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Mark Brennan

  • Over 1,000 practices awarded share of £190m fund to upgrade premises

    Mark Brennan's comment 01 Apr 2015 5:06pm

    "Outcome of the 2015-2016 round of funding

    In January 2015, GP practices were invited to submit applications to access this funding.

    On the 25th March 2015, NHS England wrote to all practices who submitted an application to the Primary Care Infrastructure Fund alerting them to the status of their application.

    All practices who applied to the Fund should receive a letter informing them of the project's status, including those whose projects were not supported. The letter should have been addressed to whomever submitted the application. "

    has anyone actually received one of these letters? the only practices listed publically are those granted "in principle" , what about "definitely"?

  • GP beware – oncology

    Mark Brennan's comment 22 Feb 2015 6:48pm

    no, our role does not include management of available resources. no-one will thank you for saving any amount of money when the family take you to court for criminal negligence. ask yourself the barrister question - could you have done anything else that would have made the diagnosis clear?