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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

David Partridge

  • Data lowdown: Patient uptake of seven-day GP surgeries

    David Partridge's comment 28 Jul 2017 8:42pm

    this seems pretty meaningless, most GP surgeries are running at far more than 60% fill rates. I would like to see the figures with 95% and 90% appointments filled as this would compare more directly with in hours

  • QOF has reached the end of its useful life, says NHS chief

    David Partridge's comment 19 Oct 2016 10:45pm

    This was a well balanced speech And optimistic in many respects, however it was not clear how funding is going to be rebalanced from secondary to primary care. CCGs were impeached to fight the fight to get the funding.
    Oh and Simon Stevens has a beard now so you need to update the picture!

  • Newly trained doctors to be tied to NHS for four years, announces Hunt

    David Partridge's comment 04 Oct 2016 10:36am

    Stick or carrot?
    Beat us up and make people stay for 4 years or change conditions to actually make people want to stay.
    Being forced into poor JD contracts and held to ransom for 4 years is certainly going to increase the emigration tide for people getting basic qualifications and experience, we may see a few FY2 and 3s float through GP in 8 or 9 years time but otherwise this is far from a solution!

  • Pressures of general practice are making it hard to care

    David Partridge's comment 21 Jun 2016 10:38am

    Can I recommend
    its a bit "American" but helps you look at and assess "compassion fatigue" which I think is something separate to burnout.

    A very interesting thread here, thankyou.


  • NHS officials to fly to Australia to persuade GPs to come back

    David Partridge's comment 06 Mar 2016 9:05am

    I counted them out, hope someone counts all the laggers back in! I bet some may be tempted to jump ship.

  • GPs should be proud of their QOF scores

    David Partridge's comment 11 Nov 2015 10:56am

    I will add my thanks. As qof gets reduced and indicators absorbed back into the global sum there is a net loss for high achieving practices. Whilst some points are arguable, and the case is well made in the article re osteoporosis/lithium etc on the whole I suspect QoF has made a difference to care and the case for it is easier to make than any case for the effect of the CQC etc.
    Thanks again; Top man and honorary qofmeister!

  • All practices to receive maternity funding under new GP contract

    David Partridge's comment 30 Sep 2014 11:09pm

    Agree this is good news perhaps too little but clarity and universality is welcome. Is this Partner only or salaried employee?
    If Partner then a positive driver for Partnerships in a climate where the incentives to Partnership are disappearing.
    I suspect there will be a rustling of the bottom drawer as terms in agreements get reviewed!

  • GPs told to specify counter-terrorism lead when applying for enhanced services contracts

    David Partridge's comment 02 Mar 2014 9:12am

    Chimes exactly with yesterday's pr offensive in the Daily Mail no doubt sponsored by Mr Hunt, see their letters page GP waiting times are due it immigrants. Ipso facto if gps stop seeing these people A and E wait times will be sorted.

  • Q&A: QOF suspensions

    David Partridge's comment 04 Feb 2014 9:41pm

    There seem to be different "deals" being proposed, we have been offered the Devon deal but with a caveat of a 1 weeks notice of termination/discontinuation.

    The deal seems to be using 2012/3 figures as a baseline for all the qof payment in 13/4, not just the retired indicators. Can anyone in the SW confirm?

  • Thousands of GPs to be revalidated by non-GP responsible officers

    David Partridge's comment 18 Sep 2013 4:47pm

    Niall Dickson states: The important point of contact is the appraiser, that you’re happy that the person who is appraising you really understands your practice and so forth. I would cling to this as non GP Appraisers (nurses or managers) are much more of a threat than non GP ROs. The system started out as formative not summative helpful not a tick box. The value (arguable I know) lies in the possibility of reflection, considering how to improve and in being helped , not in being counted or stamped

  • In full: NHS England proposals for urgent care

    David Partridge's comment 18 Jun 2013 10:02pm

    P.s. has anyone read this carefully. We are being set up for 7 day availability for advice , e mails and access as "your GP Practice"

  • In full: NHS England proposals for urgent care

    David Partridge's comment 18 Jun 2013 9:58pm

    I am rather worried about the "one size fits all" modelling and instant solutions re access. If it was all this easy we would have been doing it. We had some work done by the Primary Care fOundation which runs rather contrary to some of the solutions. What fits inner cities may not fit rural practice. A top down solution rather reminds me that's how Darzi centres started life, what credit do they get? And 111?. GP led solutions may not be brilliant but we have all tried to manage demand and work as effectively as we can for a while.

  • Women doctors are ‘tremendous burden’ says female Tory MP

    David Partridge's comment 06 Jun 2013 3:38pm

    We would be delighted to welcome a woman Partner f/t or Part Time station drive Ludlow.

    Getting doctors is difficult enough without v=creating artificial barriers. Do these female MPs feel they should resign on sex grounds?

  • In full: Jeremy Hunt on GPs taking back out-of-hours care

    David Partridge's comment 23 May 2013 6:45pm

    "That there is someone whose job it is to know how someone is, ensure good care is in place, and make sure there is access to good advice both in and out of hours"

    If its my job lets start with 111 get rid or let us reconfigure completely. A limitation on further top down rubbish would be helpful.

    QOF and CQC and super CQC ditto. Im happy for some kind of externa;l assessment but let US decide what the goal posts are and what they are for

    Money, you acknowledge we are working hard, yes we are, we acknowledge budgets are limited but any idea that taking on more can cost less needs to be robustly denied.

    Within the speech I can find little of substance and indeed much to agree with. My worry is simply this is words I rather fear the next bit the actions....

    And I also worry about where all the additional resource is going to come from

  • Minister admits two NHS 111 areas are 'worrying'

    David Partridge's comment 15 May 2013 9:50am

    I would love to understand 90% better. We do not have 111 in Shropshire it fell over within a few hours, we are told that the local OOH organisation will continue pro tem. We are a small county but I think there are many other areas which add up to more than 10% of the country. Any other geographers without 111 be prepared to add their county/area?

    "working well in" what "90%" Do I detect spin?

  • Revealed: GPs face losing public health funding under DH guidance for local authorities

    David Partridge's comment 13 Mar 2013 12:10pm

    Janet Roberts

    Just wondered what your consultancy rates are per hour to advise GPs; just completing viability exercise on tender preperation. Do you have an estimate for beurocracy and overhead costs for tendering compared to the top slice commission a WP would take from a sub contracting practice.

    If several people are going to take profit then costs to the tax payer must rise, or is there intangible value in creating a whole range of service industries?


  • GPs happier than ever and maintaining income levels, DH tells DDRB

    David Partridge's comment 28 Nov 2012 5:53pm

    As an appraiser we get to chat to quite a few GPs. Senior clinicians are deeply worried about succession planning, recruitment is becoming an issue. The sentiment seems to be "I care deeply about where the NHS is going and from a purely personal point of view who is going to look after me and my family when we grow old?"
    Workload? an 8 session Partner is working 50+ Hours a week. It is however still a great job which is why so many of us are still here!