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All this tension – what they need is a good dust up

OK, now this is getting really funny.

By Copperfield

OK, now this is getting really funny.

I'd just about got my head round using the NICE guidelines for hypertension, largely because blood pressure is something we see lots of and ‘ACD' is an acronym even I can remember. So everything was going swimmingly. OK, I vaguely recall NICE having a bit of a bust-up with the British Hypertension Society and maybe the Joint British Society sticking its oar in, or maybe it didn't, who knows and probably some American Association for Coming Out With Dumb Ass Pronouncements had something to say too…

Anyway, I did what most GPs do, which was just ignore all the posturing, wait for the dust to settle, carry on in my own sweet way and agree to follow the eventual consensus guidelines if they happened to coincide with what I do anyway – which is the other reason I use them.

Now this. The National Prescribing Centre – who they? – has decided that we should go back to thiazides for all hypertensives. Oh joy. That's just what we needed, someone driving a coach and horses through the status quo.

And the response has been spectacular. Prof Neil Poulter says: ‘The NPC is talking bollocks.' Dr Maskrey of the NPC responds, with admirable restraint, ‘I can only presume any commentators have not fully read our summary.'

And I say, why don't they all go down the pub, get pissed and settle it once and for all with a big fight? And would the last man standing please let me know what I'm supposed to do?

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