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GPs go forth

Julie Shrive

  • Online records access will put vulnerable patients’ lives at risk

    Julie Shrive's comment 18 Feb 2014 9:04pm

    My treatment/life is being compromised because online record has glaring untruths & ommissions & correction refused .Yet again it is being used to delay referral when have moved because of terrible discriminatory treatment . It is not 18 weeks if sent to wrong person because temporary PA doing it .But 18 weeks each next time to a Doctor who speaks to you & corrects the GPs referral letter .This has caused condition to become worse even though had sudden cardiac arrest dying 3x last time..the same is happening again..

  • GPs may face penalties for not using new-look Choose and Book for referrals

    Julie Shrive's comment 14 Feb 2014 12:14pm

    Not all Doctors - especially the experts you may need to see can be accessed by Choose & Book. Part of a Drs skill is to know the best ones not directed not to be told where to send. The NHS needs to stop delays caused by their system as one could be being sent from pillar to post 18 weeks each time , causing your condition to become irreversible as GPs insist on using the online system [maladministrated by those on remits] This is positively libellous/dangerous in my case.
    Could this be the privatisation[ discrimination] by the back door we are told is imminent..1?If you took a Code of Ethics it would not allow them to do this??!!Who is in charge them or you?Or could there be a conflict of interest?

  • Analysis: What next for telecare?

    Julie Shrive's comment 06 Mar 2013 11:05am

    Did anyone speak to the users ?

  • Two thirds of GPs practising more defensively amid fears of 'compensation culture'

    Julie Shrive's comment 21 Jan 2013 10:48am

    My attitude as a patient is there is nothing to worry about if you follow the hippocratic oath . If the corporate contract & commissioning has taken over which is unreasonable you must expect people to want to survive.
    Don't worry though the GMC & legal system are call centres not addressing issues fairly.
    I expect Doctors to stand up , unite & be counted not allow the corporate to take over unreasonably. Do they have a conflict of interest?
    The system is in need of restructure as one is placed into adversarial position & blamed.

  • GP practices urged to take 'supermarket-style' approach to boost clinical outcomes

    Julie Shrive's comment 26 Nov 2012 8:38am

    What happened to Tesco ? Surely not being held up as example.
    If you live in London you shouldn't be restricted to unethical practices of one borough if on a boundary of 3 because of catchment areas of hospitals whole country can attend . They also ignore the provision of social services for those with multi conditions NHS can't cure.

    Surgeries now need to be like mini hospitals as often the aging & disabled rationed via delay & access & blamed for condition. It appears if NHS can't cure you they ignore fact more assistance is needed.Two man teams need to collaborate into larger more specialist units with open access for over 65 & any age for those with chronic condition & disability but with heart problems don't want to refer & don't want the risk? So are we being doomed? No wonder in my area the aging & disabled have disappeared? Who sees NHS Constitution is adhered to?