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  • NICE urges rheumatoid arthritis patients to seek specialist care during flare-ups

    QB's comment 13 Jul 2018 5:03pm

    NICE should shut up until it can back up its 'recommendations' with workforce planning and money. I think NICE is one of the reasons the NHS is in the hole it is in right now - patients are entitled as 'NICE guidelines say choice and I want this medication'.
    also used as a stick to beat us with when we havent gone the NICE route medicolegally

  • ​BMA developing new GP workload guidance in light of Bawa-Garba case

    QB's comment 30 May 2018 4:06pm

    until they clearly set a maximum amount of patient contacts/day this is all going to be the same old cardie-loving non-event.

  • Managing a distracted GP partner

    QB's comment 26 Jan 2018 9:38am

    Hows about just being human and showing some compassion?
    You dont know the situation so you should find out. Your partners are really important and its important to work out whats going on.

    Referral to other more official things is a horrible thing to do without talking first. We all, especially in light of the recent ruling, need to remember that the system wont protect us for being overworked - we need to speak out and do less/schedule in admin time specifically to deal with stuff that gets on top of us.

  • Dilemma: A patient tells you he plans to travel to Syria

    QB's comment 30 Oct 2017 12:48pm

    Good job im not employed in your practice A Virtual nobody..!

    Again, if people plan to travel to any other country its not my job to suggest anything. Nor is it yours? How would you feel about it if someone was travelling to Israel to be part of the IDF? Im sure you wouldnt have the same reply.

    You have been reading too much of the Daily Mail - so ill leave you to it. Just as in the US, homegrown ills such as lightning probably kill more, but read and believe as much right wing propaganda as you will

  • NHS to review whether £171m for 'practice transformation' is reaching GPs

    QB's comment 25 Oct 2017 6:04pm

    we didnt get the money in our patch - we asked and begged for the money for transforming workflows but it has not come - we were told that instead of using existing validated evidenced systems, we need to 'develop our own'.

  • State-backed indemnity scheme to cover 'all GPs for all NHS work'

    QB's comment 12 Oct 2017 3:04pm

    Mdu will only drop fees if you are newly changing. If you subscribed in August you are shafted.

  • Dilemma: A patient tells you he plans to travel to Syria

    QB's comment 10 Oct 2017 10:21am

    this is ludicrous.
    fundamentally racial profiling and i dont think its my job to be a border guard or policeman at all.

    you could argue the same about people wanting to go to israel - as a lot of people go there to be part of the IDF forces - but as they are usually white it doesnt matter and that sort of mindless killing is ok.

    this is ridiculous.

  • 'Dr Google enters 80% of my consultations', warns RCGP chair

    QB's comment 03 Oct 2017 5:39pm

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  • Labour's PFI review could save the NHS billions of pounds

    QB's comment 27 Sep 2017 8:45am

    well what i dont understand is why the government simply cant say 'we are not paying, you are ripping us off' and do some sort of financial review, and then put good lawyers on it (like the ones that NHSE used against junior docs and dr chris day) and get rid of it.
    its ridiculous the amount these things are costing.

    cant they just say 'its austerity, we all have to make cuts and HMG cannot afford to pay these, so f off'

  • Mass diagnosing frailty does not meet contract requirements, GPs warned

    QB's comment 18 Sep 2017 8:40am

    so how on earth are we meant to do it then?
    they want us to call in every old patient, including those we dont see often, run the eFI tool (which is validated, and good marker of what they are defining to be frailty), then have the chat?

    surely if the algorithm has taken into account the 30-odd factors it says it does, and we have a chat with the patient about falls and SCA inclusion, then thats that.

    When the spec first came out, no-one said we couldnt batch add, and in fact EMIS does it automatically.

    Im not gonna change it

  • 'Indemnity fees are killing our profession' - sign this letter to Jeremy Hunt

    QB's comment 04 Sep 2017 1:06pm

    Qasim Bhatti, GP Partner, Hinckley

  • BMA launches crackdown on GPs being forced into unnecessary training

    QB's comment 16 Aug 2017 9:31am

    omg! bma actually doing something practical to make our lives easier - who'd have thunk it!

  • What should I do if a patient asks to see a ‘proper’ GP?

    QB's comment 15 Aug 2017 5:40pm

    you are a proper doctor, you have training and are fully gmc registered. thats what i said when a trainee. then gloss over it and get on with the consult - if they wont then id say they are free to book again, but i wouldnt let them see someone else the same day - it would need to get booked as per everyone else - no special treatment.

    its different if as a trainee you need assistance or a second opinion.

