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David Shaw

  • Practice list size grows by 25% in some regions causing 'crisis areas'

    David Shaw's comment 10 Jun 2015 2:40pm

    Our list has continued to grow rapidly over the last two years. It works out at 1 new patient for every working day. It took 2 years and 1 appeal to get our boundary reduced so we had a degree of control of where patients were coming from. Our list is set to increase still further due to local house building. We are now actively removing patients from our list where proof exists that they no longer reside within our boundary. We have increased our staffing at all levels Reception, Practice Nursing through to a retained GP and yet we continue to struggle with the daily influx. We are a good practice in danger of being over whelmed by patient demand and lack of support.

  • PM's seven-day GP pilot drastically reduces Sunday opening amid 'frequently empty' appointments

    David Shaw's comment 27 May 2015 1:31pm

    And what is the point of being able to provide Phlebotomy on a Sunday? The labs are not open to take the samples even if we could get them collected and delivered. We already provide 7 days a week opening but using the OOH system. Its all just political sound bites that make it look as though the patients are getting something new. We used to open on Saturday mornings 10 years ago. This was also abandoned through lack of patient demand. The sentiment "frequently empty" has a familiar ring to it. Just like most Political sound bites.

  • Unplanned admissions DES to be renewed under new GP contract deal

    David Shaw's comment 30 Sep 2014 11:35am

    Patients already have a named Usual GP what's new there. And now having spent some considerable hours of input with our Patient Reference Group I have to do it for nothing........ Surprised!! I'm not. As for the rest its just doing more for less with no tangible patient benefit.
    All the goodwill in General Practice has long gone, my flexibility is flexed out. Roll on retirement and that's just the Practice Managers perspective.

  • GPs offered enhanced service to provide home visits for patients registered out of area

    David Shaw's comment 11 Sep 2014 9:59am

    This whole idea is warped anyway. We cannot cope with the patients that are looking to register that live in the area let alone take on those that reside outside our boundary. We are a semi rural practice whose list size is increasing by 1 new patient a day and has done so for the last 2 years. There are local plans to add 600 houses to our village with the first ones currently being built. There are plans for approx 1000 houses in a neighbouring village but still in our Practice boundary. My Docs are working 12-13 hours a day and coming in over the weekend to catch up I have gone from 3 days a week to 5 as PM. Thats just dealing with what we have. I have applied to reduce our boundary and been told NO, I am unable to close our list, and we have outgrown the 4 room extension WE built and paid for 2 years ago. And they want me to take on Patients from outside our boundary, make me laugh......

  • Friends and family test may save GPs time, says NHS England chief

    David Shaw's comment 31 Jul 2014 9:54am

    How much do they pay these people to stand up and say such drivel? The biggest proportion of GP Surgeries have been doing this stuff for years but have not required the measuring stick that beats the hell out of them to do it.

  • Privatisation fear over outsourcing of GP support services

    David Shaw's comment 24 Jul 2014 2:35pm

    Dear NHS England,

    While I always appreciate that change is as necessary as cost effective working it saddens me when issues such as this only seem to be consulted within their own structure with piece meal information being divulged to the client base.

    The local Primary Care Support Services in my case Faith Street Maidstone have a significant client base and as such surely the client base should be consulted or canvassed regarding this significant change. Sending out this rather obscure newsletter that stands a good chance of being lost in the plethora of emails is hardly conducive to consulting.

    Our local service in Maidstone has a face, the faces are known to us and us to them. I can telephone them and speak to the person I need to. They know of my Practice and its location, my GP’s and patient population. They return my emails and my telephone calls, they remind me if I overlook or forget something, all of this sort of thing counts to excellent service provision and customer care and surely goes a long way towards working together in the NHS?

    My own dealings small as they are with SSCL have been fraught with miscommunication (I received none) returned invoices (for no apparent reason) remittance advice notes with just a figure on them (no payment description) telephone calls (no one answers or returns my calls) and non descript emails etc etc etc this does not bode well and with all the other major changes in our current payment bodies this is the most frightening.

    For General Practice and patients alike the changes will be significant and I cannot be the only Practice Manager that has concerns as to where this might end up.

    Why not canvass the client base and get feedback regarding the current views on SSCL and Faith Street Maidstone and the current service provision provided by both organisations?

