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Corneliu Zeana

  • Why I treat mental health conditions by prescribing books

    Corneliu Zeana's comment 20 Jan 2016 7:00pm

    Excelent idea. In my experience it works, especialy in cardiology, my field of practice. In the ancient Greece, in Epidaur, there was a therapeutical theatre, that addressed a tonic message to the pacients, inducing the benefical mechanisms of healing. In Romania, we have a Society of Medical Writers (not scientific books but pure literature). Cehov healed a much greater number of patients by his literature that by his medical activity. he might be a model. This kind of books should be covered like ordinary drugs

  • How not to miss – alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency

    Corneliu Zeana's comment 16 Oct 2015 6:59pm

    Questions: Is A1ATD polygenic? Are there minor forms of this diesase? I am cardiologist, 75 yrs old and have a hyperviscous mucus, some episodes of plugs in the bronchial tree and high clorine value in sweat.A mild form of disease? I ask for an answer on Thanks