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  • ‘They say obesity is a priority but clearly it is not’

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 02 May 2018 8:37pm

    Maybe, painful as it may seem that it is time to stop "medicalising" obesity.
    Why should the NHS be involved in "Treating" a condition of indulgence and simple lack of self control? The only reason you gain weight is continual calorie excess over output.
    Surely the onus is on the person to change. Weight watchers, Slimming world offer excellent service to those with a commitment to change. Although i can fully understand a co-morbidity argument, medicalising this issue just ends up shifting the blame to a health professional to manage a personal problem and lifestyle. (i'm obese so who's to blame attitude)
    Maybe withdrawal of a service is actually a recognition of this.
    By contrast once you have undertaken to bypass someones gut you certainly do have an ongoing commitment to manage them.
    Tax the fat and subsidise the fruit and jogging trainers but keep "Treating" it out of the NHS

  • GMC review finds revalidation 'may not improve practice'

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 01 May 2018 4:43pm

    This is quite a shame given the whole industry that has been created around appraisal and revalidation. however if you create a façade just to placate the vocal over Shipman what can you expect?

  • Nearly half of GPs think it is time to get rid of the QOF

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 07 Mar 2018 7:31pm

    What may have started off with good intent was soon hijacked and diluted by the political elite set on making statements to pressure groups rather than concentrating on valid outcomes. it has over time by promoting tick box medicine distorted the clinical values it was supposed to improve

  • GP prescribing crackdown after review finds 600 excess deaths a year

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 23 Feb 2018 8:42pm

    627 extra deaths for primary care prescribing errors. this has to be a number derived by a theoretical statistician and not a real person. as we know, anything can be done with statistics.
    for once i find myself agreeing with Jeremy Hunt; Lets get over a blame culture and look at the reasons. certainly it needs to be taken out of a political arena and into the everyday world of general practice and real life. a sense of reality is very much needed not point scoring or purist ideology. sometimes shit does happen. patients do have more than one disease. Daily GPs see twice the number of patients they should do. Hospitals continually shift prescribing into primary care.
    627 deaths may be too many but how does this compare to the 1800 who die ach year on uk roads. Do we think twice about getting in the car to collect our prescription.
    Lets really keep this erudite number in perspective.

  • An appraisal: What has the CQC achieved?

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 12 Jun 2017 8:30pm

    Ditto. Commission of Questionable Capabilities is my take. I have nothing good to say about it other than like my compatriots, i'm out! Bully for the CQC. At a time when general practice is on its knees through workforce collapse we have a priority to gold plate bureaucracy as if nothing else matters. we now have qualified nurses ticking a box and auditing the fact they wipe down treatment room sides. we have GPs being advised to go on chaperoning courses. CQC has successfully pissed off those with the most experience and longest serving of all. well done professor. Sorry what was the purpose of CQC? - destroy by attrition- box ticked.

  • NICE multimorbidity guidance - key recommendations

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 24 Sep 2016 6:47pm

    fine if there's a protocol to remove protocols from specialists and a supply of adequately experienced GPs to apply common sense without fear of retribution when they are next admitted.

  • GP leaders brand chief inspector's comments 'baffling and offensive'

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 15 Dec 2015 4:32pm

    Professor of Whatever, he is right.
    After 28years in the job I have failed.
    I can no longer work 60hrs a week.
    I can no longer keep up with inexorable bureaucracy.
    I can no longer run my practice with clawbacks, PMS reductions and short term funding.
    I can no longer recruit any clinical staff.
    Never mind i am sure a new breed of physicians assistants, HCAs and Virgin health will make a better job of ensuring continuity of care.

  • Add your name to Pulse’s letter to NHS England over GP workload

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 16 Jun 2014 11:35pm

    neil tallant barn surgery, christchurch, dorset

  • In full: CQC survey results

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 23 Dec 2013 9:41pm

    CQC sabre ratling to make up for its own past failures and beef up its public image. Patients in general dont like organisations denegrading "Their" NHS so may end up an own goal.

  • CQC reveals extent of avoidable admissions

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 22 Nov 2013 5:22pm

    is this not CQC beefing up attacks on the nhs to justify their own existance? If 10% are "Avoidable" then 90% must be justifiable. I never assumed Pneumonia was an avoidable disease - unless pressure not to use antibiotics is now delaying appropriate treatment, which can of course include admission.
    Can we not accept that successful treatment of heart failure, cancer etc does actually lead to older and inevitably "frailer" people? As yet we dont have a policy to deal with that - ie the DoH led by politicians remains incompetent at longterm forward planning and management of the NHS. [Too tied up in soundbites and short term gains that, temporarily, appeal to voters]

  • Hunt to call on commissioners to tackle UK's 'shocking underperformance' on public health

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 05 Mar 2013 9:10pm

    undoubtedly a report that damns the NHS for societies failings will produce the expected government knee jerk reaction. - more targets. What is needed is a trebling of tobacco tax and and a food fat tax. Obesity and smoking are not the result of the NHS.

  • BMA analysis of 'damaging' contract changes rebuffed by ministers

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 21 Feb 2013 5:25pm

    30 pages. great. can you give us the nuggets for a statement that can be put in every GP waiting room. its the patients we are ultimately accountable to. we need something straightforward that explains to them - we now call them voters - as to why they have to wait for appointments and services. state the financial losses. state the dangers of tick box, target medicine. its the government policy thats driving us bonkers lets tell the punters / voters.

  • Letter from LMC to ministers regarding overseas patients

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 30 Jan 2013 8:42pm

    The concept of Free treatment is unique to the UK. The rule should be simple. If you have an NHS number you get treatment if you dont - you dont. Ethics dont have to come into the equation as there is a perfectly valid alternative. Pay. This happens in every other country and is an accepted means of seeing a doctor. The problem with free is that it has no value.

  • Obesity management 'should be included in QOF'

    Am I nearly there yet?'s comment 05 Jan 2013 5:01pm

    NO NO and NO. Stop medicalising obesity. Slimming World and Weight Watchers are the options for managing obesity not GPs. Which Office boy thought this one up? If government wants to get involved then look at food "fat" tax. not divert a Lifestyle issue into our world.