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Bronwen Handyside

  • GP group take over £6.4m out-of-hours contract from private company

    Bronwen Handyside's comment 28 Sep 2013 7:40pm

    I couldn't agree more - transaction (ie. admin) costs in the NHS have soared from 6 per cent before the forced imposition of the market to 12 per cent three years ago. Some academics estimate it now costs a wacking 20 per cent of the NHS budget (i.e. £20bn) to administer the market. That is exactly the same as the size of the cuts presently being carried out to the NHS by 2014 next year. Did everybody know that the private consultancy firm McKinsey, along with helping to draw up the Health & Social Care Act, also played a part in drawing up the so called Nicolson challenge (the £20bn cuts)? These cuts and the huge cost of the market put huge pressure on NHS services - which then enables the private companies' highly paid spin doctors and "think tanks" to prime the wiling media with horror stories about the decline in health services, and NHS workers' failure to care! The whole process is corrupt and rotten to the core. Thank goodness the City & Hackney CCG stood up for their principles and awarded the tender to CHUHSE as opposed to the underfunded, understaffed, Private Equity company ripped off Harmoni (or any of its equivalents).

  • Why I’m helping patients opt-out of private treatment

    Bronwen Handyside's comment 17 Oct 2012 10:33pm

    Now to campaign to get as many doctors as possible on board. I think we should also ask that the Labour party put into its manifesto a commitment to abandon the policy of "Any Qualified Provider" - this will make private companies think twice about taking over NHS services as they run the risk of finding themselves thrown out in 2015.