    Even if the changes go ahead and we lose our local service the information provided will be useful in upping the standards currently provided by either.

    To me what you are proposing is no better than me changing a patients Doctors Surgery to another and telling them afterwards. I am unable to do that, why can NHS England do this?

    Our local service is more than just another NHS entity and as a Practice Manager I want more say in how you propose to manage our hard earned payments instead of losing them in the black hole called SSCL or another unknowledgable provider.

    To be perfectly honest the last time outsourcing PCSS was proposed it was kept remarkably quiet, this time it has also been kept incredibly low key.

    Are our Local Area Team going to provide a service that helps us chase things when it all goes wrong or are Practice Managers going to be left with another blank piece of paper in the same manner as in April 2013?

    Can you give us this undertaking if the changes go ahead?

    Key note these back room boys also manage GP pensions

  • GPs told to ditch the QOF until April under radical agreement with NHS England

    David Shaw's comment 13 Jan 2014 2:17pm

    Blimey and I thought common sense had deserted us, it may have a few pitfalls but its certainly a heads up for the rest of us. Quite inspirational from a PM's point of view.

  • Landmark contract deal cuts QOF by 40% and boosts global sum - but will force GPs to publish their pay

    David Shaw's comment 15 Nov 2013 12:20pm

    Doc's please read through the contract changes slowly. There is a lot of good in this, its not all good but when ever was it. I appreciate the GP bashing has gone on a little longer that Health Visitor bashing and the Daily Mail diatribe has taken its toll. But!! there really is some good stuff in these changes, for patients GP's and their teams.

  • Unleashing my inner disco diva

    David Shaw's comment 31 Oct 2013 9:15am

    Now this really put a smile on my face and set me up for the day. Recognition in any form for the daily drudge I contend with is great. This email makes me feel quite normal as a PM

  • The new Choose and Book system risks becoming another white elephant in NHS IT

    David Shaw's comment 01 Aug 2013 9:55am

    It kind of tickles me when everyone talks about Choose and Book as if it was a new concept we were using a significantly quicker system called "Booked Admissions" in London as far back as the year 2000. The reason it proved to be such a good system was because it was designed by software developers working with Lewisham Hospital I.T people with the Hospital Consultants and local GP's, my Practice at the time being in Catford was a front runner.. But politics then reared its ugly head with an election and the incoming Governrment scrapped it, only to spend the next 10 years inventing Choose and Book. If that wasn't a case of reinventing the wheel then I am not sure what is. What a waste of money. But thats politics and the NHS for you.

  • GPs asked to deliver 'twice the efficiency savings' as other parts of NHS, says NHS Alliance

    David Shaw's comment 06 Feb 2013 5:00pm

    Dear Harry, You obviously have little or no idea what a GP Practice does and seem to be just someone else working for compare the market dot com. I have been a Practice Manager for over 18 years and should not have to justify either my employers or my right to equitable pay and conditions. The only thing in your entire statement that could be compared to General Practice are the words "small businesses" We are just that, but now find ourselves working for little or no profit to reinvest. We do not struggle to find business but struggle to achieve the ever demanding political targets that ramp up the unnecessary business. We are expected to do this with ever dwindling resources. And yes we are now looking at redundancies in our current workforce and an ever increasing workload. And let me assure you we are at breaking point. Thanks for your tip regarding making ourselves better for our patients, perhaps if I felt you really understood what we did I could give you a few pointers that told you how to improve also.

  • Practice managers pushed into sick leave amid rising work pressures

    David Shaw's comment 07 Dec 2012 11:25am

    This comes as no suprise to me, I have been a PM for the last 17-18 years and this is the most stressful time I can think of. 20-30 plus emails a day constantly moving targets, fluid CCG's its just demand, demand, demand, with very little patient centred care we are all good at delivering. Something has to give and I am already starting to bail out before I fall over.

  • GPs happier than ever and maintaining income levels, DH tells DDRB

    David Shaw's comment 21 Nov 2012 11:09am

    Did I miss April fools day this year or is it a little early for next year? I am not a Doctor but am at a total loss how some daft statistician has come up with this little wheeze. None of my Docs are happy, morale is at an all time low with this ever increasing workload they are all expected to carry for free.