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Tanya Smith

  • I love my job but it's making me sick

    Tanya Smith's comment 04 May 2017 1:08am

    Dominic knowing how you feel😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • GPs ‘failing to refer women promptly for gynaecological problems’

    Tanya Smith's comment 28 Mar 2017 11:34am

    Left the country 2 years ago and have come to the realisation that was working with hands tied behind back.
    Not meant to refer prescribe or have access to diagnostic facilities but somehow by some divine powers meant to be able to diagnose promptly and treat the problem.
    Am sorry I did not have the super powers to carry on with the job.

  • Hunt to push ahead with routine Sunday GP appointments

    Tanya Smith's comment 10 May 2016 1:37pm

    Do not understand why already underfunded NHS is being forced to offer something that no other primary care system in the world gives their patients. GPs have been miracle workers up to now but even Jesus had his time.....

  • GP 'resilience' coaches to persuade burnt out colleagues to stay on

    Tanya Smith's comment 04 Mar 2016 10:30am

    I really do not think that a portfolio part time GP would have halted my departure from UK but lovely work if you can do it....

  • Hunt promises junior doctors 11% pay rise

    Tanya Smith's comment 04 Nov 2015 2:13pm

    Please don't sell yourself to the devil and make a stand for lifestyle

  • PM’s Sunday GP opening plans should be ditched, suggests official evaluation

    Tanya Smith's comment 30 Oct 2015 11:20pm

    Yes am sure that if you were running your practice anon 354 you would understand that employers of small businesses struggle with accomadating time off for smears and BP checks. The culture is consumerist- we need to get over it and get on with it.

  • PM’s Sunday GP opening plans should be ditched, suggests official evaluation

    Tanya Smith's comment 30 Oct 2015 2:57pm

    Have moved to Australia in order to avoid current bunfight but reality is that working people need to see doctors at weekends for minor problems. If we belittle this fact we belittle our own roles. Now regularly work weekend shifts over here but the difference is that still don't work much more than 36 hrs a week.
    The problem comes with fitting in weekend work on top of 50 hour working week which is not palatable.

  • Miliband announces plans for 8,000 new GPs

    Tanya Smith's comment 24 Sep 2014 12:08pm

    It is good that ed milliband is temporarily taking over my major role in general practice- pretending to be a magician. It is quite irksome when you are not equipped with wand so I wish him the best of luck.
    Meanwhile my application to the australian college of magicians progresses.....

  • GP partnerships will be gone in ten years, says NHS England official

    Tanya Smith's comment 11 Sep 2014 12:49pm

    But in the absence of doctors willing to work the hours I have worked or at the rate I have worked ( quite sensibly I must add) the economic difference will be less and even a full time doctor is now only available for 50 hours of a 168 hour week we can't really claim amazing continuity....

  • GP partnerships will be gone in ten years, says NHS England official

    Tanya Smith's comment 11 Sep 2014 11:50am

    Either we should all be independent contractors and share the load of managing the business properly or all should be salaried and have properly trained effective managers in place allowing us to concentrate on the fantastically rewarding job with patients that we have been trained for.
    The days of cake and eating it are gone.
    We can't have it both ways.
    There are too many other professionals who can do a lot of our job now for a third of the money and everyone else around us can see this apart from us...

  • Become a partner? Not if I can help it

    Tanya Smith's comment 18 Aug 2014 7:55am

    No did not do CSA and portfolio but did have 84hr average working week and a few other inconveniences to deal with!
    I think if we all just tried to put ourselves in other peoples shoes a bit more there would be more understanding.

  • Become a partner? Not if I can help it

    Tanya Smith's comment 17 Aug 2014 8:46pm

    Yes absolutely practice managers really not equipped to deal with recent onslaught and totally daft we all reinventing the wheel in our tiny businesses to deliver the same thing.
    I used to say that at least Isleep at night and don't work weekends like in the old days but when you are logging on still weekends and awake at night about how to deliver all this shizzle it amounts to the same.

