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Una Coales

  • International doctors granted judicial review of the MRCGP exam

    Una Coales's comment 02 Aug 2013 9:21am

    There was a 5% difference in pass rates between white and black+ethnic minority GPs in 2007 when assessed with 7 patient videos of real multicultural patients with real diseases in real grassroots GP surgery settings. There is a 55% difference in pass rates between white and black+ethnic minority GPs post 2010 when assessed with borderline system CSA employing (paying) mostly white actors with contrived diseases in an artificial GP surgery setting who only reveal information when the right 'closed' question is asked and are told to bounce back any 'open ended' question which defies trainer teaching of asking open-ended questions. How can any non-white GP trainee be assured of a fair exam?

  • Training practices face paying part of GP trainee salaries in education funding shakeup from next April

    Una Coales's comment 01 Aug 2013 10:34am

    I agree with Bob Hodges and Peter Davies. NHS GP practices are already cash-starved. If they now have to pay up to 50% of the trainee's salary for the 'benefit' of having a GP trainee seei patients, then many practices will pull out of training. Better to pay for a fully qualified GP. This will have severe impact on the number of GP training practices for GPs in training=no new GPs. Instead Brits will be seen and treated by EU GPs as we are unable to find training practices for our own and EU GPs do not need MRCGP or UK GP training to treat NHS patients.

  • Are locums paid too much? No

    Una Coales's comment 15 Jul 2013 4:15pm

    While the BMA attempt to negotiate on behalf of locums to ensure practices pay locum superannuation, may I suggest that locums try to reduce their outgoing expenses by switching to cheaper MDDUS and cutting out the middle man, ie locum agencies, by booking work directly with your favourite local surgeries. Locum agencies may add £15 to £55/h to practice bills and pay you £75/h.

    DOI: London Locum BMA GPC Sessional Subcommittee Rep

  • Hunt: GPs to be held accountable for care round-the-clock as 'named clinicians'

    Una Coales's comment 05 Jul 2013 7:08pm

    It won't end here. Once it is a fully salaried GP service, GPs will be asked to admit their own MI patients, manage, treat, do ward rounds, all before their morning surgery. Then it will be nursing home rounds and home visits during your lunch break, followed by afternoon surgery, emergency extras before you go back to hospital to review and discharge your patients and all for the cheap GP price of £57k per year. No wonder they will have to recruit from outside the UK! No sane UK GP will work this hard for so little and take on so much risk if anything goes wrong on or off duty!

  • Hunt: GPs to be held accountable for care round-the-clock as 'named clinicians'

    Una Coales's comment 05 Jul 2013 2:30pm

    EU working time directive only applies to salaried GPs. Hunt has cleverly manouevred NHS GP partners into a corner with 24/7, 168 h work weeks to force a full salaried GP service on all GPs with fhe help of the BMA! DOI sit on the BMA sessional GP subcommittee and just read fhe BMA salaried GP service paper!

  • BMA to assess causes behind burnout

    Una Coales's comment 26 Jun 2013 11:04am

    How about the BMA learn to just say NO to government on behalf of the doctors it represents?

  • BMA to assess causes behind burnout

    Una Coales's comment 26 Jun 2013 10:26am

    Isn't it obvious?

  • NHS review backs hike in retirement age to 68 years for GPs

    Una Coales's comment 26 Jun 2013 7:03am

    With a UK male life expectancy of 79 and a NHS pension cash out age at 68 in 2046, that is if one survives more DoH edicts until then as pensions are not bound by contractual law so terms may change yet again and DoH seems to steamroll changes to the GP contract regardless of BMA opposition, it may be better to swap to a private pension SIPP, cash out at 55/60, manage one's own pension fund and invest wisely in property. I also agree with Geoffrey Davis's comments.

  • CQC set to be given powers to close practices that do not open at convenient times

    Una Coales's comment 25 Jun 2013 10:13pm

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  • GPC revises opposition to RCGP out-of-hours suggestion

    Una Coales's comment 11 Jun 2013 5:45pm There are 10 MILLION over 65s. Where will we find the extra GPs to cover OOHs when they are already burned out covering day shifts? There is a national shortage of GPs and forcing OOHs on GPs will not encourage women into general practice.

  • Dr Maureen Baker elected as next RCGP chair

    Una Coales's comment 11 May 2013 8:42am

    @ThomasCaldwell I made both a personal and a public apology for the misunderstanding. She had chosen not to undertake VTS GP training but had sat and passed the MRCGP exam and was awarded the Fraser Rose Medal which makes one question whether training helps one prepare for the MRCGP exam or not. I along with two other esteemed 2012 RCGP Presidential candidates still await a public apology from the RCGP and the results of a long overdue Presidential election EA as raised on Council in June of last year following the unconstitutional breaches by the RCGP Nominations Committee to try to ban 3/6 candidates.

