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  • GMC defers all GP revalidation this year

    Bewildered's comment 08 Jun 2020 2:04pm

    Not sure I understand this. My date was in June and postponed despite the fact I completed my 5th appraisal and hence the 5yr cycle last October and have dutifully ticked all boxes and cleared all hoops , so why can I not be revalidate? To add insult to injury have just received an email telling me to book for this years appraisal. Will my next cycle only be 4 years or will it also be delayed ?

  • GMC defers revalidation for GPs to 'free up vital time' for coronavirus

    Bewildered's comment 19 Mar 2020 4:09pm

    I don't understand . I revalidate in June. my 5 yr appraisal cycle was signed off in november, so why cant you issue my licence and then I can plan my exit . By all means delay my next appraisal for as long as you like, just give me my licence. I have expertly ticked boxes and hoop jumped for the last 5 yrs . I have earned it !

  • GP trainees to spend longer training in general practice under new contract

    Bewildered's comment 09 Feb 2020 10:31am

    surely specialty training is about the opportunity to see rarer presentations and so increase the likelyhood of recogniding them in the community? 1yr of speciality training seems very short. 3 years training is already very short in comparison to other specialties especially for such abroad speciality and it therefore no wonder we have seen the invention and rise of the noctor.In the space of a couple a couple of generations we have gone from being integral parts of the community delivering hands on care across a broad swathe of medicine to seeing our job chipped back to a desk based , target lead , pathway following dumping ground for the left over that no one else wants or cannot be delivered cheaper elsewhere!

  • GPs having to refer urgent cases for hubs due to 'smart card' problems

    Bewildered's comment 29 Jan 2020 1:35pm

    Everyone should be able to refer patients on a 2ww really ??
    if I was being refered on 2ww into failing system, I would want a named, known,face responsible for it , do that when it or subsequent investigations stalled ihadsomeone I trusted to chase it up . it used to be called continuity and it workedr rather well . the more fingers you put in the pie the more the pie disintegrates.

  • Hospital says GPs will manage patients it has told doctors to discharge early

    Bewildered's comment 20 Jan 2020 2:06pm

    I wonder has anyone asked the patients if they are happy to accept being put at increased risk or indeed feel safe being discharged at increased risk. Will it be an informed increase risk discharge and has any one assessed how likely these patients are to ring 999 at 3am when they dont feel safe and if so what is the relative saving then ?
    As they say "I pay my taxes" so how do you decide which patients are forsed to take greater risk ( accept poorer care) Will higher risk patients get a discount or will others be asked to pay a premium to avoid being put at risk . This may infact be the first step on every toxic pathway.

  • GP leaders to call for removal of home visits from contract

    Bewildered's comment 11 Nov 2019 1:09pm

    Home visits for those that truly need them; the terminally ill, frail house bound and nursing homes are a cornerstone of general practice. To farm them out to none GPs will be a giant step forward in producing a tiered system of care, resulting in more patients being sent to A&E. GPs should jettison all the additional none GP work being piled upon them first rather than condemning those in greatest need to a second class service . we will all be old or terminally Ill one day, is this really a system we would wish to be cared for by ???

  • HEE to push for five-year GP training pilots in every deanery area

    Bewildered's comment 25 Sep 2019 11:50am

    Completely agree with the above . General practice requires having a honed skill of finding needles in haystacks . In order to 1st identify the needle it helps to have seen one previously,which is what occurs during specialist rotations. E.g.In 25 yrs of practice I have seen the rash of meningococcal septicaemia 3 times thankfully all in the hospital setting.
    There is also a danger that if GP training is solely in general practice a bigger schism will develop between primary and secondary care, both believing the other doesn't understand the pressure on them . Just as secondary care trainees benefit from time in primary care, future GPs benefit from appropriate placements in secondary care.

  • Same-day pharmacy appointments could help tackle GP pressures, says RCGP

    Bewildered's comment 24 Jul 2019 11:49am

    Just a suggestion , why not make being a GP more attractive and then you would be able to train and retain more ???

    As far as I am aware pharmacist aren't trained to diagnose .No diagnosis = no management plan = high risk = see your Gp .

    Have any pilot studies been done to see how many sore throats / coughs / rashes / insect bites initially seen by a pharmacist dont consult a GP for the same episode ?? if so would make an intetesting read . if not why are we investing £14 a consult. I would gladly see 1st presentation minor trivia for £84 / hr before the patients have been given unrealistic expectations by someone else.

  • Government selects GMC to regulate physician associates

    Bewildered's comment 19 Jul 2019 2:17pm

    The highest possible standard of care is provided by doctors. PA that cannot prescribe , cannot discharge and cannot take legal clinical responsibility are just a way of increasing numbers on paper. In reality a Dr being asked to prescribe for or discharge patients seen by PA actually need to see the patient in order their actions are defensible , so where is the point and where is the time or financial saving in that . The useful roles of PA is very limited unless they take on clinical responsibility for the entire patients care . if already evidence suggests this is high risk then why persist and why be a PA? train as a Dr and get paid more to run the same risk and provide lower risk care .

  • Significant rise in students starting medical school seen for first time in years

    Bewildered's comment 21 Sep 2018 11:02am

    just because they go to medical school doesn't mean they will be practicing in the UK 5 yrs post graduation. So in a decade that has seen the number of elderly increas, the number of chronic illness increase and an obesity epidemic we have effectively bee training less Drs to deal with it.One would suggest suggest the horse is already half way to Australia and these poor lambs will be left shovelling rose fertiliser.

