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Benecol® is a range of cholesterol-lowering foods, which as part of a healthy diet are proven to lower cholesterol significantly more than healthy eating alone. Benecol® foods contain plant stanol ester which lowers LDL cholesterol by 7-10% when 1.5g-3.0g are eaten daily as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Benecol® foods are available in a variety of different delicious formats and flavours. The range of Benecol® foods in the UK includes Benecol® Yogurts, Benecol® Yogurt Drinks and Dairy Free Drinks and Benecol® Spreads providing a variety of foods to suit consumer tastes.

Plant Stanol Ester is the cholesterol-lowering ingredient within Benecol® foods. Plant Stanol Ester works by partially blocking the entry of cholesterol into the gut, so less gets absorbed into the blood stream. The body naturally produces cholesterol and cholesterol is also contained in the food we eat. Both these sources of cholesterol enter the bloodstream, and can be blocked by Benecol® foods.

The European Commission has confirmed the efficacy of plant stanol esters in Europe, following a positive opinion by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2008. There are 30 gold standard clinical trials which support the safety and effectiveness of plant stanol ester.

Success stories18:

“I like toast and butter for breakfast but I’ve switched to Benecol® Buttery Taste spread. I have also cut out sugary and salty foods and most meats. After following this diet for a few weeks my cholesterol, which had been 5.0, went down to 2.5. A year on, my cholesterol has stabilised at 2.9. Benecol® has been a great help.”
Jeffrey, London

“My husband’s cholesterol read 5.6 in May 2011, so we started eating Benecol® foods in earnest. My husband and I now enjoy Benecol® spread and we have a Benecol® drink every evening. His cholesterol was checked again in July and it had fallen to 4.7. I can’t tell you how delighted we are with this result. Thank you Benecol®.”
Mary Jo, Co Meath, Ireland

“My cholesterol reading in October 2010 read 5.2 and in March 2011 I made the decision to give Benecol® foods a try. Now I enjoy Benecol® spread and eat on average 5 yogurt drinks and 6 yogurts each week. I recently had a check-up and it works! My cholesterol is now 4.2. Together with exercise, introducing Benecol® foods into my diet has been a winner. I’m chuffed to bits.”
Bob, Lancashire


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