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HEART UK – the Cholesterol Charity, is passionate about preventing premature deaths caused by high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Their vision is for the majority of UK adults to know and understand their cholesterol levels and to be taking any necessary action to lower their cardiovascular risk.19

6 in 10 adults in the UK have a total cholesterol over 5mmol/L. At least 1 in 500 people are born with a high cholesterol condition called Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH), which means they are exposed to high levels of cholesterol from birth and without treatment are at high risk of a heart attack, stroke or sudden death in their 20s, 30s and 40s.20

HEART UK provides support, guidance and education for anyone affected by raised cholesterol or other blood fats, including triglycerides.

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HEART UK and Benecol® products

Through their product approval scheme HEART UK have approved Benecol® - a range of plant stanol fortified spreads, yogurts and mini drinks proven to help lower cholesterol as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.21

HEART UK says:

“The plant stanols in Benecol® foods lower cholesterol more effectively than a healthy diet alone. The ability of plant stanols to significantly lower LDL cholesterol has been proven by over 70 independent scientific studies and a disease risk reduction claim has been authorised by the European Commission. There are 30 gold standard clinical trials which support the safety and effectiveness of plant stanols.

Simply enjoying Benecol® foods every day, as part of your healthy diet can lower cholesterol by 7-10% in 2-3 weeks when 1.5 – 3.0g of plant stanols are consumed daily. This is easily achieved by drinking one Benecol® yogurt drink, or by choosing 2-3 servings of any of the Benecol® spreads or yogurts.

As such Benecol® foods are a natural fit with the Nation’s cholesterol charity HEART UK.”