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Independents' Day

Shamsh Suleman

  • GPs' independent status may change under Labour, says Burnham

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 06 Jun 2014 8:55am

    YES. 9 to 5 , 5 days per week, shift allowances to be available out of core hours, Holiday and sick pay, Work limited by European Working Time Directive. No Staff related problems to deal with,
    Who will lose out? The Patients - as always . NO continuity of care, no-one taking responsibility , no real communication other than through the Nationally available computer record.. Sounds a lot like the Secondary Care Model currently employed. I wonder how long we will be in the "Public Service" before we are "Privatised" ? The Real Public is losing the chance to save those parts of the NHS which make it valuable.

  • Labour pledges £100m to reintroduce 48-hour target to see GP

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 15 May 2014 11:23pm

    Theres nothing new in whats being said, The wors always fow easily from people who dont understand the work or the demands or the impact of thier comments . Just more politics, pandering to wants and not true needs. Patients with needs are again being squeezed out by people with wnats fed by political speak. There are no spare doctors to meet current demand let alone expand the service, I believe that Ed Milliband needs to grow up and take an adult view of the situation not this child liike perspective.He should be asking "who is giving me this incorrect advice about general practice" But he wont , .

  • Should all GPs become salaried employees of the NHS? Yes

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 18 Oct 2013 10:17pm

    These words are clearly from an academic rather than a real GP, we - and our representatives - should be publically rejecting this suggestion , as well as the notion of 24 hour care, No other country in the world provides this level of free healthcare and this government is afraid to tell the public that it cannot afford to give people what they want any longer. I believe that there is sufficient finance to provide a needs based healthcare system but we need to be able to say "NO" to the people who chose not to take responsibility for themselves.

  • Baker: GPs must retain their independent contractor status

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 16 Oct 2013 10:36pm

    Its about time the College represented real GPs and not Itself and the government . Well done Dr Baker, your stance may even sway me to support the rcGP.

  • CQC set to be given powers to close practices that do not open at convenient times

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 19 Jun 2013 11:05pm

    Once again, what is the BMA saying, where are the legal challenges to this ridiculous behavior, When are GPs going to say to this government enough is enough. Real medical care comes ahead of your cost cutting, your politicing and your need to create more management jobs. We know that many premises are unfit for purpose so maybe CQC should prosecute each of the regional CEOs of the the NCB, and they should prosecute NHS England ( Whover that is??!) - who clearly have no Idea about how healthcare really works . And they in turn should prosecute all the minsters and their advisors for failures in the service because there are no GPs left to do all this work Maybe the patient groups should also be asking not "how much more can we get out of GPs " but" What can we do to make sure there is a GP service " for patients . Morale falls and more GPs leave . Mr Hunt you are truly losing the battle to provide safe , cost effective health care. Will you resign before or after the public outcry reaches Whitehall. Or will you sit tight till you can collect your pension?

  • RCGP sparks row over GP out-of-hours care for complex patients

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 06 Jun 2013 11:25pm

    There is clearly a misunderstanding here. GPs are already working with Nurses, Social Workers, Pharmacists in hours, All those professions send us patients because they cant deliver Healthcare and choose not to take responsibility for patients, Its hard to see how that would change. out of hours. Once again we have an example of how the RCGP is genuinely out of touch with working GPs and in touch with Politicians. Neither group nor their advisors appears to have the understanding of how to deliver real improvement in Healthcare. Or am i missing another agenda? (again)

  • Hunt tells GPs to 'be brave' and take back out-of-hours care

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 29 Apr 2013 11:44pm

    Who Is NHS England? Does he have a name?

  • Field: GPs 'should never have given up responsibility for out-of-hours care'

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 29 Apr 2013 11:40pm

    Considering that Dr Field used to be a GP, I would have thought that his understanding of the reality of the work we do would have placed him in a good position to give sound advice based on experience. It is unfortunate that his views do not reflect those of working GPs. Maybe he could take some time reflect on the true meaning of being a General Practitioner before making his personal views known in the future.

  • Hunt will take steps to improve GP out-of-hours care 'in the next few months'

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 29 Apr 2013 11:32pm

    Im sure Mr Hunt has no understanding of the reasons why so many GPs opted out of providing OOH care and the barriers that were put in place against those GPs who tried to continue. He will also not know how many GPs stayed on in the profession because they could now provide better quality In Hours care for patients knowing that a nights sleep was forthcoming. He clearly cannot see that even the suggestion of making GPs responsible for the provision of OOH care even if they are not delivering, it will encourage more early retirements , more emigration to warmer climes with a better life. Its a pity these politicians dont read about the events leading to today before speaking about tomorrow. Once again showing no real understanding of the present situation whilst making plans for the future.
    As a matter of interest, how many GPs have actually signed a contract with the NHS, as a real contract cannot be changed in law without the agreement of both parties. Is is a contract at all?

  • GPC negotiator threatens to report health minister to the GMC

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 29 Apr 2013 11:13pm

    I agree with Dr Holden's comments above but there still is a significant fear of speaking out against the the mistruths spoken by Politicians who are schooled in making the " facts " work in their favour. I also believe that the media coverage is biased against GP's as this makes headlines and sells copy. I also agree that comments made by Dr Poulter are innaccurate and will bring the Profession into disrepute and that he should be asked to clarify his comments publicly, and openly apologise to the public the profession and his superiors who are now also tainted by his false claims about the change to the OOH service, The GMC - Is this their role? Yes As comments like this do not "Protect Patients" and are damaging to the profession. I wonder how seriously the GMC would take the case of a reported Politician Doctor.

  • Hunt sets out plans to 'rethink' primary care as BMA demands urgent talks over out-of-hours attack

    Shamsh Suleman's comment 26 Apr 2013 4:05pm

    I think Mr Hunt has a point,, the current failing system of out of hours care has been brought about by Politicians encouraging patients to believe that they should have free 24 hour access to medical care whilst failing to provide the resources for this. Rights without responsibility. Add this to a shrinking Primary Care workforce - about to get worse, an increase in spending on secondary care and the box ticking blocking of GP appointments through some areas of QoF, highlights the compounding of the issues of access. Unfortunately Mr Hunt and Steve Field need to wake up to the reality of the situation they are causing and stop playing politics with real peoples lives