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  • copperfield

    Sex with patients - not on my watch Subscription

    27 Aug 2012 Updated: 27 Aug 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    Ah, now the Government’s plans to abolish practice boundaries start to make sense

  • khole

    GPs live in diamond houses and wear gold pants all day long Subscription

    27 Aug 2012 By Through The K Hole

    After the disappointing response to the BMA’s call for industrial action the Department of Health suggests that the real reason why GPs didn’t get involved in the strike...

  • copperfield

    A grave undertaking Subscription

    29 Aug 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    Call me morbid, but I’ve always rather enjoyed confirming death. This is largely because slapping a stethoscope on an obviously deceased person, adopting a suitable grave expression and pronouncing in my most authoritative voice that ‘this person is definitely dead’ (or words to that effect) all the while fighting the almost irresistible urge to recite everyone’s favourite Monty Python sketch, is quite a stress-free and untaxing way to spend 10 minutes.

  • copperfield

    The wafer-thin mint moment Subscription

    24 Oct 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    I was under the impression that I was already at breaking point. Current workload is absurd, take home pay is falling and let’s not forget that we also have CQC, revalidation and commissioning to look forward to. I simply can’t face further change and more work.

  • k hole

    A new brain for the government thinktank Subscription

    31 Oct 2012 By Through The K Hole

    “We’d run out of really terrible ideas, so we decided to ask Mr Nibbles,” said the Department of Health.

  • steve blog

    GPs were promised a future of ‘blood, sweat and tears’ – and now it’s here Subscription

    31 Oct 2012 By Editor's Blog

    The current contract row echoes the extended hours dispute of 2008, writes Pulse editor Steve Nowottny. But there are three key differences...

  • steve

    Upbeat DH pay submission pure politics as contract row escalates Subscription

    21 Nov 2012 By Editor's Blog

    Can the Department of Health really believe - as it argued in its evidence to the doctors’ pay review body yesterday - that GPs are happier than ever and maintaining their net income?

  • jobbing doctor

    GPs have 'never been happier'? Subscription

    23 Nov 2012 By Jobbing Doctor

    I had to look twice at the press release to see if I had misread the report. I hadn’t.

  • copperfield

    'We don't have any more time, there is no time left, it's all gone...' Subscription

    10 Dec 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    My consultations are so pressurised that they make my brain implode, and my average day already stretches beyond the event horizon.

  • khole

    If anyone knows of common sense’s whereabouts, contact us immediately Subscription

    17 Dec 2012 By Through The K Hole

    At approximately 3.15pm on Wednesday 12 December, just two weeks before Christmas, two masked men ran into the Department of Health and stole its common sense…

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