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  • Menopause and migraine

    QB's comment 15 Jul 2019 3:01pm

    brilliant! hope theres more of these coming!
    id recommend the nbmedical womens health update also if, like me, you are not confident on these matters.

  • Government rules out review of pension tax charges

    QB's comment 20 Jun 2019 8:58am

    when are we going to get together and actually strike about our conditions?
    things have gone from bad to worse, we have had the PCN debacle thrust upon us and suddenly a lot of us are wondering how we are going to find the time to both see patients, offered extended access, and jump through the multitude of hoops that are put in our way.
    Those like me at the beginning of our careers are reducing sessions (6/wk now for me), and looking to leave the country as we dont have a royal college that represents us, nor do we have effective negotiation skills at our biggest trade union who is more interested in getting gongs for its london-based 'experts'.

    if we dont fight for this, no-one will.
    and thats the problem - there are too many 'senior' colleagues who are on brilliant terms they just dont care about the profession or the rest of us.

    if I had my time again I would never have gone into medicine as I see friends who are in the financial services having better working lives then me with a quarter of the stress.

  • Commissioners attempt to impose larger network after blocking GP proposals

    QB's comment 14 Jun 2019 9:06am

    what complete and utter wankers at the CCG.

  • The crisis in general practice is unprecedented

    QB's comment 10 May 2019 12:53pm

    whereabouts are you, mr curious? whats life like down there?

  • Only one FTE GP produced for every three graduates trained, says NHS England

    QB's comment 24 Apr 2019 1:13pm

    Why oh why are we forgetting the patients in all this?
    Those who demand everything yet take no responsibility for their own health?
    Those who have multiple avenues of complaint if they are not happy, yet the medical profession has none?
    Those who insist on being seen immediately and make everyone's life difficult?
    Those who insist they know better then you, because 'its my body..'?
    Those who feel so entitled?

    This is a significant reason as to why you cant do 8 sessions nowadays - I did 8 for the first 5 years of my life as a GP partner from training - and i have since dropped to 6 and am so much happier.

  • GPs to receive training on tackling unprofessionalism from GMC

    QB's comment 03 Apr 2019 1:14pm

    theres a gmc conference? why wasnt i invited?
    i could shout at them directly then

  • RCGP drops gender dysphoria course due to 'unrealistic expectations' on GPs

    QB's comment 14 Feb 2019 12:49pm

    I emailed the GMC about this and this was the reply I got a few days ago. I am glad I saw this article as it affirms my belief and those on resilentGP fb group that this is not for us to do. I am not prescribing at all.

    Dear Dr

    Thank you for writing to the GMC. I understand that you are looking to clarify whether you have a duty to prescribe treatment for transgender patients, which you feel lies outside of your professional competence and whether failure to do so will be regarded as discriminatory.

    First, you are not expected to prescribe particular medications or treatment to any patient if you are not satisfied that they meet the patient’s needs. In Good Medical Practice we say doctors must prescribe drugs or treatment, including repeat prescriptions, only when they have adequate knowledge of the patient’s health and are satisfied that the drugs or treatment serve the patient’s needs (see paragraph 16a).

    We ask all doctors to balance duties to act within the limits of their competence with making the care of their patient their first concern (as well as providing effective treatments based on the best available evidence).

    The advice that we have provided on our ethical hub regarding the treatment of transgender patients (which can be accessed here) aims to clarify how our guidance applies in these circumstances. It is intended to support doctors to provide effective care in the best interests of their transgender patients, signposting sources of information and setting out the ethical framework for decision making. When a transgender patient approaches their GP to discuss the options available to them, we don’t want that GP to feel that they can’t help because they’re not a specialist.

    Our advice is not intended to force doctors down a specific route that they don’t feel is in the best interests of their patients, or to suggest they provide treatment on demand. However, we have questioned the assumption that prescribing treatment for a transgender patient is automatically outside the limits of a GP’s competence. For example, the hormones prescribed to transgender patients are routinely prescribed and monitored in primary care (albeit to patients assigned the opposite sex at birth). We are clear that prescribing off-licence is acceptable where there is no suitably licensed medicine available that would meet the patient’s needs (see paragraphs 67-69 of Good Practice in Prescribing).

    On our hub page we are also clear that GPs must co-operate with GICs and experienced gender specialists, as they would with other specialists, collaborating to provide effective and timely treatment for transgender people. This may well include prescribing medicines on the recommendation of an experienced gender specialist for and following recommendations for safety and treatment monitoring (for more information see the hub page here).

