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another last man standing

  • Half of GPs willing to resign NHS contracts in protest at state of general practice

    another last man standing's comment 10 Dec 2015 5:25pm

    sorry Vinci for my mis spelling : Nik Kershaw's song should read " I wont let the sun go down on me"

  • Hunt says it is a 'tragedy' it took BMA 'so long' to enter junior doctor talks

    another last man standing's comment 02 Dec 2015 8:35am

    The biggest tragedy is Jeremy Hunt choosing to ignore the problems in the NHS that are staring him in the face relating to an NHS and medical profession that are about to catastrophically implode. If he is that blind then he should have gone to Specsavers!!

  • PM announces 'new deal' for GPs

    another last man standing's comment 21 May 2015 4:37pm

    I assume that all this 'new deal' means is that Mr.Cameron has found yet another way of shafting us! words like flog, dead and horse spring to mind

  • PM: 'It is not true this Government has had an anti-GP agenda'

    another last man standing's comment 02 Apr 2015 3:30pm

    lies, more lies and just damn lies; politicians really do think that us GPs are stupid. Vinci Ho got it right about our relationship to Star Wars after all doesn't the government constantly tell us 'May the farce be with you always' !! (yes, mis-spelling intended)

  • QOF achievement dropped substantially in 2013/14

    another last man standing's comment 28 Oct 2014 4:43pm

    if ever there was a way of cutting costs (or is it called cost efficiency savings?!) then it is to reduce the number of QOF points available and make those points that are available impossible to achieve. Seemingly however high we, as GPs, are told to jump by the NHS bureaucrats that it will never be high enough. Is it any wonder that there is a true recruitment crisis across all medical areas of the NHS and younger doctors are, understandably, looking to greener pastures elsewhere. Thank goodness I'm near the finish line but I hope that there is enough in the treasury pot to pay me my pension!

  • Burnt out GPs denied occupational health support in NHS England U-turn over pledge to retain services

    another last man standing's comment 09 Dec 2013 5:07pm

    re. anonymous 3.50pm. Thanks alot for tarring all GPs with the same brush. Your lack of insight shows that you may not deserve much time from your GPs. I suspect that you must be working for the Dept. of Health! I look forward to providing you with the empathy and sympathy that you clearly desperately need............not!!

  • Hunt: Contract reforms next year will mean 'fundamental change to the role of GPs'

    another last man standing's comment 24 Oct 2013 9:25am

    What does Jeremy Hunt exactly mean by there will be fundamental change to the role of GPs? As far as I can recall there have been ongoing, almost daily fundamental changes for the role of GPs for the last few years! It sounds as though we are heading back to imposed 24 hour care and responsibility for out patients since the OOH service hasn't been a great success and, of course, we are being blamed for this. Thank goodness I'm near the finish line. NHS RIP

  • Hunt: Contract reforms next year will mean 'fundamental change to the role of GPs'

    another last man standing's comment 24 Oct 2013 9:21am


  • I’m considering training in general practice. But don’t go spreading that around, okay?

    another last man standing's comment 11 Jul 2013 6:55pm

    I know that I'm very near retirement after more than 34 years in general practice but it used to be both enjoyable and globally rewarding (not specifically in monetary terms). The health service bureaucracy seem to feel that if we actually enjoy our work as GPs then we're not being worked hard enough but this is based on crass ignorance.
    If you young GP hopefuls can start to get general practice back into reasonable order where NHS management and patients keep expectations and demands in perspective and back on planet earth then maybe, just maybe, there could be a long term future for NHS General Practice. And saying that takes some courage since I got a gold medal in cynicism at the 2012 Olympics!!

  • Seven in ten GPs would not take back out-of-hours 'at any price'

    another last man standing's comment 17 Jun 2013 5:46pm

    All the fuss is making my disillusionment complete after 35 years in Practice and retirement just round the corner (thank God!) So I wrote a poem!

    Even though the NHS could be more perfect
    it is not.
    So I sat and rested a while
    and wept.
    A broken physician
    in a fractured system.

    And before someone mentions the merits of Prozac it doesn't work!

  • Revealed: Half of GPs at high risk of burnout

    another last man standing's comment 04 Jun 2013 5:09pm

    Yes I'm an older GP and I don't believe that only 50% of GPs are burning out!! The younger GPs may have more control over their work/life balance but lets fast forward 20 years and see how much control they still have then! The way NHS healthcare is being run now is sadly on an exponential route to catastrophe. At some time in the future we will all become 'patients' so I just hope that there will be some sort of healthcare service still operating when that time comes.