  • Are young GPs’ career choices killing off partnerships?

    QB's comment 14 Aug 2017 2:28pm

    Why oh why is there so much focus on this?

    the job is too intense for 'full time' and most that do 6-8 sessions do 35-60hrs/week anyway.

    the thing that is killing off partnerships is indemnity, rising costs, and the constant stream of crap we get thrown our way.

    THIS IS NOT THE FAULT OF MILLENIALS - just as brexit isnt - the DoH have underfunded, and the media undervalues GPs - thats whats killing the profession.

  • Life IS a piece of shit, when you look at it

    QB's comment 27 Jul 2017 9:25am

    but how can you not see it as 'just a job'?
    It has become 'just a job' that takes away all your time, energy, and your physical and psychological well being. On top of all that, you are paid much less for doing far more.

    Younger doctors of today see themselves as a resource that is mobile - and so move to places where they feel more valued.

    Gone are the old days of respect for doctors, or for the NHS - these days its all 'me, me, me..'

    I am only in my 4th year of being a GP, all of which has been spent as a partner, and I am very close to handing it all back - I cant do the hours, the incessant complaining from patients who 'know their rights' rather then their responsibilities, 'know their condition'far better then I apparently do, and for whom WE cant complain of when they come into our rooms, leaving us suffocating from their bodily odor/fag breath, and leave us with presents such as the flaking skin of their legs on the floor, let alone the bits of vomit etc.

    The job is a piece of shit, locuming is said to be great as you get paid a bit better, and have no responsibilities - thats because having the responsibility for something that you cannot do anything to improve without getting it in the neck from someone (no magic money tree, as theresa says).

    Im done, and a lot of my generation are.

    A lot of this has come about because our 'leaders' dont look at the profession as a whole but are more interested in getting their gongs, or setting up some self-serving project to make a quick bob or two - I dont begrudge them their livelihood but if they are supposed to be representative then they need to look at whats in the best interests of the profession as a whole - and it hasnt been done because no-one cares.

  • Dr Richard Vautrey elected GPC chair

    QB's comment 20 Jul 2017 1:20pm

    is this good? or more of the same toothless representation? im more positive if the likes of nigel think its a good thing, so all the best.

    i sincerely hope dr vautrey does the best for us and negotiates hard - the profession is cheyne-stoking at present, we need a miracle.

  • Should GPs engage in industrial action?

    QB's comment 13 Jul 2017 9:30am

    Its pretty clear that unless something changes soon the profession will cease to exist - the rise in indemnity, the horrible work conditions make it unsustainable to continue.

    'What about the patients?' - they voted for a conservative government who clearly said austerity was to continue - and didnt support the NHS when it was needed - they certainly dont care about you as an individual doctor, despite professing to care for the organisation. There has to be some collateral damage - if there werent then it would be a fruitless activity.

    Lets go. ballot. vote to shut the doors of GPs to new patients.

  • Sorry to disappoint, but RCGP isn't run by a cabal of government quislings

    QB's comment 27 Jun 2017 9:55am

    Im sorry to disappoint you, Heather, but those of us in the real world, at the coal-face, dont see any of the things this organisation does, other then its grip on obtaining CCT (meaning it can charge what it wills for exams with no transparency at all).

    Like it or not, whatever the college does can and will be made political by mr junt, as he tries to pull the wool over the eyes of our population. Therefore the college needs to take a leaf out of the book of RCPCH who at least have been vocal against cuts and the changes and seems to be sticking up for its members.

    What does 500-odd quid get you, these days? Where is the transparency in this organisation?

    And as I said to maureen, when she was chair - the rcgp need to do something to make working life better - if it doesnt whats its point, other then to drop straight after you get your cct?

  • GP training cuts necessary to allow HEE to 'develop physician associates'

    QB's comment 21 Jun 2017 12:40pm

    WHY are the BMA, RCGP silent?

    Then they wonder why millenials are so unhappy!
    We need things done, we need a voice - we dont have one. Its all the same old guys on the gravy train who do bugger all for us.

  • Government must act to allow super partnerships to flourish

    QB's comment 20 Jun 2017 10:26am

    Scale has advantages and disadvantages - I dont think the grass is always greener, and the loss of personal touch and 'family gp' with these superpractices is an issue.
    they should get no extra funding at all - this is a scheme by mr *unt and his pals to make it all the juicier to private health companies to snap up - dressed up in 'efficiency savings' nonsense.