    Our ethical hub doesn’t have the same status as our formal ethical guidance. Rather, it is intended to show how the guidance might apply in practice, in specific situations doctors commonly face. We recognise that this is a source of some confusion and are currently considering how we might make this clearer.

    It is also worth remembering that even the formal guidance is guidance, not a rule book. There may be some circumstances that justify a departure from it. As long as a doctor makes the care of their patient their first concern, acts in good faith, and records their reasoning, they will be able to justify their decisions and actions if their fitness to practise is called into question.

    I hope this response is useful to you.

    Best wishes,

    Policy Officer
    General Medical Council

  • Hancock hints indemnity scheme could be paid for with GP core funding

    QB's comment 23 Jan 2019 2:58pm

    well its this simple - no money= no service. he does this we all need to cut back on the service we provide.
    and before the cardies come out 'what about the patient in all this' - this is the attitude that has led us to where we are - a weak, spineless profession that this government knows can do what it wants to at will - the patients voted for these idiots, they need to feel the full force of this 'democratic' decision.

  • How GPs have been left dealing with the pensions pot fiasco

    QB's comment 03 Jan 2019 3:17pm

    the reason there is no impetus from those in the BMA or RCGP is because most of them are on the older scheme and have nothing to lose - there is no will amongst our leaders (who dont represent coal-face young GPs at the beginning of their careers) who are also too london-centric.
    Now we work til we are 68 (probably 70) and get taxed double on what we pay in, and get a fraction of it back. i am only 34 and thinking of pulling out already.

  • GP practices paid just £13 per month per patient

    QB's comment 20 Dec 2018 3:54pm

    The bigger thing is that we are not represented properly - it is a shame that most of those doing the talking are closer to retirement then not - and are often screwing the rest of us into submission.
    when are we going to stand up and grow a pair and actually do something that hmg will listen to?

  • MPTS extends suspension for Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba by six months

    QB's comment 20 Dec 2018 3:52pm

    what a load of tosh.
    rotten to the core. run by white middle aged men to the detriment of all but themselves.

  • Scotland GPs see small increase in numbers after decade of no change

    QB's comment 13 Dec 2018 9:43am

    headcount? how about WTE?

  • Closing local practices may impact cancer diagnosis rates, researchers warn

    QB's comment 11 Dec 2018 11:45am

    well of course closing practices reduces cancer incidence because you dont detect it if the patients are not seen...didnt we all know that?

    complete eejits. the lot of them.

  • Health secretary wants genomic sequences accessible via GP records

    QB's comment 29 Oct 2018 5:52pm

    what a Hunt

  • BMA asks CCGs for 1% GP practice funding uplift to support staff pay rises

    QB's comment 16 Oct 2018 9:57am

    well if the BMA had any shame things might be better now - our representatives (who dont represent by the way) scurry around trying to make a difference with their heads so far up their rectums that they just dont see it.

  • Government lifts cap on pension scheme payments towards GP annual tax charges

    QB's comment 10 Oct 2018 3:08pm

    but does this mean we cant put money away into a private pension because of the cap, or can we still do this as an alternate to NHS pension and still get the tax relief?
    or just pull out entirely, and invest in properties..

  • Government lifts cap on pension scheme payments towards GP annual tax charges

    QB's comment 10 Oct 2018 2:01pm

    so...we are still screwed over..just get to wait for it rather then having it now.
    BMA should hang their heads in shame.

  • Government in talks with BT to provide GPs with ‘full fibre’ broadband

    QB's comment 09 Oct 2018 2:21pm

    ..and also in all the pies of wherever the money is going.

  • Health secretary in talks to delay 2020 target for recruiting 5,000 extra GPs

    QB's comment 05 Oct 2018 12:31pm

    This comment has been deleted

  • NHS England 'ahead of target' on GP funding rise plans with £580m boost

    QB's comment 20 Sep 2018 10:57am

    um, no.
    it has not gone to primary care at all - it has gone to the sycophants that are running the 5YfV and expecting the minions to do more for less.
    there is no innovation, no retention of staff, and no goodwill left.
    even the indemnity thing hasnt been fully ironed out yet.

    so no, they are not ahead of anything - squandering money wherever mr *unt or *cock want it to - not in frontline care just paying a load of manager types to talk blue sky thinking who dont work more then 2 sessions/wk.