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MPs call for autism indicators in the QOF

A cross-party commission of MPs has called for the introduction of a ’anonymous register’ of people with autism to be included in the QOF.

The Westminster Commission on Autism said a GP indicator for autism would end the statistical ‘invisibility’ of autism in the healthcare system.

Their inquiry into access to healthcare for people with autism called ‘A Spectrum of Obstacles’ recommended a number of changes to close ’the health gap suffered by autistic people’.

These include annual health checks for people with autism, new checks by the CQC in inspections and a Autism and Health Innovation Fund to develop new aids to help people with autism access healthcare.

‘We are calling for the NICE Indicator Advisory Committee to develop a GP indicator and anonymous National Primary Care register for autistic patients as part of the QOF,’ said the report. ‘ Furthermore, the development of an indicator for the CCG Outcome Indicator Set should be considered.’

But it warned that autistic individuals and family advocates must be fully involved in the data collection process as ‘concerns have been expressed by a significant number of autistic people about “registers” or any information collection which potentially allows the identification of individual patients’

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  • I thought MPs and the health secretary said QoF had failed?

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  • do one

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  • Aren't CAMH and Child development centres capable of providing this information. Why is it always GPs??? We have enough to do fighting CQRS

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  • Qof is dead long live Qof!

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  • This is abuse of QOF for politics, not for medicine. But then it was always meant to be for political interference.

    We will never make progress in UK healthcare while government controls the NHS, it will always be primarily a political plaything, not a medical system for the public.

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  • Surely this should be about "learning difficulties" reviews, not autism reviews?

    Those high-functioning autistic patients without significant learning difficulties don't need an annual review.

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  • A good one from Westminster Autistic Centre - these MPs aren't aware that there was talk in their echelons of liquidating QoF. Surely, presence of mind is not their strong point and any eye catching slogan would do

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  • Perhaps those individuals with high functioning autism do actually need to be offered a review. Perhaps it would then prompt offer of support ( autism specialists) and early identification of comorbidity. This in turn may reduce the very sad number of suicides amongst those with autism.

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  • 2 points:
    1. QOF is dead.
    2. There are no specialist autism NHS services in our area (not commissioned, not funded). CAMHS rejects autism referrals unless suicidal etc.

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