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Can my Sainsbury's surgery be next to the wine aisle please?

Working from a Sainsbury's surgery has got to be better than one godawful practice I worked at last week. At least I could be next to the wine aisle.

Working from a Sainsbury's surgery has got to be better than one godawful practice I worked at last week. At least I could be next to the wine aisle.

It has been known for me to moan about my job. But, you know, I actually like being a GP.

I am aware that Labour, Darzi, The Daily Mail and now, it seems, Sainsbury's, seem hell bent on dismantling the service we work so hard to provide. But despite all this, it's still a pretty good job.

Don't get me wrong, it can sap the life right out of me. Some evenings, on returning home, I can do nothing more than work my way through a nice bottle of red and fall asleep in front of the TV. I probably resemble someone from the new "FAST" stroke advert, only without the flames coming from my head.

The highs and lows can be intensified as a locum. At times everything seems to fall into place, patients are pleasant and realistic, and "shared care" is not just a buzzword to be heard from the lips of a registrar. But it can very easily all fall apart, especially in a new place.

I had a dreadful day last week. The partner I was working with was aloof (and at times downright rude), the receptionist was as slow as treacle, and the appointments system more complicated than string theory. The number of passwords needed to log into the computer was unbelievable, but yet more incredible was the fact the receptionist had expected me to know them, even though I had never worked there before, like I was an enigma machine.

Every single patient, through no fault of their own (except the really obese guy with an addiction to chicken wings), had something genuinely wrong with them and most needed investigations organised or referrals made. This, of course, meant asking the receptionist who was as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

And so my day continued, culminating in the partner leaving early, me having to sign two days worth of prescriptions and there being no cheque left for my endeavours. I left feeling drained, pissed off and badly in need of a drink.

Maybe a surgery in Sainsbury's wouldn't be a bad thing after all. Preferably next to the wine aisle.

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