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The waiting game

Godfrey Fowler

  • Pharmacy flu scheme 'leaves GPs with £4m loss'

    Godfrey Fowler's comment 17 Dec 2015 3:04pm

    Here we go again. We want cooperation between health professionals not criticism and competition. There are good doctors and not so good doctors just like pharmacists. I can still remember some of the prescribing mistakes I have had to correct during my career. The NHS needs us to work together respecting each others slightly different skills.

  • Should patients who refuse treatment have their benefits cut?

    Godfrey Fowler's comment 07 May 2015 5:12pm

    I absolutely agree with the concept of UBI. If this is set at the right level then no-one need starve and the onus is firmly on the individual to decide to live at this basic level or to take whatever steps are necessary and possible to improve their lot. I appreciate of course that even this solution will not solve the problem completely and brings other difficulties and problems with it. However we will not solve the problems by refusing the basic human right to be treated whatever the reason for the medical problem. To do so would be immoral and uncivilised.