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Readers' comments (6)

  • I agree with this article, educating the patients and providing them self management instruction would help to reduce hospital admissions.

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  • I admire Margaret for her very analytical expose. I need to highlight her very apt mark "Governmentally unchalleged patient demand on out of hours staff".Therein lies the crux of this matter. While every effort is being made to pin GPs down for A&E debacles no one is bothered to consider the abuse of service by some mindless people. This set of people are taking up valuable time for frivolous reasons while depriving the elderly and needy patients of NHS attention.It is high time top level echelons in DH consider adequate patient education including punitive measures for abuse of service.

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  • The person who wrote: “NHS Direct worked extremely well and safely for 14 years…” is talking out of their hat! Having to wait for up to 12 hours for a call back is appalling, this was not an uncommon occurrence at NHS Direct! NHS 111 is no worse than this and can only get better?
    NHS Direct started to go dramatically downhill in 2006 when reorganization removed many of the founding managers and replaced them with non-clinical call centre managers. The quality slumped due to a lack of experienced personnel running the show.
    Many of the mistakes made in the early days were repeated as NHS Direct had had no organizational or corporate memory.
    NHS 111 is like de jà vu with the same mistakes being made all over again because the multiple organisations hosting NHS 111 are making the same mistakes made by NHS Direct over the years.
    The front line staff, nurses and call handlers have always been hardworking and dedicated and are merely the puppets of the managers, commissioners and government. These are the people who are hurt most by all the adverse media I would like to commend them all for their hard work and care delivered under pressure from the management and often abuse from callers. I commend them all, thank you for being there whether NHS 111 or NHS Direct, you’re doing a great job.

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  • Thank you

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  • Apologise for typos above - 'smart' phones!

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  • £1.4 trillion deficit. No proposals on the table from the BMA or RCGP apart from more money from the existing setup. Need to do what everyone else does - co payments and insurance based schemes before too many retire / emigrate with the stress of sustaining the unsustainable patient expectations. Otherwise can the last person to leave please turn off the lights?

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