  • GPs should take back out-of-hours responsibility, says health secretary

    another last man standing's comment 26 May 2013 2:30pm

    Lets not forget that we voted on the 'new' contract in 2004 but the government said that they were going to impose it anyway, as they did. Same will happen with the proposed OOH matter. Having done 20 years continuously up to 2004 as a single handed GP in a remote Scottish practice the devolved OOH committment at least allowed me to get occasional sleep but the new contract had me working more hours in every other way. Time to retire and say good-bye to the NHS shedding no crocodile tears whatsoever but who will look after me in my old age?

  • Hunt blames GPs for a rise in patients presenting at A&E

    another last man standing's comment 18 Apr 2013 5:34pm

    It's not that long ago that we were told that us GPs were lazy, overpaid and out on the golf course all the time! Clearly Mr.Hunt , like the previous individual, has the insight of a retarded flea. and what do we do with fleas.........initially scratch them off! so time for such actions but not before Mr.Hunt has experienced general practice in the real world. If he took up this offer I doubt that he would last very long

  • GPs bring forward their retirement plans in looming crisis for profession

    another last man standing's comment 11 Apr 2013 7:00pm

    I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel..........but it was just some b..t...d from the QOF team with a torch bringing me more work for less remuneration!! Now 61 years old , in practice for 33 years with retirement imminent and suffering from Chronic Irritative Disillusionment!! I feel so sorry for the younger generation of GPs coming through the system as whatever is going on in the NHS is just the beginning! RIP if only.

  • 'Bloodbath' predicted for GP practices due to MPIG phase out

    another last man standing's comment 21 Mar 2013 4:24pm

    What did we really expect. My remote Scottish practice has funding to survive for the time being but for how long with planned cuts across all public services? Once upon a time practices (single-handed or group) had good relationships with each other and provided excellent care. Various governments didn't destroy general practice from the outside but the introduction of market forces/competition will create professional infighting and we'll risk destroying ourselves from within. Job done without politicians having to lift a finger and to no cost.!! We have been so naive over the years and the future looks as bleak as the national economy.

  • GP vacancy rates quadruple in two years

    another last man standing's comment 27 Feb 2013 9:25am

    What did people really expect? You could have put a bet on at Ladbrokes's for this result! General Practice is now so unattractive because of the unrealistic expectations from patients and NHS bureaucrats imposed on the service. Whatever service we provide is never deemed enough. Perhaps a return to the pre-NHS days may help patients etc. realise just how fortunate they really are! Thank goodness the finish line/retirement for me is almost touchable after my 33 years in practice!
    Good luck to those left in the GP system for their future (assuming that there are any left in the system!)

  • Two thirds of GPs practising more defensively amid fears of 'compensation culture'

    another last man standing's comment 21 Jan 2013 6:14pm

    Most of us as GPs are thorough and diligent but throw in the fear factor that whatever we do for patients wil never be good enough= defensive. can you blame us? we are not far off the point that if we can't guarantee imortality for our patients then we risk being litigated! am I cynical or what?!!

  • BMA asks GPs whether they would quit the NHS over contract changes

    another last man standing's comment 15 Jan 2013 10:35am

    This latest matter really is developing into a farce with the latest changes going to be imposed anyway. If we all leave the NHS then we'll be blamed for all its past, present and future difficulties. If we stay as we are then we'll continue to get shafted. Catch 22!
    If we are going to be treated like a dog by the government then perhaps we should stop behaving like mans/governments best friend and somehow start to bite back! Everything we know and are part of in the NHS really has been well and truly FUBAR'd (as I've implied in a previous letter to Pulse)

  • Department of Health publishes details of proposed GP contract changes and paves way for imposition

    another last man standing's comment 12 Dec 2012 9:06am

    Did we really expect anything different from the DOH? Imposed a GP contract to begin with that they got their sums wrong big-time and now just impose something that they perceive as 'better'. Certainly not for GPs and , 'anonymous' , general practice is already a relatively unattractive career. Since the NHS has already been well and truly 'FUBAR-ed' I'm just grateful that I'm very near the end of my career. I'm concerned for those younger ones in medicine who we will be relying on to care for us in our old age. what will they be allowed to provide for us? Perhaps the DOH will approve mandatory euthanasia for all those over 60 years age. Now that would be a saving in pension costs!!

  • GP trainee numbers set to rise next year

    another last man standing's comment 03 Dec 2012 4:03pm

    Which only goes to show that you can fool all the people all of the time! especially if they happen to be in the top 2% interlect. Come and become a GP and join the rest of us in the utopian branch of medicine! Yeah! Right! you can guess that retirement is tantallisingly close!!