  • Dr Maureen Baker elected as next RCGP chair

    Una Coales's comment 10 May 2013 4:17pm

    Well done Dr Maureen Baker, our new RCGP Chair Elect. Good to see a nationally-elected RCGP Council Rep be appointed as RCGP Chair by council ballot. Hope one day all 44,000 subscribing College members may vote for their College Chair for full democracy in action.

  • Defence body subs approach £7,000 a year - but are they worth it?

    Una Coales's comment 24 Apr 2013 4:23pm

    MDDUS is a cheaper alternative. An online quote for a GP partner working 7-10 sessions is £4,930. Do a price comparison?

  • Hunt blames GPs for a rise in patients presenting at A&E

    Una Coales's comment 19 Apr 2013 0:35am

    When a service is free, demand exceeds supply.

  • RCGP plans to cut staff posts and undergo restructure in bid to balance books

    Una Coales's comment 18 Apr 2013 6:38pm

    I was one of only 2 GPs who voted at the RCGP Spring General Meeting 2012, NOT to hand supreme decision making powers to the new unelected Trustee Board, now chaired by Colin Hunter, former Treasurer. Council reps were stripped of trustee status when the SGM voted to accept the transfer of trustee status to this small board.

  • RCGP plans to cut staff posts and undergo restructure in bid to balance books

    Una Coales's comment 15 Apr 2013 7:17pm

    On 26 February 2010, I was one of the RCGP Council Members and therefore a college trustee who witnessed the permission to fix seal- execution of deeds on the £36 million sale of Princes Gate and the £34 million purchase of Euston. We were then told that Euston came with a £32 million refurbishment bill! So I stood up and asked Treasurer Colin Hunter (now Chair of the Trustee Board) and Chair Steve Field, 'how do you plan to repay the £32 million loan for refurbishment?' I am sorry staff are being made redundant now. I did not think it a wise decision in light of a national economic recession and had hoped that what initially appeared to be a £2 million profit from the sale and purchase would be used to lower CSA exam fees; I had in fact stood up at an earlier Council meeting, suggesting the £2 million profit now be used to lower CSA exam fees to which Colin Hunter replied there would be other costs, which we subsequently learned would be the costly refurbishment.

    On Sept 10, 2010, I stood up on Council and raised concerns that the capital funds had only raised £210k and our interest payment was approx £1.6mill a year. I asked the treasurer, 'why was Council not informed there was a demolition order on the new part of Euston prior to purchase? Why didn't a conveyance solicitor pick this up prior to purchase? Did you not ask why we got the Euston building for £20 million cheaper as it was originally £54 million? So far £210,000 has been raised from capital funds which hardly dents the £1.6 mill/ yr due in interest repayments from 2010 onwards.' As one of the original trustees on council, I also raised concerns about collective trustee liability and was reassured the original trustees would have indemnity cover of £2million in place for personal trustee liability in case the loan defaulted.

  • RCGP to re-run chair election with original two candidates

    Una Coales's comment 07 Apr 2013 3:51pm

    @1:22pm unless you are one of the 70 RCGP national council or faculty council reps you will not receive a ballot to vote for the RCGP Chair. This is my point. The RCGP Chair who 'represents' a College membership of 44,000 AiTs and full member GPs should be elected by the membership and not council.

  • RCGP to re-run chair election with original two candidates

    Una Coales's comment 07 Apr 2013 10:12am

    The interests of democracy would dictate that the college constitution be adhered to and would best be served if all RCGP Chairs and Council Reps are elected by national ballot.

  • CSA stance has left me disillusioned

    Una Coales's comment 10 Feb 2013 6:18am

    I applaud you for your principles. In June 2012, Dr Terry Kemple and I, as 2 of the RCGP Presidential candidates, requested a formal College apology and an independent review of College's  unconstitutional attempts to ban 3 of the 6 RCGP Presidential candidates last year. Instead, the RCGP arranged an 'internal review' and we 3 are still awaiting the findings, 8 months later in Feb 2013. The lack of independent review and delay in investigation outcome only serve to add insult to injury.

    I fully support BAPIO/BIDA's CSA legal action for a judicial review of the indirectly discriminatory CSA exam and BAPIO and BPDF's independent employment tribunal action for unfair dismissal.

  • Lawyers give RCGP three weeks to sort CSA, or face legal action

    Una Coales's comment 01 Feb 2013 6:58am

    'An analysis of results from the old MRCGP exam, published in July 2007, showed that although there were differences between UK and Asian GP pass rates, they were not as striking – with an average disparity of 5.4 percentage points.' An argument to change the new MRCGP CSA back to the old MRCGP video module testing GP trainees with real patients. Do not subject released GP trainees who could not pass the actor CSA exam to Trust doctor posts. Offer them the video module instead to show they are competent.