teams rally together and out perform expectations in all areas. Some clinicians even commented that they were allowed to their clinical judgement rather that follow protocols!! Bureaucracy has not only been imposed by successive governments, it has also taken on life and promulgation of its own. The message is simple; the regulators can stay away until any of their worth has been missed.

  • Face masks to become compulsory in GP practices

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 10 Jun 2020 6:53pm

    Do we now assume that A+ grade evidence of benefit has been found or are we still at a[necdotal] ? Either way can I still have the wooly one with the smiley face on?

  • Senior primary care and racism experts condemn ‘whitewashed’ PHE report

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 04 Jun 2020 7:08pm

    Should we just all stop the "Blame gaming," "point scoring" and "Racism agenda" right now. The virus [I suspect] isn't racist but it may affect different races differently and it may effect different races in different countries differently; if any of that makes sense? I am not an academic, just old. There is clearly an observational fact that any frontline ICU doctor will reiterate; serious illness [and therefore death rates] is higher in the BAME population. Do we need an enquiry into this? Do we need an enquiry into why age is factor? - NO WE DONT. At this stage of our understanding of the [New] virus we just need to include BAME as a risk factor as we do with Age, Diabetes, Heart disease, etc and apply the same rules. If BAME people therefore need to wear a mask in public then advise them so. If they need to stay in lockdown longer than "Jo White" then so be it but for everyone sake STOP politicising and blame gaming this unfortunate situation. Surely our real concerns, with this finding [in the UK] should be; what is happening in Bangladesh and the African continent?- shouldn't it?

  • PCNs ‘in danger of folding’ over concerns about care home services

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 22 May 2020 9:50pm

    PCNs were born out of the failure in GP recruitment. Unless governments address this basic issue any attempt at a "Fix" will, in time fail.
    Address GP recruitment/retention definitively and the need for such schemes will disappear overnight. GP Principals have generally always known what their patients need and weekly, virtual care home "Ward-rounds" isn't one of them. Well done those of you who have actively NOT signed up.

  • Cancer deaths in England could rise by a fifth due to Covid-19, finds study

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 30 Apr 2020 3:46pm

    I suppose in the fullness of time deaths from other causes will be classified as further "Victims of Covid". In reality if you prioritise a whole health service to deal with one condition everything else suffers; from Anxiety, Cancer through to Domestic Violence death. The great shame is that a great number of the non-Covid casualties would be classed as preventable or treatable.
    When you put all your eggs in the one basket please don't forget that those Actions will have Re-actions. I appreciate that governmental decisions have to be made but it does seem that a good slogan came first.

  • GPs told to start 'virtual' weekly care home rounds from next month

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 30 Apr 2020 9:42am

    Care home strategy? I know this may sound harsh but old or multi-morbid people do die! It seems that the Covid issue has just highlighted this fact. In all preceding years it has been "the Flu" For some reason the media and government seem surprised at this phenomenon with a knee jerk reaction that all efforts must be undertaken to Stop it! (Is not having the death report of "an ordinary" 97yr old on the 6 and 10 o'clock news evidence of this?)
    What long term care home patients need is a good, robust personalised care plan for their future and enduring medical management. Concentrating all efforts on Covid prevention will otherwise simply distort other, perhaps more pertinent care issues.

  • Tributes page - GPs who sadly died with Covid-19

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 23 Apr 2020 7:29pm

    Craig, you were a wonderful and devoted Doctor. My thoughts can only be with your family. General Practice locally will not be the same without you. A genuinely irreplaceable doctor

  • GPs could face contractual imposition if they refuse to staff Covid centres

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 23 Apr 2020 2:16pm

    when only less than half of all excess deaths at this time are due to Covid maybe the GPs role is best served where it has always been; at his/her desk and not some esoteric site? Unless Authoritarian horizons are broadened very soon this single disease strategy risks so much more for the greater population than protecting the NHS as it stands.

  • Who has the right to decide who lives or dies?

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 02 Apr 2020 7:19pm

    This argument is well put and will only increase the risks of civil unrests in the near future. If by "Saving the NHS" we fail those that most need it what has been achieved? A significant casualty of sweeping policy is Common sense and in this case this is the loss of proportionality. All the eggs do now seem firmly in one Covid-19 basket, anything else now goes by the wayside. At this stage there seems no hint of a plan B - ie the end game.

  • Red (tape) alert

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 05 Mar 2020 10:13am

    After 33yrs at the coal face CQC did it for me; I resigned. At a time of presumed emergency the NHS now want to call me back. If they had listened to my bleats about the bureaucratic gold plating 2 yrs ago I may have a little more respect. General Practice has been in a state of recruitment crisis for 5 years. It takes a microbe and a load of hype for them to now take the situation seriously.
    I genuinely think I've done my time. From 1:2 rotas. 24/7-365 Red book contracts and five service reorganisations [CCGs through to CCGs].
    As I now probably fit into the Covid19 health risk group i'd rather keep my head down and continue to take my pension that I've worked for over the decades thank you.
    If the NHS need more help then there is now an army of Part-time docs; maybe they can be asked to step up to the mark rather than trying to knock me off the Pension bill.

  • Government may call in retired doctors to help deal with coronavirus outbreak

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 03 Mar 2020 9:58pm

    Surely with an army of part-time docs currently already GMC registered and licensed to practice. A request for 1 extra session would cover the clinical need and obviate the clear complexities evident in this proposition.

  • GPs to declare if they earn over £150k from 2021 for national publication

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 10 Feb 2020 11:10am

    Is there any obligation for the said GPs to declare the number of hours that they have had to work to obtain such reward?
    Maybe turn this around a bit. don't view it as name and "Shame". Time to make the very point, who will look after NHS General Practice if we don't have such people[?]. Name and be "Proud".

  • Coronavirus advice issued to GPs as UK ramps up airport precautions

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 27 Jan 2020 6:29pm

    Love it!! Yet more useful and practical advice form the ivory tower; how would we manage without them?

  • LMC issues 'black alert' and commits resources to GPs after CCG cuts funding

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 21 Nov 2019 7:54pm

    Play the safety card. CQC can only back you up on this. The only other option for them would be to put you into special measures. Should go down a treat

  • GP leaders to call for removal of home visits from contract

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 11 Nov 2019 1:15pm

    Shame. I well understand the time pressures but if you take this out of the GP role I would fear GP role is ever more becoming just a job rather than a treasured vocation. Nice as it sounds superficially to ditch home visits, how more monotonous will daily working become?
    Capacity is the issue, why else discuss this move.
    We need to Bolster the GP speciality not cut it down. certainly set more stringent tests of need for a visit. certainly renegotiate the contract terms, especially the afternoon "urgent" call but don't cut visiting out. Your life will be more dull for doing so.