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  • GPs can't refuse patients who will not wear a face covering, says NHS England

    Northwestern 's comment 04 Aug 2020 10:40am

    No mask No see. If that results in a complaint then so be it.
    I will take the complaint. i don't need to see patients bearing dangerous weapons and that includes dangerous virus's too.
    Insane, Unsafe,

  • Widespread confusion over face masks in general practice

    Northwestern 's comment 15 Jun 2020 1:24pm

    There really is no issue here.
    The safest thing to do is
    1. staff wear a mask. normal type or surgical type preferably
    2. doctors wear a mask - surgical type
    3. patients wear a mask - normal type/face covering

    no mask -- no see.

  • NHS England plans to launch Covid swab testing in primary care

    Northwestern 's comment 09 Jun 2020 7:36pm

    No no no.
    This really really will make me retire.
    I am at risk and the prospect of this is a step too far.

  • Refresher respiratory support training for all NHS clinical staff in next two weeks

    Northwestern 's comment 18 Mar 2020 9:45pm

    Doom mungering helps no one.
    I look forward to The training so that I am better aware of what my patients might get.
    Old mechanical ventilators are not that complex and I have a sneaking suspicion that we will eventually have many more. Yes we will have difficult weeks ahead and yes we will have difficult months ahead. Yes there are pinch points. But it is becoming increasingly clear where these are.This is a time for manufacturing, science, joint endeavour and I for one think that the great British public will actually step up to the mark. I hope those amongst you who pedal negativity will appreciate that at times like this it your words potentially causes a lot of harm and adds little.
    It is certainly bad for morale.

  • GPs' working conditions are 'lonely' and 'damage' patient relationship, warns GMC

    Northwestern 's comment 15 Nov 2019 2:41pm

    I have a different view. I have worked in a deprived inner city practice for 30 years.
    It is hard work, demanding, and often throws up challenges which can be stressful. The bureaucracy is the worst and multiple regulators are atrial and tribulation that needs to be resolved.
    But I enjoy every single day. I work in a team with great colleagues, we have embraced different ways of working which has reduced our stress levels considerably. We use the telephone and on-line extensively. We have expanded our team to provide advance nurse practitioners and pharmacists. The right person does the right job.
    If we keep saying it is a rubbish job, which it is not, we will put of a generation of those who might follow us.
    I have been privileged to work and serve the patients that I have and my job satisfaction is enormous.

  • GPs requesting ambulance will have to provide a score for level of emergency

    Northwestern 's comment 27 Sep 2019 11:23am

    Actually there is good evidence for the use of NEWS2 in primary care.
    1. It reduces mortality and length of stay.
    2. It aids identification of a group of patients at high risk of sepsis
    3. It improves communication.
    4. A news score of 5 at one point which then deteriorated to 7 or more in an hour is a very sick patient
    5. It allows identification by the ambulance service of those patients it needs to respond to soonest
    6. a patient with a NEWS2 score of 5 should be in hospital within the hour and if 9 then within 30 minutes

    This is a good example of the implementation of (emerging) evidence based medicine.
    Don’t use it at the peril of your patients

  • 'Large' amount of unallocated GP pension cash still sat in NHS account

    Northwestern 's comment 17 Jul 2019 10:45am

    I took my pension three years ago. Capita has still not updated my last year and it took 8 plus requests through their helpline to get the second last year right. They would reply that it was done and when i checked with the Pensions Agency then that was not the case. My estimate is they owe me in xs of £4000 so far.
    Utter disgrace and shambles.