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Independents' Day

Neil Iosson

  • My first blog is NOT about Professor Steve Field

    Neil Iosson's comment 06 Jan 2016 7:28pm

    To be fair - Steve Fields quote has been taken out of context. He was commenting on the fact that in some instances the findings of CQC inspections of GP practices were so appalling that immediate action was required and _that_ had made him ashamed to be a GP (in that his professional equals had allowed their standards to fall so far).

    Its a great headline - for any journalist - but even the Daily Mail's article managed to get that information in on the front page detail.

  • How employing a paramedic solved our recruitment problem

    Neil Iosson's comment 02 Sep 2015 10:43pm

    Hi Simon - thanks for coming out as the PP in the article. When I read it I was surprised to see the description simply as "paramedic" and not "paramedic practitioner" - a whole extra skill set.

    I think paramedic practitioners are well suited to GPland - we use them lots in the South Coast - but I don't think a non-practitioner paramedic would cope in the role so well due to the training and scope of what they are used to doing.

    Was the loss of the word "practitioner" in the article a slip in editing or do your employers not realise the difference?

  • How to deal with requests for non-contractual work

    Neil Iosson's comment 10 Sep 2014 5:39pm

    Return requests for blood tests from secondary private care back to the requestor. There is clear BMA joint GPC/Hospital Consultant guidance on not passing this to GPs.

    The incovenience the hospital clinician experiences sorting out the mess of their own creation soon encourages them to simply write the blood form when the patient is in clinic with them.

    Its even worse if the request is from a private hospital "trying to save the patient money" (perhaps the consultant could waive their fee???). This breaches DOH guidance about NHS/Private interface and reminding consultants of this usually embarrasses them into doing things properly.

  • Add your name to Pulse‚Äôs letter to NHS England over GP workload

    Neil Iosson's comment 13 Jun 2014 1:25pm

    Dr Neil Iosson
    Locum GP, Brighton

    (who stopped being a partner for exactly the reasons outlined above)

  • DH alarm over pharmacy drugs access scheme

    Neil Iosson's comment 21 Nov 2012 7:53pm

    I'm not so worried about salbutamol - after all (but little known!) theophylline and aminophylline are available OTC - they are not POM status.

    I think its more historical anomally than anything else...

    Antibiotics does concern me - as does the commercial imperative for selling these.