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Vijayakar Abrol

  • Take the new Pulse survey and win a Ninja Coffee Bar

    Vijayakar Abrol's comment 13 Apr 2018 6:04pm

    I must be the only one to say that the NHS does not need more money but not until all the players- the Politicians. the Doctors/nurses, the Managers and the patients start being responsible; and all the corruption and the wastage is stopped.

  • GPs told to refuse third party script orders in bid to cut medicines waste

    Vijayakar Abrol's comment 05 Oct 2016 8:29pm

    I have a very RIGID policy for repeat prescribing. The patient has to order in person or by post. That is the patient's responsibility. Pharmacist can come and pick the prescription. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES I SHALL ACCEPT A REPEAT ORDER FROM A CHEMIST.
    I also do not take on dumping from Secondary sector until GMC Good Practice Guidelines are met. Another pet hate of mine is the small sentence in the discharge letters " GP TO CONTINUE" I would gladly accept suich diktat if it comes with a proper explanation including the reason for which the medicine was started in the first place.
    The above steps and very careful scrutiny by my staff and myself saves the NHS more than 50% of my drug budget only to be wasted on GOLDEN HANDSHAKES. The only comfort I get out of all these is to ensure that the patients liver and kidneys do not have to work in over drive.E

  • GPs to be asked to submit undated mass resignation letters

    Vijayakar Abrol's comment 05 Oct 2016 8:03pm

    The worst offenders to undermine hard working GPs are our own colleagues who have been given the authority much above their capacity and capabilty. They are the ones who give respectibilty to the Management and the Politicians. They are bribed with extra funding an odd OBE. These can be very easily sorted out. A gang of ten in each CCG who have a strong back bone and guts would be enough to take care of such SUPER GPs which can go a very long way to raise the general MORALE

  • GPC chair tops list of most influential GPs

    Vijayakar Abrol's comment 03 Oct 2013 8:25pm

    This best describes " DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO CLUB"

    Congratulations to Dr Nagpaul for breaking the glass cieling. GPC so far has not represented Small and Single Handed GPs. These are the practices which provide what is good in Primary care. Has Dr Nagpaul any plans to change the functioning of the GPC. Yes, we did have a Single Handed GP in the past Chairman. The damage done to the morale of Single handed GPs has been the most during his time. Was it that he was not allowed to represent us or he was not there to represent us any way.

  • Obs & gynae clinic - obstetric cholestasis

    Vijayakar Abrol's comment 02 Oct 2013 8:00pm

    I had such a patient of delivered very recently. From the information I have, I do not get the impression that she was managed on the lines you suggested.