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A faulty production line

Mark Leonard

  • Revealed: full scale of Capita’s support service shortfall

    Mark Leonard's comment 30 Aug 2016 11:47am

    This make no reference the problems faced by Training Practices trying to get salary information for trainees that started on 3rd Aug. Many practices have been left to make a payment just so the trainee gets paid this month. Trainee's are also finding it impossible to get information about reclaiming indemnity or relocation costs.
    I emailed the "helpdesk" 6 weeks ago and have still not had a reply!

  • CQC to step up unannounced inspections as it unveils new-look regime

    Mark Leonard's comment 24 May 2016 10:29am

    "[CQC will] enable GP practices to share up-to-date information with CQC and other regulators and expect them to describe their view of the quality of care they are providing against our five key questions, as part of annual reporting processes, including what has changed over the year, their plans for improvement and examples of good practice."

    Oh wonderful, yet another return/report, know doubt due at the end of the financial & QOF & Enhanced Services year with an unrealistic deadline.

  • GP practices to receive 0.28% funding uplift from April

    Mark Leonard's comment 13 Mar 2014 11:36am

    IF and I mean if there has been a drop in staff costs, it's because the older staff (on better wages through time served) who have been beaten with the same stick of very small pay increases over the past few years have had enough and left! This means we are recruiting inexperienced younger staff willing to take on this type of work for very little pay rather than be out of work. This lack of experience is partly to blame for some of the problems we are seeing in primary care. Whereas before staff could give sound advice to patients, they now have to pass much more on to the GP's to answer and because the patients are wanting an instant reply, they don't wait and end up sitting in A&E!

  • Offer more same-day phone consultations for urgent patients to reduce burden on 'creaking' A&E, GPs told

    Mark Leonard's comment 13 Nov 2013 9:20am

    Straplines from the NAPC Conference last month:
    GP services are provided on 7.47% of the NHS budget!
    Over 90% of patient contacts take place in general practice!
    There are more hospital consultants in England than there are GP's!
    General Practice cannot cope with any more without funding to support the extra work.

  • GP practices report payment 'chaos' after 1 April handover

    Mark Leonard's comment 24 Apr 2013 11:19am

    Janet Roberts - Can I ask what your background is, because you obviously have no concept of how practices work or are funded. To keep a six month reserve for my practice would require over £700,000 surplus cash, just sitting there ‘just in case’!

    We are continually being told to prepare for this or that, but when the biggest change in the management of the NHS comes along, NHS managers failed to prepare, simple as! Why were payments not scheduled to be a few days earlier than normal, so IF the system failed, they could make the changes needed and still pay practices on time?