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Christopher Nevill

  • GP training crisis begins in medical school, research suggests

    Christopher Nevill's comment 17 Jun 2014 2:16pm

    At a recent crisis meeting on this subject with GP tutors, Deanery and GPC representatives in N Wales I was astonished that the sex distribution and hence slanted output was not discussed - direct questioning revealed that noone had any figures !! From my own research the 60f/40m balance has been ongoing for almost a decade and present inadequately detailed stats suggest that in a doctor's lifetime a female doctor will equate approximately to 70% of a male counterpart for blindingly good but obvious reasons. However this has never been translated into Policy where essentially numbers needed to be trained have to increase by 15-20% in order for there not to be a manpower shortfall. that is essentially why there is an overall shortfall now and it will take a huge influx and 10 years (training downtime) in order for altered policy to make the difference. Good luck with that. Present attritional policy centrally and the attacks on pensions are driving more and more Doctor's to retire which will only underline the problem. Best wishes

  • Reaction: GP contract deal 2014/15

    Christopher Nevill's comment 15 Nov 2013 9:57am

    Are you all deluded or mad .....we GPs at the coalface in Wales already work 50-60 hours of nonstop stressfull clinically driven open access care as it is - named 24hr GP ....of course we shall all welcome a reduction in uneccessary box ticking/QOF but suggesting that we have time to spare to write and implement countless useless careplans where there are no staff or time to carry them out and when they are already covered by the access, chronic disease clinics medicine reviews and specialist nurse services for the more complex dementia/parks/copd etc. This is politicking within a group of practitioners who are beyond breaking point and do not hear the call for longer appointments and smaller list sizes that would truly make a difference to the delivery of care. Retirement will not come too soon.

  • Monitor calls for greater competition between GPs and walk-in centres

    Christopher Nevill's comment 11 Nov 2013 9:23am

    How amazing that a monitoring organisation can say something so unguarded and inappropriate - of course walk in centres run all the usual chronic disease clinics child health clinics etc etc and are a comparable service = balderdash and bunkum -- please think before you write something so inflammatory - professional service should be run on the basis of need not on the basis of WANT

  • NICE recommends cost-saving newer treatments for severe varicose veins instead of surgery

    Christopher Nevill's comment 24 Jul 2013 10:39am

    I must admit that I thought compression hosiery was all about preventing skin chnage and later ulceration and I am unsure of the evidence that sclerotherapy etc will actually do that ? does anyone know ?

  • 'NHS 111 will improve patient safety'

    Christopher Nevill's comment 26 Mar 2013 1:09pm

    What a travesty of an article. Our out of hours provider ranked as one of the best in the country has just had to take back all the primary triage at the 'soft' roll out because of the chaos and lack of service. THE PILOTS WERE A DISASTER - SOMEONE SHOULD LOSE THEIR JOB AND REAL ACCOUNTABILITY SHOWN FOR THIS WASTE OF RESOURCES - please all practices write to their MPs demanding debate and action

  • NHS 111 implodes as GPC withdraws support for urgent care hotline

    Christopher Nevill's comment 22 Mar 2013 12:26pm

    So who will take responsibility for this and lose their job. You do pilots which fail and then plunge on regardless endangering patient's lives and wasting huge resources. Someone must go presumably the headman.

  • Welsh GPC rejects watered-down GP contract deal

    Christopher Nevill's comment 08 Jan 2013 10:04am

    so where is the action plan to follow the rejection of the contract. Why are we lying down to being imposed upon ?