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A faulty production line


  • DH plans for pharmacists and paramedics to retrain as doctors in three years

    OldWiseGuy's comment 06 Feb 2020 10:44pm

    Great! What is the difference between these new recruits and existing crowd! Are they from different planet ? The job and rules are going to drive them to ground just like it is driving the existing workforce. Who is the genius inventing these ideas?

  • Government consults GPs on solutions for greater flexibility in pension system

    OldWiseGuy's comment 23 Jul 2019 5:02pm

    I have an idea if Matt is listening!
    Reduce tax rate for all NHS staff. Max tax could be say 30%. Keep the current tax bands etc for locums/bank staff. You know what will happen.... You will get more doctors/nurses rejoining NHS. It will help recruitment and morale. There is no shortage of doctors/nurses, only they are not in NHS!

  • Why I chose to be honest in a GP job ad

    OldWiseGuy's comment 03 May 2019 10:51am

    Dave, O Dave !
    I had to read your article twice as it seemed I had written it!
    You know with failing memory, you do get deja-vu.
    The give away was you are in Wales and I am in Midlands.
    I bet every GP will relate to this. Like wise, when I joined all those years ago, I had to fight other doctors, had interview, then waited for that letter of acceptance. Now if I see glimpse of an applicant, forget the interview when can you start?
    What a state of affairs!!

  • Soaring costs for copying patient records ‘should be a national scandal’

    OldWiseGuy's comment 15 Aug 2018 11:34am

    I have a solution, donot deny the information, as “it is patients right”. Just advise that they need to come to surgery to access it. Are we breaking any law?

  • Digital rectal examination for prostate cancer by GPs 'unnecessary', finds study

    OldWiseGuy's comment 13 Jun 2018 11:11am

    Chaps, use your experience and common sense. You do not need to be told how DRE, as routine is useless and poor.
    Use my algorithm :

    55+ with PSA 5= 2WW no DRE
    45 ish with marginal PSA and +- symptoms = DRE and proceed
    Moaning rest, what ever symptoms = DRE

    Problem solved.

  • Great escape: why GPs are drawing pensions at a younger age

    OldWiseGuy's comment 13 Feb 2018 11:25pm

    Listen, you all NHS savers! Look after your sanity. Talk to your accountant. Retire early if you can. Few years actuary loss of pension is not that great, you gain part of it by drawing pension earlier than 60. I did that at 58. Reasonable lump sum (Not had big expectations). Now I am 64, really enjoyed my last few years, slowly relinquished my responsibilities. Just work few days, enjoy gardening, going out. Reading medical rags and am I pleased with my life, yes I am. Glory days of being a GP are over. Patients do not want me to go but NHS could not give a damn. They would happily dump us for some cheap labour. What do we do anyway? Wake up to it.......

  • Over 500 GPs tempted back to practise in England through NHS scheme

    OldWiseGuy's comment 31 Jan 2018 5:24pm

    Tempting GPs to return with a bit of cash.... How about tempting GPs not to leave?

  • GMC successful in High Court bid to strike off junior doctor

    OldWiseGuy's comment 25 Jan 2018 11:52pm

    My My My, What a sad state of affairs.
    DEAR ALL. Please do not try to be a martyr and save failing NHS. Please look after yourself first , then patients and finally NHS. Do not take any calculated risks (that we all do day in and out).
    Give the most appropriate drug, expensive as it may be, Investigate to the nth degree and take your time. Important decisions should take time. Take a break after few hours, you are not a machine and not paid for all your extra time and please complain to your line manager everything you think is wrong and keep a log. DONT put yourself in these situation as NO one will be looking after you. Work your shift and leave, do not stay behind. If you get a chance, please leave this failing ship and live your life. Sad as it may be, NHS is not worth saving. I feel sick........

  • Media attacks on GPs' pay are deplorable

    OldWiseGuy's comment 05 Jan 2018 2:16pm

    Brilliant article. Please pass it to Daily Mail and others, who think GPs are overpaid fat cats. TV presenters, Footballers and Actors can demand hundreds of thousands, but we the intelligent breed in the society are worth nowt!. No wonder we have crisis in the system, no one wants to do this job.

  • ​Anger as GMC tries to overrule its own tribunal and strike off junior doctor

    OldWiseGuy's comment 06 Dec 2017 7:07pm

    Few comments to add.

    It is awful for this little boy and his family. No one should deny this.
    It is dreadful and disgraceful to blame one person for this all when it is a SYSTEM failure. Why?
    NHS staff and doctors in particular seem to have lost the respect of all including the people who should look after them. Locally trained graduates have realised it and leaving in droves. The void is being filled by overseas graduates, with all due respects, with not as good training, happily being turned a blind eye by Hunt et al. You just have to look at hospital staffing at night and weekend.
    These doctors/ nurses do their best under extreme pressures. Doctor in this case was blamed for not identifying or acting upon a serious infection. No one mentions of pressures she was under battling all and sundry who needed medical care that night. She DIDNOT come to work to harm anyone deliberately! She had no support that night and made decisions or did not realise the seriousness of her decisions. Does that make her a bad doctor or a criminal?
    This case will make more doctors leave NHS and will put even more pressure on Hospitals. I feel the NHS and doctors in particular are doomed and the blame culture is getting better of us all.

    GMC have not done a good job here and should be ashamed of its decision.

  • GPs claim quarter of a million in missing payments from Capita and NHSE

    OldWiseGuy's comment 03 Jul 2017 1:37pm

    Tom Bell
    My story is the same. My two sons chose medicine as career and sadly both have left NHS, sad as it may seem, I am pleased for their sanity. How many more are leaving our beloved NHS, be it be doctors or nurses. I think we need alternative medical paid up service where talents are appreciated or we are all going to see failed NHS model.

  • Wales fills 91% of GP training places after introducing incentive scheme

    OldWiseGuy's comment 13 Jun 2017 4:26pm

    Please be aware where the money is going. I understand it is not your homegrown doctors falling over to take this offer. After training, most of these doctors will not stay in Wales, let alone UK .....

  • GPs could 'reduce harm' and save NHS £8m by using single liver function test

    OldWiseGuy's comment 21 Feb 2017 7:02pm

    Yes, we can save NHS money in lots of different ways but when we get complained, everyone washes their hands off!.
    No thank you, i cover my back first and formost.

  • GP workforce shrunk over the past year in major blow to 5,000 target

    OldWiseGuy's comment 26 Jan 2017 11:49am

    We all went into this profession because we thought life as a doctor/GP would be comfortable, after all you gave half your life studying. To be fair, it has been but for last 10 years or so. GPs like me have had happy good old times in practice but I could not survive FT now. I work 2 days catch up on third, free rest of the days, but I am lucky to take early retirement. I have two sons, both started in medicine, one gave after F2, AE shifts did it for him. Now he runs a successful private company. Other is doing GP training but planning to join his brother after qualifying. Same AE 12 hrs shifts with relentless work has broken his resolve. Shame that we are loosing new generation of British qualified doctors. Prediction for next few years, I think we will all be looking at private health care. Current NHS is like asking Tesco to open its store and say it is all free! Cannot manage free healthcare. Hunt et al is grinning secretly as this is what his govt wants and they will get it by 2020 not another 5000 GPs!