  • Become a partner? Not if I can help it

    Tanya Smith's comment 17 Aug 2014 10:18am

    I have massive respect for those continuing to hold the fort as partners but I really do not think slagging off salaried doctors and their attitudes helps
    In my practice we have two amazing salaried doctors who are putting in 12 hour days but I do not think expecting them to do this will keep general practice alive.
    Divide and rule has been the name of the game for years.
    We should either all be partners to share the load and make our working days better or all be salaried and have someone else organise the time consuming energy sapping extras and making our working life better.
    I regret several things in my life where I have put work above family. The current generation are not prepared to do this both male and female and until we accept this we will have a brain drain.
    It is what it is- get over it.

  • Become a partner? Not if I can help it

    Tanya Smith's comment 15 Aug 2014 6:55pm

    Perth Australia. Apollo health check out the website. The ethos is entirely different. I am looking forward to being involved in a opening of a spanking brand new health centre where we be thinking of ways to get the punters in rather than spending all of the energy trying to manage demand. I am sure it will have its minus points but at least they will be different ones. I am hoping that I will get my enthusiasm back and consequently maybe even work beyond 60....
    I feel guilty about leaving patients and the NHS but have no illusion that Jeremy Hunt will be lamenting my departure!
    I agree it is not a terrible life but think the philosophy needs to change massively to engage our younger colleagues and this will not happen while we are all squabbling with each other about who the best sort of doctor is....

  • Become a partner? Not if I can help it

    Tanya Smith's comment 15 Aug 2014 4:36pm

    I am a 51 yr old full time partner working in a beautiful a area of the country a lovely building with nice patients staff and partners with above average earnings.
    And yet I have resigned from my partnership.
    I would have previously fought until death to defend the validity of the partnership model but now feel strongly that it is a dated regime.
    In the last year I have been trying to acheive max points institute new DES, look after my staff, run the finances in the practice and continue to monitor the training of young doctors on top of looking after an elderly clinical population who are being kept at home.
    I feel poorly trained for a lot of this stuff and really feel that a proper management resource would do it much better and therefore allow me to get on with job that I was trained for.
    To criticise younger doctors for lack of feelings of duty to their community is unhelpful when actually the community shows them considerably less respect.
    Pay all doctors a decent salary to stop this argument and let a professional management team decide on the cheapest loo rolls to buy.
    I am hopefully going abroad with a contract that will give me 65% on personal billings. I am happy to give up that 35% to be rid of the organisation of the fine detail we have to run our tiny businesses. I never thought I would have said this!

  • GPs overwhelmingly against move to a salaried profession

    Tanya Smith's comment 29 Apr 2014 7:33pm

    Sorry I think it is the other way around. While our income depends on delivering government political initiatives we are on the hamster wheel of change to attract votes for the government.
    Give me a salary and I will just get on with my job rather than having to invent the latest ' preventing the patient being ill and dying DES'.
    Have resigned my partnership in the last week and a weight is suddenly lifted off my shoulders....

  • In full: Jeremy Hunt on GPs taking back out-of-hours care

    Tanya Smith's comment 23 May 2013 9:19pm

    Strangely I find myself agreeing with some of these statements. We have had 10 yrs of QOF and am unsure whether the outcomes match the mind numbing amount of time I have put in as my practice QOF lead and would jump off that hamster wheel tomorrow.
    The thing I really enjoy now is spending time with patients.
    However I do not want to return to the time when my family were disturbed at night by patients phoning to tell me that they cannot sleep after a 12 hr day and I don't think any of my junior partners would either.
    We cover 60 hrs of the week now but there are not enough of us to cover the other 108 hrs in the week in the same way without significantly affecting the weekday service. This deficit is heightened by the training GPs finding it difficult to work a full time week as it stands. I know we are very creative folk but don't think we can bridge this particular gap....