  • Government to ease red tape for Australian GPs to work in the NHS

    Bewildered's comment 24 Aug 2018 10:28am

    Bonza idea . I am sure young Ozzie Gps will be tempted to come . They will stay a year, travel the sites of Europe , realise just how blessed and well paid they are in Oz and return home . There is a reason why there is a flow of drs from the Uk to Oz . it is the same reason why any Gp over the age of 50 can't wait to retire .
    This could increase Gp numbers and will fit well in a depersonalised conveyer belt system lacking continuity and using a salaried model .

  • We must stop poaching of GPs from other understaffed health systems

    Bewildered's comment 17 Aug 2018 3:29pm

    NHS recruitment in general is becoming more unethical. it is not just the poaching of Drs from Ireland to England that should be of concern but the general wholesale poaching of health care staff for resource poor countries. Many Drs are now being brought in from Africa, from countries who struggle to provide even the very basics of health care for their populations.what then happens to those populations ?

    If medicine had not been made so unpalatable we would not have the retention andrecruitment disaster we now face. we should not try to solve our problems by worsening those in countries with far less resources and who's people have a quieter voice .

  • GP practices in one area offered £35m extra a year to work 'at scale'

    Bewildered's comment 19 Jul 2018 10:32am

    Would you want to he registered at a practice with 30 000 patients ?
    In resource poor countries primary health care is delivered by non-Drs. This model proposes a Gp lead rather than Gp delivered service. Clever spin as essentially it is proposing a system in which a patients chance of seeing a Dr become more and more remote.
    Will it be cheaper , probably not as the general public generally want to see a Dr and if all else fails achieve this by presenting at A&E . And also generally not, as the chances of actually seeing someone who knows your history is unlikely . That is even before considering where the 120 GPs will come from , presumably not home grown . Gp does benefit from scale . small scale,for primary consultations by highly qualified Drs in practices where patients can get an appointment in a timely fashion with a Gp who can follow them up appropriately .
    Patient demand now significantly outstrips GP supply and so a dilution of the system is inevitable .To spin this as a positive is deceptive .It is a shame the 35M couldn't be found years ago when it could have supported high quality healthcare instead of buying high quality veneer for a system descending to failure.

  • All GP practices could see NHS 111 direct booking from April 2019

    Bewildered's comment 21 Mar 2018 11:26am

    so the indemnity bodies now define ooh work, amongst other things as 111 having the ability to book appointments directly . If for his criteria remains does this mean all work will essentially become ooh for insurance purposes ?

  • Better self-care could beat the cold weather crisis

    Bewildered's comment 15 Jan 2018 12:21pm

    what a common sence article. Sadly such outdated thinking has been overtaken by no win no fee Lawers and the upsurge in low risk ' cover your own bottom' practice; the worst case scenario health messages put out by main stream media creating a " better to check dr" neurotic society and the obsessional, glamorisation of being a patient in the endless TV soaps and fly on the wall documentaries.
    We knew a flu epidemic was imminent but I have yet to see one public health message on peak time TV telling people en mass how to care for themselves rather than getting worn out gps to do it on an individual basis .
    As the NHS sinks we need more collective, mass messaging not less ie a cohesive public health approach. cutting the public health budget just shows how little our overlords understand or highlight the fact they are sailing a completely different course.

  • GPs to face ban on OTC prescribing for self-limiting illnesses

    Bewildered's comment 02 Dec 2017 10:03pm

    I thought malaria prophylaxis was a private prescription? if you can afford to travel to a malaria area can afford the prophylaxis.

  • NHS 111 apps send 20% fewer patients to GP than telephone service

    Bewildered's comment 24 Nov 2017 12:06pm

    so approx 1 in 4 patients contacting the 111 non emergency number are deemed to have a life threatening emergency requiring immediate A&E treatment . Really ???? and then they wonder why the system is breaking .
    Is it because the app doesn't have a bottom and so doesn't need to cover it that it is happy to make less referrals to GP ???

  • GP numbers decrease by more than 1,000 over past year

    Bewildered's comment 21 Nov 2017 2:48pm

    The biggest problem the NHS faces is " no one wants to be one anymore" ; be it nurses, midwives, GPS or A&E dr. Med school places now go to clearing . Not sure which bit of this Mr Hunt doesn't understand . No staff: No service . You have broken us and it irreparably. The NHS isn't about numbers it is about people.

  • Trusts to have three GPs in A&E streaming service at one time

    Bewildered's comment 03 Nov 2017 11:11am

    we have gp front door streaming . costs a fortune and redirects very little . only works if highly experienced gps who are willing to manage risk stream and are able to redirect patients back to see their own gp in a timely fashion. patients come to a&e because can't get gp appointments and gp send patients to a&e as hospital has no beds for direct admissions . absurdly pointless. expensive time consuming steps added . quality added =0

  • Education leaders to target international graduates to fill GP training places

    Bewildered's comment 05 Oct 2017 12:58pm

    The problem in a nutshell:noone wants to be one anymore. A profession of the newly qualified, in a system alien to our own will certainly increase the numbers but will do absolutely nothing to maintain standards as no one left to mentor and support them and so the trend of offloading onto A&E will continue and increase so hastening the demise of the nhs