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A faulty production line

Qasim Mahmood

Gp Principal, Hawkinge & Elham Valley Practice, Kent

  • NHS offering £50k per year for US physician associates to practise in underdoctored areas

    Qasim Mahmood's comment 28 Aug 2015 12:23pm

    This is the most ridiculous solution and ill thought solution ignoring your own market of doctors. The way to do this is to induct those trainees who are not able to pass GP assessment exams but have completed the clinical rotations and have experience of working locally and know the system. They should be allowed to work as PA.
    What is the assement exam for foreign PAs. they know nothing about NHS and would take double amount of time and energy and money to train them to suit the needs of primary care.
    RCGP should seriously think in a modern way rather than sticking to old fashioned way and utilize the local doctor s here who have good experience but not full GP training.

  • 'UK GPs among best paid in developed countries', OECD report claims

    Qasim Mahmood's comment 22 Nov 2013 10:15am

    what a rubbish and irrelevant Article making a headline!
    One must not compare the Gps income with national average income as it is a specialized work and also for long hours. There is no comparison at all.
    Secondly the Gps in Australia, Canada are earning 1.5 -2 time more than a Uk Gp. Thats why no one come from Australia or canada or USA to work here as a GP but other way round.
    On the contrary Gps are still less paid for the amount of work they do and the stress they bear.
    Article like this is to create a false impression about Gps pay.

  • NICE warns against prescribing paracetamol for osteoarthritis

    Qasim Mahmood's comment 16 Aug 2013 7:43pm

    Its an overkill of use of research and studies and publishing it without an impact analysis. I totally agree with all the above comments that Nice recommendations are bizarre and there are many flaws in the studies on which the guidelines are based.
    This is causing unnecessary anxiety and cobfusion among patients as well as GPs.
    What other factors are looked which causes cardiovascular events besides paracetamol
    What are the alternative therapies?
    the people with big names need to think before blindly accepting the NIce guidelines which in most cases are proven to be a misguidance.

    At the end I have to say guidelines are only guidelines and clinician have to make their own decisions before accepting it and needs to look at the research and data themselves.
    Paracetamol still have a big role in the management of pain and would not be replaced unless there is a good alternative therapy available without any adverse side effects.
    I would say it's a rubbish guidelines.

  • GP trainees set for more chances to pass MRCGP after row over failure rates

    Qasim Mahmood's comment 14 Dec 2012 8:05pm

    The whole exercise is to avoid any injustice to the trainees and in this case the affected trainees are mainly IMGs. I think General practice in the only speciality where the trainees are released from the training right, left and centre as they are unable to pass their final assessment.
    This raises 2 issues either the training to pass this final assessment is not satisfactory and does not prepare the trainee for this final exit assessment or the method of assessment is not accurate hence needs to be reviewed. Most of the trainees who get released from the training have passed rest of the training assessment mainly WBD and AKT. I think CSA does not reflect the competency of a registrar properly due to certain reasons.
    Now coming to the number of attempts and I agree to a certain extent that it is a temporary answer but it is very important as RCGP suddenly imposed their ruling of 4 attempts to the trainees of 2010 and 2011 where it has to be rolled out from 2012. This retrospective application of the rules and restricting trainees to 4 attempts resulted in many trainees released from the training who are facing the dead end now which is very unfair. Many of them failed by narrow margin due to immense pressure and anxiety of their last attempt which should not had been restricted to 4. It has a huge impact on their career and lives.
    Therefore it is extremely important to make an exit assessment transparent, flawless and bias free. It would be interesting to see what steps will be taken by RCGP in next few weeks to improve the situation and rectify any mistakes. I hope there is a positive outcome of this whole exercise.