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Gold, incentives and meh



GP Partner, Middlesbrough.

  • How can practices fight unfunded transfer of work?

    HW's comment 12 Nov 2019 1:42pm

    Thanks Dr G. But having been 'pushing back' - really hard- for the past 3years and sending these standard letters back time and time again, I concur with the writers of the first two comments. There has certainly been no decline in frequency of these breaches. The only notable outcome has been one of further escalating my workload and that of our admin staff. It has increased, not reduced, my frustrations. My secretaries now have a 3-4 week delay to typing routine referrals why we are paying them to do hospital admin work for a much of their working week. It's not only GPs that are been driven out, our secretarial and admin staff are pulling their hair out too.

  • We need to teach GP trainees how to be partners

    HW's comment 19 Oct 2016 2:39pm

    Waiting until a doctor enrols on a GP VTS scheme is too late to start quibbling over the difference between a 'job' and a 'vocation'. These characteristics within a person are pre-determined and cannot to be taught.

  • RCGP council to launch working group on overdiagnosis and overtreatment

    HW's comment 13 Aug 2014 3:07pm

    What if the tide is turning? Could the future litigation we should be fearing, be in doing unnecessary harm? Our patients are becoming more infomred and more aware through the availability of public media of the potential harms we do. More and more often these days I'm surpirsed to hear an angry out-burst "Do you mean to say my child/father/mother has been given that tablet/antibioic for no good reason at all?!"

  • How we became able to offer half-hour appointments via a new access system

    HW's comment 24 Jul 2013 9:21pm

    Very true Brian. Just got our patient feedback survey results. One question asked was if patients liked the idea of telephone consultations:

  • How we became able to offer half-hour appointments via a new access system

    HW's comment 24 Jul 2013 7:59pm

    P.S. Back to Dr Anon 5.26 comment - Not everyone who has a face-to-face has a 30min appointment! Some only need 2minutes, but at least we know, before they come down, how long they are likely to need, so we space them accordingly. It's certainly not any 'lighter' work, the days are still long, but we all go home less stressed as it is far more (not less) rewarding. Odd, I know, but true. I think it's to do with being in control of your own workload. :)

  • How we became able to offer half-hour appointments via a new access system

    HW's comment 24 Jul 2013 7:51pm

    Hi Jagdish, Yes, you have a point! We have just received our 1st phone bill since going live with this system. The cost has increased from around £500 per quarter to £1200 per quarter! However, the PM has just negotiated a new contact which includes unlimited calls across all mobile networks, which takes us back to only slightly more than our previous costs. We are only 6m down the line and still very positive, but I'm interested to know why you abolished it after 3 years? H.

  • How we became able to offer half-hour appointments via a new access system

    HW's comment 24 Jul 2013 7:37pm

    Dear Anonymous, Thanks, your comments are very valid. However, I have been in the same Practice 20yrs. As Senior Partner, Part-time, and female I have to confess I think the whole team thought I would drown and die! In fact we've seen no such thing. By the end of the day, all partners in have the same number of calls (give 1 or 2). We achieve this by allowing all patients to request a named GP, but those that don't express a preference are offered a couple of choices - namely those with the shorter lists, to balance things up. We are delighted with our latest patient feedback survey, which was - to be quite frank - abysmal the previous year! Both patients - and GPs - overall satisfaction, has risen enormously. The patients that need it, get as much of the GPs time as they need, with no time pressure. Everything is sorted out at this One-Stop appt. We feel we are, at last, offering a high quality, tailored service where everyone wins! H.